Sunday, December 31, 2023

Dangers of Space Based Technologies

Due to dreams I've had, and things I've experienced, I've been warning that there are microwave and laser weapon systems in space based technologies, like satellites. But I've never seen any reports that validate weapons being built into satellites, until today...

In the following video, Kim Jong Un said, "I must remind the world that this, so called satellite technology, is the same as...intercontinental ballistic missile technology. That is why we are so worried." And it is not only Korea that we need to worry about when it comes to the capabilities of space-based technologies.

If the war in Gaza, escalated into world war three, like the evil forces seem to want, humanity is in very serious trouble. This should be prevented. 

If only those technologies could only be used for good.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warns US policy is making war inevitable

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