Dreams of Evil in Israel

I sometimes have prophetic dreams, and dreams that show me the reality of what is happening. Sometimes they are symbolic and sometimes they aren't. It appears that I've had one of each kind about this Israel situation.
   As I wrote the article about the Jewish settlers in Israel being "Fake Jews" - the new Zionist types of Jew, I had a symbolic dream that appeared to be showing me what they really are. The dream showed that a bunch of trees had been planted, which are partly machines. And that when someone tries to cut down one of them it forms a bunch of new branches to prevent the process. There are a lot of them and they form a dense and very dark/evil forest.
   Long ago, I'd had a series of dreams about man-made disasters. And I now believe that at least two of them were about Palestine and Israel. One showed so many deaths happening that bodies were being piled in tarps outside hospitals. This appears to be now happening in Gaza. And another dream showed a large facility, where people were remotely controlling people who had died. It was like Frankenstein type of stuff. This may have been symbolic of the pharmaceutical and radio wave mind control, but it may have literally been about human beings being turned into machines that are remotely controlled, or preprogrammed.
   So, I am wondering... Does Israel do this to human beings? Did they do this to the Jewish people whom they lured to Palestine? Is Israel's habit of killing hostages, in order to hide the human/mechanical beings? Is Hamas aware of these beings - is the "unhuman" description of Jews in their charter, not a misprint? I had thought it meant 'inhumane' because this surely fits the scenario with masses of the Israeli settlers. But many of the settlers truly may not be fully human, or may be being completely brainwashed and controlled through the pharmaceutical and radio wave mind control type of situation that began around 1900, after Nickola Tessla experiments with radio waves being shot into the human body.

Investigations should take place. If the Catholic Zionists have been enslaving or using the Jewish people, for technological experimentation, it must be realized and stopped.


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