Sunday, December 31, 2023

Dangers of Space Based Technologies

Due to dreams I've had, and things I've experienced, I've been warning that there are microwave and laser weapon systems in space based technologies, like satellites. But I've never seen any reports that validate weapons being built into satellites, until today...

In the following video, Kim Jong Un said, "I must remind the world that this, so called satellite technology, is the same as...intercontinental ballistic missile technology. That is why we are so worried." And it is not only Korea that we need to worry about when it comes to the capabilities of space-based technologies.

If the war in Gaza, escalated into world war three, like the evil forces seem to want, humanity is in very serious trouble. This should be prevented. 

If only those technologies could only be used for good.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warns US policy is making war inevitable

Israel Publicly Exposes Plan to Take Gaza

Bezalel Smotrich: Far-right Israeli minister
calls for resettlement of Gaza after war

Plea to Global Nations and International Organizations

Israel, please cease fire now and set Palestine free. And please stop fabricating things, in order to justify the destruction of Gaza, the displacement of the Palestinian people, and your aim to finish taking control of Gaza and the West Bank. Factual records show that you have been far more "terroristic" than Hamas, since you Zionists invaded Palestine and aimed to get rid of it and the Palestinian people. Your 1948 man made "Israel" is NOT the holy land. Palestine is. 
   The whole world is becoming aware that much of what you blame on Hamas (the Palestinian Resistance) is merely projections of your own evil behaviors and the rest is provoked by you. We - the heart of humanity, condemn your violence and greedy thieving crimes. Israel, please end your 75+ year violent occupation of Palestine and stop blaming your victims for it.

Global nations and international organizations, please take immediate actions to force Israel to cease fire and set Palestine free, and please do it peacefully, if possible. 

Deceitful, evil, thieving, violent, intrusive crimes cannot be allowed to freely continue, for the sake of the safety of all of humanity. Palestine and the rest of humanity must be free of that sort of evil, so it can settle into peace. Please take action to set Palestine and the rest of humanity free.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

To Stop the Violence


People do not become violent due to being treated with only loving kindness. Its mistreated people who strike out. So, we must stop mistreating people.

Moving Past the Prejudicial Mentality

I can't count the amount of times I've heard "they did this" or "they did that" as if gossip about the negative behaviors of just a few Palestinian people, justifies the hatred of, or the destruction of, ALL Palestinian people. I have, on a few occasions, seen the same thing happening against America; some people think that a few American officials supporting Israel's evil behaviors, means that all American's are bad or hateful. And it is not right no matter who it is against. People who think this way must make a positive shift...

We should never blame the whole race or the whole country or the whole organization for what just a few members do. Seriously. We must get past this prejudicial mentality.

I am speaking for myself here too. I have been trying not to generalize so that I do not support that sort of mentality. In my mind I do not blame the whole place or race even when I generalize, but I am learning that I must be more descriptive and have been editing my writings. The two things I still generalize about are "Israel", because the vast majority of it seems to support killing off and getting rid of the Palestinians... and the "Zionists", because that group was formed specifically to gather the Jewish people into one place (Israel), so they appear to ALL be on board with Israel's occupation in Palestine. BUT, even in Israel, there are some people who are not involved in the hate and prejudice and many who are just not aware of what has been happening.


P.S. Example; Israel claimed that Hamas beheaded babies on Oct 7th. This was not proven and appears to have been a lie told in order for Israeli officials to gain support for the destruction of Hamas and the destruction of Gaza and the killing and displacement of yet another batch of Palestinian people. However, even if some members of Hamas had really done this, it does not mean that ALL of the Palestinian Resistance Freedom Fighters kill babies, and it certainly does not mean that all of the Palestinian people kill babies.
   One of the other rumors that have been going around is that "Palestinians celebrated after 9/11." Like the beheaded babies rumor, it may not even be true, or maybe some did really celebrate - maybe some hate America for helping Israel to kill masses of their own loved ones and steal or bomb their homes...etc. But we can't rightfully blame all Palestinians, especially since those who are into revenge, were driven to it through violent and thieving crimes being done to them. IN ORDER TO STOP THE VIOLENCE WE MUST STOP WHAT CAUSES THE VIOLENCE - STOP TREATING PEOPLE SO BADLY.

