The Historic Plight of Palestine

In order to realize the real truths we must look at the bigger picture and the historical facts, instead of just at what is being said about current escalations, in this decades long conflict. When we do this, the truth is VERY evident. This is just a quick peek at the bigger picture. And it starts with a few quotes from the Brittanica website...

"The violent birth of Israel led to a major displacement of the Arab population, who either were driven out by Zionist military forces before May 15, 1948, or by the Israeli army after that date or fled for fear of violence by these forces."

"In December 1949 the UN General Assembly created the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) to assist the Palestinian refugees. In May 1950 UNRWA established a total of 53 refugee “camps” on both sides of the Jordan River and in the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and Syria to assist the 650,000 or more Arab refugees it calculated needed help. Initially refugees in the improvised camps lived in tents, but after 1958 these were replaced by small houses of concrete blocks with iron roofs. Conditions were extremely harsh; often several families had to share one tent, and exposure to the extreme winter and summer temperatures inflicted additional suffering. Loss of home and income lowered morale... Although the refugees were provided with rent-free accommodations and basic services such as water, health care, and education (UNRWA ran both elementary and secondary schools in the camps, teaching more than 40,000 students by 1951), poverty and misery were widespread... [However] by the mid-1960s, despite Israeli efforts to forestall the emergence of a renewed Palestinian identity, a young educated leadership had arisen, replacing the discredited traditional local and clan leaders... Thus Palestinians entered a new stage of the struggle for nationhood...

"An Arab summit meeting in Cairo in 1964 led to the formation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)... In its 1968 charter (the Palestine National Charter, or Covenant) the PLO delineated its basic principles and goals, the most important of which were the right to an independent state, the total liberation of Palestine, and the destruction of the State of Israel... while they aimed at dismantling Israel and purging Palestine of Zionism, they also sought to establish a nonsectarian state in which Jews, Christians, and Muslims could live in equality. Most Israelis doubted the sincerity or practicality of this goal and viewed the PLO as a terrorist organization committed to destroying not only the Zionist state but Israeli Jews."

"In the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 (also known as the Six-Day War), Israel defeated the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan and also overran large tracts of territory, including East Jerusalem, the West Bank... and the Gaza Strip. Israel’s victory gave rise to another exodus of Palestinians, with more than 250,000 people fleeing to the eastern bank of the Jordan River. However, roughly 600,000 Palestinians remained in the West Bank and 300,000 in the Gaza Strip. Thus, the...Jews came to rule... [these] Arabs."

[Since then Israel became a severely oppressive and abusive apartheid state where the majority of the native Arabs - the Palestinian people, live in various forms of captivity, especially in their own West Bank and Gaza strip territories, which are surrounded and controlled by Israel.] 

"Approximately 150,000 Arabs remained in Israel when the Israeli state was founded [in 1948]... The majority of them lived in villages in western Galilee. Because much of their land was confiscated, Arabs were forced to abandon agriculture and become unskilled wage labourers, working in Jewish industries and construction companies. As citizens of the State of Israel, in theory they were guaranteed equal religious and civil rights with Jews. In reality, however, until 1966 they lived under a military jurisdiction that imposed severe restrictions on their political options and freedom of movement..."

Israel's apartheid state is far worse now than it was prior to 1966. And Israel continues to steal Palestinian territories through illegally building Jewish settlements on them and imprisoning Palestinian people (even children) who resist or fight back against Israel's ongoing invasion and theft.
   Violent conflicts between the "Palestinian Resistance" groups and the invading Israel forces, have been off and on since 1917 when the roots of the plan to bring in masses of Jewish immigrants into Palestine and then wipe Palestine off the map and turn it into the Jewish state of Israel, were first formed. In these escalations of violence, Israel has always inflicted far more death and destruction to the Palestinian civilians and their infrastructure than what is done in the Palestinian Resistance groups, retaliations. Both sides have done violent "terroristic" types of attacks, but Israel's have been far worse and Israel has always had the USA and many European countries backing them. In physical battles the Palestinians have not stood a chance, because they are so outnumbered, but they are still hanging in there and resisting Israel's invasion. Someday, the world will probably see them as extremely resilient and brave heros, no matter what mistakes some members may have made.
   But much of the world has been listening to Israel's claims of them all being nothing but "Hamas terrorists" who must be killed. The truth is that BOTH sides have been doing violent "terroristic" types of attacks on each other. (It is a violent war that has been going through rounds of escalations since 2017.) But Israel's violence against civilian Palestinians has always been far worse than that of the Palestinian Resistance. And all anyone really has to do, in order to figure out which side is more in the wrong, is ask one basic question; which side is the intrusive invader that is mostly composed of new immigrants who arrived since 1917? And the honest answer to this question is Israel. Historical facts still prove this, although pro-Israel people appear to have been trying to re-write the history. They have even wiped Palestine off maps, and are telling people that it never really existed.
   Israel's ongoing destruction of the native Arab Palestinian people, and it's theft of their homes and lands is still happening today and its now aiming to complete the process in this current escalation of violence. Please help spread the word and help to stop this genocidal-type situation from succeeding. Please help to set Palestine free.

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