Books about Palestine

I've not read these books, but I wanted to show that what has been, and still is, happening to the Palestinian people is not a new concept. Its just that most of the world had either not heard about it or had not realized that there is a lot more to it than what many Israel and USA and media officials have been saying...there is also the whole other side and the truth.

Israel and Palestine: Reappraisals, Revisions, Refutations by Avi Shlaim

Quote from the description; "With characteristic rigor and readability, Avi Shlaim reflects on a range of key issues, transformations and personalities in the Israel-Palestine conflict. From the 1917 Balfour Declaration to the 2008 invasion of Gaza, Israel and Palestine places current events in their proper historical perspective, and assesses the impact of key political and intellectual figures, including Yasir Arafat and Ariel Sharon, Edward Said and Benny Morris. It also re-examines the United States' influential role in the conflict, and explores the many missed opportunities for peace and progress. Clear-eyed and meticulous, Israel and Palestine is an essential tool for understanding the fractured history and future prospects of the region."

Hundred Years' War on Palestine
by Rashid Khalidi (2021)

Quote from the description; "A landmark history of one hundred years of war waged against the Palestinians from the foremost US historian of the Middle East... upends accepted interpretations of the conflict, which tend, at best, to describe a tragic clash between two peoples with claims to the same territory. Instead, Khalidi traces a hundred years of colonial war on the Palestinians, waged first by the Zionist movement and then Israel, but backed by Britain and the United States, the great powers of the age. He highlights the key episodes in this colonial campaign, from the 1917 Balfour Declaration to the destruction of Palestine in 1948, from Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon to the endless and futile peace process."   

Gaza - An Inquest into its Martyrdom
by Norman G. Finkelstein (2018)

Quote from the description; "a meticulously researched inquest... He shows that although Israel has justified its assaults in the name of self-defense, in fact these actions constituted flagrant violations of international law. But Finkelstein also documents that the guardians of international law—from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to the UN Human Rights Council—ultimately failed Gaza."

Blaming the Victims: Spurious Scholarship and the Palestinian Question by Edward Said (written in 2001)

Quote from the description; "Since the 1948 war which drove them from their heartland, the Palestinian people have consistently been denied the most basic democratic rights. Blaming the Victims shows how the historical fate of the Palestinians has been justified by spurious academic attempts to dismiss their claim to a home within the boundaries of historical Palestine and even to deny their very existence."

Three Worlds: Memoirs of an Arab-Jew
 by Avi Shlaim

Quote from the description; "As anti-Semitism surged in Iraq, the Zionist underground fanned the flames. Yet when Iraqi Jews fled to Israel, they faced an uncertain future, their history was rewritten to serve a Zionist narrative. This memoir breathes life into an almost forgotten world. Weaving together the personal and the political, Three Worlds offers a fresh perspective on Arab-Jews, caught in the crossfire of Zionism and nationalism."

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