A Constructive Conversation

The June 2023 discussion, in the video below, sheds a LOT of light on the plight of the Palestinian people, BEFORE Oct 7th. This is one of the most constructive conversations I've heard on this subject. Omar Baddar and Josh Lockman show how opposing sides (Palestinian vs. Jew) can unite when the focus is on the truth. 

"It is ultimately about very fundamental human values. Its about whether we are going to support freedom and equality... or whether we are going to support brutalization and occupation against the civilian population. And that I think is a no-brainer. We have to do the right thing."
~ Omar Baddar


I do not know what Marrian's stand is. She my lean toward being more pro-Israel, but she had the open mindedness to host this conversation.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Israel is Really the Zionist State

The Zionists have boasted of Israel being the "Jewish state" and this has set people up to blame the "Jewish" for what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people. Then if we blame those "Jewish" people, it is called being "antisemitic," although its about their behaviors and has nothing to do with them actually being "Jewish."
   Before I realized the Zionist's leadership in Israel, I thought it was just the Israel's Jewish people who were targeting the Palestinians. We do need to be careful to not fall into the set up to blame just "the Jewish" people like I did in the beginning, before I realized that its the Zionists who created and control Israel and who lead the targeting of the Palestinians.

They call Israel the "Jewish" state,
but its really the Zionist state.

One thing I want to make clear; no matter how I've worded things; I have never been prejudice against Jewish people or any other race, and I am sure not starting to be now. People should not use "prejudice" or "antisemitic" labels, in order to attack those of us who stand up against the abuse or crimes. People, no matter what race, are responsible for their behaviors. Just because a person or group is "Jewish" or "Black"...etc., does not mean that nobody else has a right to say or do anything about the wrongs they have done or are doing.

P.S.   It should go without saying that not ALL Jewish people are responsible for what the "Jewish state of Israel" has done to Palestine and the Palestinian people. I guess we should be more specific in our wording, for people who can't differentiate or who tend the blame every individual in that place or group. 

A Planted Fungus in Gaza?

This broadcast reports Israeli soldiers being infected with a mysterious fungus that came from Gaza. One has died from it. I cannot help but wonder if the soldiers were infected with what they themselves were contaminating Gaza with. I have suspected that Israel would switch to using lethal substances, since they cannot continue with the obvious bombing and starvation without looking like the genocidal monsters they are.
  It is also possible that Israel is doing this, and letting it be broadcasted, with the intention of using it to force the Palestinians to vacate Gaza...etc. God help the Palestinian people.

Israeli soldier dies after mysterious fungal infection in Gaza

Does Israel Have a Right to Exist?

I actually do not believe that Israel ever had any right to exist in Palestine, and that it should not be there. This feels VERY true and right to me on spiritual levels as well as moral and legal levels. I feel that the officials, who control Israel and violently target the Palestinians, should be forced to leave, at least some of them imprisoned for war crimes. And I think the rest of the citizens of "Israel" should be fully informed of the TRUTHS and given the option to either move out or peacefully stay in Palestine with the Palestinians who are all returning to their own homes and lands. I gave this a LOT of thought and kept coming to the conclusion that this is the only resolution that feels right to me. However, no need for anyone to worry, because the choice is not mine. 

If what is left of Palestine, survives Israel's current violent attack, and the Palestinians agree to the two state solution, Israel should consider itself VERY lucky, because it truly does not deserve it and truly does not have any right to exist there.

P.S. As for a "Jewish state" for the protection of the real Jewish people. I strongly feel that it was never needed and still is not needed, and that it's creation had ulterior motives and was filled with sly Zionist manipulations. The Jewish people, like all other people, should learn to live with the rest of humanity, instead of isolating itself.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Wise and Impactful Rap Song

"When I say FREE PALESTINE its not against anyone. It actually means we should protect everyone. It means equality for all. Respect peace and Love..."

US Rapper Macklemore reads a poem on Gaza during concert

Monday, December 25, 2023

Another Wise Quote...

"Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East." ~ Father John Sheehan.

Hamas Explains Oct 7th and the Israeli Occupation

Updated 12-29-2023

This is the best interview of a Hamas official, that I've seen thus far. What he says makes perfect sense to me. Among other things, he explained that Oct 7th was a military reaction to Israel vamping up violence against the Palestinian people in West Bank...etc., and was aimed at the Israeli military, and was not the way Israel claimed it to be. He explains that they decided it was best to not silently let Israel finish getting rid of Palestine and the Palestinian people and that fighting back opened a door to let the world know that there is a serious problem with Israel's decades long illegal and violent occupation in Palestine.
   He stated that Israel's occupation must end, that Israel's violence against the Palestinian people must end, and there must be independence for Palestine and security and safety for the Palestinian people, in order for there to be peace. This makes perfect sense and is a VERY reasonable request.
   In the end of the interview he stated that the future governance of the Palestinian people should be the choice of the Palestinian people and not that of Israel or the USA. To most of us, this should go without even having to be said, but Israel and USA officials obviously need to learn this type of real democracy.
   It is clear that what both Hamas and the PLO want is just common human rights and freedom and safety and peace for Palestine and the Palestinian people. And they should have had it all along, without having to fight the evil invading Israeli forces for over 75 years now. There is something horribly wrong in our world, that did not stop Israel's violence against, and displacement of, the Palestinian people in its ongoing illegal occupation/invasion of Palestine, long before this year of 2023. What the Palestinians have been through, for over 75 years now, is utterly inhumane and should not have been happening at all. Where were the minds and hearts in those who could have helped Palestine to break free of the violent and evil Israeli invasions? Were they free or safe? I think not.
   In this situation, I think justice has been being prevented by the evil invading forces utilization of things like pharmaceutical and radio wave mind control, and various types of threats and coercions, on top of the "terrorist" label and other fabrications fed to the main stream media and other officials.

Why did Hamas attack Israel on October 7?

The Israeli Delusion

Israeli people have been convinced that Israel is God's chosen place and people, because of Israel being mentioned in the bible. But, the Israel that the Zionists created in 1948 is surely not the same Israel that is mentioned in the Bible. It is very odd - how they seem to think that violently stealing Palestine and turning it into Israel, will win them favors with God. The opposite is the truth. The Israeli delusion is sad for those who blindly believe it as well as for Palestine and the Palestinian people that the new Zionist/"Jewish" Israel has been destroying for over 75 years now

Christmas in Palestine

 Christmas cannot be Christmas in the holy lands, due to Israel's evil and violent 75+ year long occupation of Palestine, and its current aim to finish destroying it under the guise of it being a war against "terrorism." 

Today I did my prayer candles for freedom and healing in Palestine and the rest of humanity, even though I was shot with a laser weapon and was in pain through the process.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

A Powerful Pain Filled Message

It is too soon for healing and forgiveness. But after this hell is over, and healing is happening; I hope that at least some of those who performed, or supported, the destruction of Palestine and masses of the Palestinian people, will reach a place of feeling genuine remorse and can give a sincere apology to the Palestinian people. And I hope that, if this happens, forgiveness will be found in the hearts of the Palestinian people. I wish this for the healing of the Palestinians. But until Israel's hell is over and Palestine has healed, they are entitled to their anger/pain...

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac: ‘For those who are complicit, I feel sorry for you’

An Insane "War"

Do officials really think they are going to look like humanitarians, just because they "paused" to feed people before continuing to kill them? This "war" is insane! The violence must be stopped, not "paused."

Saturday, December 23, 2023

A Wise Quote

“If you don’t see any good people around, become one.” ~ A wise man.

Friday, December 22, 2023

"Truth and Morality are the Casualties"

In regards to Israels fight against Palestine and its people, Cornel West said, "There's so much barbaric stuff that truth and morality are the casualties."

The UN Security Council Meeting

Prior to the meeting, the USA official again refused to agree to the ceasefire and said they would veto the proposal if alterations were not made to it. This forced the Security Council to alter the proposal and agree to Israel/USA terms, which enables Israel's continued destruction of Gaza and the Palestinian people. Many members of the security council obviously reluctantly agreed, just to quickly get aid to Gaza. This is very sad. I wish the Council had forced the USA to either agree to the ceasefire or go ahead and be the vetoing member who becomes fully responsible.
    The Russian official called what the USA did, "blackmail" and its easy to see why it was viewed this way. 
It appears that the involved USA officials also set things up so that they and Israel are the ones who are in control of the delivery of aid into Gaza, which is extremely unethical and may even be dangerous, due to their obvious continued aims to destroy the Palestinians.
Clearly Israel can not be trusted when it comes to the health and survival of the Palestinian people. I am concerned about the safety of the water or food or medicines they will deliver. The UN is supposed to supervise the aid, but will they test the food for chemicals and parasites or prevent the brain and feeling numbing types of pharmaceuticals that are used for brainwashings/mind control? I pray for them to be brought only safe and healthy foods and

   Time will tell if the aid, that everyone agreed upon, ends up being enough to completely stop the hunger and supply enough medical attention and provide enough housing for the homeless families and fill all other needs. But like the last "pause" in the fighting, it seems almost cruel to feed them before continuing to kill them. The full cease fire, which the USA again blocked, is what was needed.

Below is the Video of the UN Security Council meeting. I watched most of it. I could not watch some of it, because I am just so sick of the dishonestly and pretenses expressed by the officials who are involved in the destruction of Palestine and its people.
 I now find it disgusting, literally. But I watched enough of the USA official to realize that she (like Bidden) was trying to take the credit for getting aid to Gaza, even though they and Israel are the ones who caused the damage. And she brought up the fact that the security council still did not agree to "condemn Hamas!!!" They still expect everyone to agree to their condemnation of the Palestinian people, which is exactly what "condemn Hamas" really means. And I am so glad that the UN Security Council has been wise enough to not agree to it. 

What everyone truly must condemn is Israel's evil behaviors and that of its supporters - the destruction and abuse of Palestine and the Palestinian people through the past 75+ years. When the Palestinian people are free to have common human rights, especially on their own lands, peace will prevail. This has always been the case and still is.

Israel must back out of its occupation of Palestinian lands and stop trying to destroy and displace the Palestinian people...not to mention stop using the "terrorist" label and other fabrications, in order to manipulate the rest of the world into supporting their evil aims. Thankfully, much of the world sees the truth. 

Perhaps the next Security Council Resolution will provide real security for Palestine and the Palestinian people... and ultimately the rest of the world. Perhaps the time for real freedom and real peace is just around the next bend in the road. We can hope.

The Middle East Palestinian Question -
Security Council Meeting | United Nations

UN vote on humanitarian aid: Security Council passes Gaza resolution

Poem About Todays UN Security Council Meeting

Condemning the Evil and Deceptions
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 12-22-2023

A permanent cease fire was needed
To stop the hell they continue to rage,
But they rudely manipulated the UN
That wants Palestine out of their cage.

Their heartless egos try to take the credit
For feeding the damages THEY have done!
Do they think they can fool us into thinking
They really care for Palestine or anyone?

Their obvious acts already told the truth.
Its what they've done, not what they say
That shows what lays beneath the masks,
In the evil games they still want to play.

Oh set a mirror before their twisted faces
And help them see and fully understand,
Its THEIR own terror we must condemn
And their aims to steal Palestinian land.

Lets give credit where credit is due
Lets not believe the growing lie
From those who still secretly smile
While their victims suffer and die.

Lets condemn their evil deceptions
And replace them with genuine heart.
And lets not let the violence continue
Tearing our precious world apart.

Lets shine a Light into the darkness,
That they have spread far and wide,
Until their deceptions are exposed
And have no safe place left to hide.

Lets do it for them and for us
And do it for all of humanity.
Lets do it for dear Palestine
And the world to be set free.

Message from a Palestinian Heart

A heart touching message from the deceased father of a Palestinian man, "He's a very peaceful person... He does not believe in war. He always told me and taught me that you should be like Christ - you should forgive others. You should forgive even your enemy... You should seek peace."

Around 300 people are understood to be sheltering inside Gaza’s holy family church

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Scholars Talk About the Flipping of Reality

This video does a good job with exposing the disinformation and resulting misperceptions that have been happening against the Palestinians and those of us who support the Palestinian call for freedom from Israel's apartheid and occupation and violent invasions...

The Palestinian March Toward Freedom

A beautiful message to the hopeless youth in Gaza - "Love is way more important than hate... make sure that its not hate that takes over - its Love... It will be OK... keep the march. The march might be slow. The march might be full with the feeling of betrayal. Sometimes, I must admit, we may feel alone, but we are definitely, definitely on our way [to freedom]."

Palestine's envoy to UK discusses the past,
present and future for his people | Centre Stage

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

"Evacuation" vs. Displacement

Israel Isn’t “Evacuating” Palestinians – It's Displacing Them

Monday, December 18, 2023

Quote of a Holocaust Survivor

"Take the worst thing you can say about Hamas, multiply it by 1,000 times and it still will not meet the Israeli repression and killing and dispossession of Palestinians" ~ Author Gabor Maté, Holocaust survivor

Sunday, December 17, 2023

An Honest Explanation of Hamas

This video does a good job with giving a brief explanation of the Palestinian Resistance - Hamas. This feels very true to me.

What Does Hamas ACTUALLY Want?

What Will be Left of Palestine When Israel is Finished?

There is a lot of talk about what will be done to help Palestine AFTER Israel finishes destroying it. And this is crazy. The focus should be on stopping the destruction. 

What will be left of Palestine, and the Arab
Palestinian people, when Israel is finished? 

The destruction that has already happened is too much! Its been too much since around 1948. And in the past couple months... it soars beyond description. Its utterly holocaustal.

Saturday, December 16, 2023

News Update on the Destruction of Palestine

Eyewitness testimony and footage reveals escalation
 in Israel's occupation tactics in West Bank

The images from Gaza are getting worse | The Listening Post

John Mearsheimer: Israel is choosing 'apartheid'
or 'ethnic cleansing' | The Bottom Line

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Christmas Poem for Palestine

This Christmas I will be doing my usual prayer candle lighting. And I've added Palestine to my list of people to light a prayer candle for. Below is a poem I wrote about this. Please join me in these prayers...

Palestine Christmas 2023
copyright 12-11-2023 Sharon Rose Poet

Light a candle for the safety
That must find the Arab race,
And a candle for the martyrs
Who are now in a better place.
Light a candle for the survivors
Whose relatives passed away,
And a candle for the Love
Their tears can help to stay -
Light a candle for the healing
Of every angry, broken heart,
And a candle for dear Allah
Who will Light another star.
Light a candle for freedom
To finally meet each day,
And a candle for peace
To never again stray.

People Threatened for Supporting Palestinian People

I've gotten death threats and a lot of harassment for standing up for the Palestinian people. And it appears that many other people have experienced similar things. We must be brave.


Monday, December 11, 2023

Israel's Deception

I find it shocking that the people of Israel actually think they are "God's chosen people" in the holy lands. What my heart and soul sees is the complete opposite of this. And I trust what I sense because it is validated by the behaviors of Israel's creators and leaders, and also by its new settlers who have been planted in the Palestinian territories.
   Their evil is evident in the manipulative and thieving and violent ways they've behaved toward the Palestinian people, from the start of the aim to turn Palestine into "the Jewish state of Israel." And their obviously cruel aims to terrorize and get rid of the Palestinian people, who resist the invasion, has been going on for over 75 years now. So its not just Netanyahu and his supporters.
There is absolutely nothing Godly about Israel and its supporters. People who have a genuine connection to God/Love have hearts that treat people with kindness and compassion and consideration for their needs and rights and feelings - the complete opposite of what Israel has been doing to the Arab and Palestinian people for over 70 years now.
   I completely agree with the real Jewish people who call for the peaceful dismantling of Israel and freedom for all of Palestine. The evil forces cannot win, for the sake of what is left of the Palestinians, as well as for the rest of humanity.

Just because Israel has now backed off from the current round of obviously genocidal bombings, in order to save face after "genocide" was being publicized, does not mean this is not what it has been going. Israel has repeatedly, deceitfully tried to hide its evil behaviors, and blames its victims for them, instead of taking responsibility. Its been doing this through the past 75 years, while using the "Jewish" people as a shield. It has repeatedly projected its own evil behaviors onto the Palestinians and anyone who supports the Palestinians - the "evil" the hateful prejudice, the terroristic violence...etc. And its up to us to not accept Israel's projected deceptions and fabrications any longer. Truly Godly people do not do what Israel does. Period.

The Palestinian Resistance - the "Hamas" fighters only exist and fight because of Israels evil manipulations and ongoing terrorizing killings, and ongoing thefts, and intentional displacement of, and unjust imprisonment of Palestinian people. The real "evil terrorists" are Israel's aware leaders and supporters. This is the truth. Its not fair for us to blame Israel's victims - the Palestinian Resistance (Hamas), who were forced to resort to fighting back, due to being too horribly hurt for too long and not having enough help from the rest of humanity.
EVERY human being is capable of violence, under extremely abusive, life threatening circumstances. And the way to prevent this is to stop the abuse and life threatening circumstance, instead of killing the victims who fight back against it. (This is just common sense.) In this situation the way to prevent the violence is to stop Israel's abusive and thieving and violent and deceptive occupation in Palestine...and let a free Palestine heal back into the peace that existed before Israel's intrusion.

The truth in this situation is very obvious to anyone who has a heart and a bit of common sense, and everyone who is not deceived or controlled/brainwashed by the evil that sustains Israel's violent existence in Palestine. ALL of humanity should be made aware and should be free to see and sense the truth.

We must set Palestine and humanity free,
 so that we can all heal into peace.

Friday, December 8, 2023

The UN Paralyzed in Call for Cease Fire!

Several members of the United Nation have been begging the UN security council to take action and demand a cease fire to stop Israel's destruction of Gaza and the Palestinian people. But they have not yet succeeded, due to being vetoed by the USA official who is in the council. :-(
   This report also shows the USA spokesman, in the UN, talking about Israel as if it is America, which (to me) is an indication of him either reading something Israel wrote for him to read, or of being a puppet who has been brainwashed - a mind control victim who just repeats what Israel officials say, even though it is out of context. 

Draft resolution from the UAE demands an
immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dreams of Evil in Israel

I've had two dreams about people being turned into robot type things. And I am now sure that Israel is connected to this. Read more on this page...

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Cease Fire...

Israel please permanently cease fire and set Palestine free, now.

Israeli behaviors toward the Palestinians, since its conception
over 70 years ago, have been literally evil and must be stopped.

How Many Have Been Traumatized?

There has been a lot of talk about how many have been killed in Gaza. And there's been a little talk about how many have been wounded. But I've heard no talk about how many have been emotionally traumatized, although this is often the worse and longest lasting effect.

ALL Types of Violence Should be Illegal,
Including Emotional Abuse. And a "Declaration
War" Should NOT Make Any of it OK.

The Violence was Preventable

If the USA, and other Israel supporters, had supported freedom and peace for BOTH Palestine and Israel, none of the violence would be happening on either side. Think about this, please, and turn into the other direction.

Genuine Help for Palestine

Any nation or organization, that genuinely wants to help the Palestinian people, should be taking actions that force a permanent cease fire and the complete end to Israel's occupation in Palestine, beyond at least the 1947 UN established borders, and help Palestine to become an independent state and rebuild itself without any sort of interference from Israel and its supporters. Period. 

The Day After

"There is no other solution but to uproot the cause... the [Israeli] occupation has to leave. leave and everything else will fall into place; democracy, security, prosperity." ~ Dr. Husam Zomlot

If I were the Palestinian people, and Israel was really backing out of its occupation of Palestine, at least to the UN established 1967 boundaries; I would not want Israel, the USA or any other pro-Israel nation, to be involved in the politics of reconstruction. I'd want the PLO and Palestine's kind and genuine supporters to be the ones to figure out the details of reconstruction.
   Judging by what I've seen, the Palestinian PLO is very capable. In fact, Husam Zomlot seems far more functional and capable than all of the Israel and all of the current USA officials put together. I wish we had a man like him running for President in the USA.
   The only reason that the Palestinian government has not been able to hold their own is due to Israel's (and its supporter's) political manipulations and interference, and invasions, which actually created the whole Hamas problem to begin with. The way that they should help is through ending Israel's occupation and destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people, since they have good relations with Israel. ALL of the supporters of Israel's evil occupation and invasions should stop interfering and let Palestine have its independence and rebuild itself politically as well as economically. Husam Zomlot addressed this situation in the video I share below. Here is a quote from this video....

"There is only one solution. And that solution is there. Its been sitting there for a long time. It lacked international, political will... There is already a state of Palestine. Its recognized in 141 states. There is a Palestinian government. And we need to make sure that, that government can provide for its people in Gaza, in Jerusalem, in the West Bank.... There has to be a comprehensive solution. And of course matters need to be discussed. But the state of Palestine needs to be dealt with by the international community.... We all go to the UN and the US and the UK need to remove their veto from us becoming a full member state in the United Nation system. We sit as a mature community of nations and we sort all this out. Palestinians have an address, Palestinians have a government, Palestinians have a flag and Palestinians... are united by their goal.... The PLO as a government has full legitimacy. The PLO as a state will be providing for its people in the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalum. We'll convene elections in all these areas and let people decide. Let OUR people decide. And let the world accept whatever our people decide... We need to give [our]people hope. We need to give [our] people a sense of direction... We need to bring all this horrible negative energy and turn it into a positive moment." ~ Dr. Husam Zomlot 

"There is no other solution but to uproot the cause... the [Israeli] occupation has to leave. leave and everything else will fall into place; democracy, security, prosperity." ~ Dr. Husam Zomlot

As for Israel's "what if" fears; grow up and take responsibility for what you have done. Stop giving Palestinian and Arab militant groups a reason to fight back - stop invading and killing and manipulating and controlling and lying. Its simple. Learn how to be a good neighbor.

Israel should not be allowed to use the USA, or any other place, in order to continue manipulating and controlling Palestine. Its not OK to kill and terrorize people and then zoom in to take advantage of their state of trauma...etc. It just isn't. Let them have genuine support and good considerate help. And the evil forces should not use the pharmaceutical and radio wave type of manipulative control against the Palestinians and their leaders either. Palestine should be fully set free, and so should the rest of humanity.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

An Obvious Solution

It is VERY obvious that the first step in the solution has to address the root cause of the problem. The root cause of all the violence, on both sides, is Israel's decades long occupation of Palestinian lands, and this has to completely stop. Israel has to pull out of the lands it invaded, at least back to the UN established 1967 boarders.
   Below is a list of Quotes by Hasum Zomlot, which spell out this situation in a very clear and common sense way. The solutions are so obvious that they should not even have to be said, but here it is again for all those who have been brainwashed into thinking things are the opposite of what they truly are.
   Now that Israel has continued its destruction of Gaza and the slaughter and displacement of the Palestinian people in both Gaza and the West Bank, Husam's optimism here is sad. He and his people just want freedom in at least just PART of their own lands, and the evil forces in our world, do not want to let them have it. This is the bottom line.

Quotes by Husam Zomlot

"The crimes Israel has committed against my people over the last 75 years is recorded... What Israel experienced on Oct 7th is what Palestinians experience on a regular basis.... The source of the violence is [Israel's] military occupation. Everything else is a reaction [to that]... The root cause [of all the violence on both sides] is Israels military occupation."

"We reject, whole heartedly, completely, the targeting of citizens from ALL sides."

"This situation has nothing to do with Israels claim to irradicate Hamas...from day one the plan is very clear - the plan is to irradicate the Palestinian people, and by the way, not only in Gaza, follow what has happened in the West Bank in the last few weeks. See how many Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army and the illegal settler militias - illegal settler terrorist groups... maybe it is happening at a lower scale [in the West Bank], but it is happening there too... This does not belong to our age and time.... this is the dark ages... Israel, in the past six weeks has succeeded in normalizing horror... If we don't hold those who committed these atrocities to account, we are waiting for the next tragedy... Justice has to be served, or else they'll do it again..."

"We submitted a request to give the ICC full mandate. In that mandate we said, you come investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity, by anybody (including Hamas) in the land of the occupied state of Palestine. And the ICC came out and said, we have the full mandate now, but unfortunately the ICC has been dragging its feet...because countries like the US and the UK have been blocking the ICC from doing its duty... Why do countries like the US and the UK...deprive the Palestinian people from peaceful legal means?... Our international order was based on two premises. The first is, war should never be the first option... second, should war be an option, as a last resort, there are rules. Third, there has to be accountability when war is conducted. Israel has demolished all three, completely... Now we need to go back to our rules... There is only one solution. And that solution its there. Its been sitting there for a long time. It lacked international, political will."

"The state of Palestine needs to be dealt with by the international community.... We need to give people hope. We need to give people a sense of direction... We need to bring all this horrible negative energy and turn it into a positive moment. There is no time for small measures now... And I think its possible. The two state solution has an international consensus... So why not implement it.... The world wanted to implement it 30 years ago and they dragged their feet. Perhaps this is the time. Thirty years is long enough for not implementing your own policy... We have 83 UN security council resolutions...Implement them!...There are international standards that must be applied.... Stop making Israel an exception to all these rules. Stop."

"Stop killing me. Stop colonizing me on my land. Get the hell out of the land. And then we will discus if your security concerns are not met..." 

"Many people around the world think that the two state solution is a Palestinian demand. No its not. The two state solution is a Palestinian concession.... we accepted the two state solution, not as our demand, but as our compromise. We can not accept less than the 1967 borders.... they will not accept less than what was offered by UN security council and they can never give more... This is the line... Lets go for that line. Lets level the field.... and let us have two states, equal - equal among nations..."

"This is a time when we really tell Israel, OK, you want to be a member of this family of nations, you have got to behave like the rest of the nations... Perhaps this is an opportunity to tell the world and tell Netanyahu---- Stop there... you can not bypass the Palestinian issue... you can not kill thousands of women and children like this, you can not bombard our own UN system.... "

"Who has the right to defend themselves? Is it the occupier or the occupied? Think with me. The world has adopted terminology and words... that have flipped things upside down, for decades. Its we who have the right to defend itself, not the occupier." [Israel is the occupier]

"There is no other solution but to uproot the cause... the [Israeli] occupation has to leave. leave and everything else will fall into place; democracy, security, prosperity."

Israel-Hamas at war: Palestine’s Ambassador to the UK