Out of Care or to Save Face?

 For a long time now, many people have been standing up for Palestine and the Palestinian people, especially humanitarian organizations and other Arab people. But it is a situation that appears to have been more well known only in political circles. Much of the rest of the world has not known that Israel had stolen Palestine and has been recently invading what little was left of it since 1948, and that resisting Palestinian people have been fighting for freedom while being killed and forced out of their homes and imprisoned and held captive in inhumane conditions, for many decades now. This lack of awareness is due to the parts of the media that have only shared the Israeli propaganda, which says that Israel is holy and perfect, and that Palestine does not even exist, and that the resisting Arab (who are mostly the Palestinian people) are nothing but "terrorists" who should all be killed.

  But the Arab part of our world has recently been able to break through the walls and tell more of the truths, even though their reporters have been being killed and the Al Jazeera building in Gaza was bombed...etc. And now even some main stream media places in the USA are sharing parts of the plight of the Palestinian people.
It is wonderful that so many people are now standing up for the Palestinians. However, it appears that some officials and religious leaders are now standing up against Israel's evil behaviors, just to save face, AFTER the cruelty has been widely and publicly broadcasted for the first time. If enough countries had been truly against it, they would have stood up AND taken action, long ago, and Israel would have been stopped and the Palestinian people's homes and lands would have been returned to them, and the Arab Palestinian people would be safe and living in peace in their own precious Palestine.
   The black mark on humanity, for this holocaustal crisis, extends far beyond Israel and into every other authority that supported it, and every authority that silently let it happen, especially those who directly took part in Israel's MANY decades of rounds of harassing and imprisoning and massacring the Arab Palestinians.
   What stopped humanity from saving Palestine and the Palestinian people, is something that must be investigated. Perhaps some countries were too scared to do anything, because Israel had at least the British and the powerful USA on its side. Perhaps some were victims of various forms of brainwashings...etc.
   Some cover-ups have been happening, but there is no valid excuse for the Zionists, and the leaders of the countries and religions, that have been directly involved in the creation and continuation of Israel, at the expense of Palestine and the Arab Palestinian people. Who most of them are is now very clear. May considerate justice be swiftly served and Palestine set free.

God help force a permanent cease fire and take Israel's evil and intrusive and controlling and dishonest existence out of Palestine. God help Palestine to be restored to the peaceful place it was before the forced mass "Jewish"/Zionist immigration invasion began around the 1930s. God help what is left of the Arab Palestinian people to be saved and wrapped in Love while their tears wash away the pain and give them the strength to pick up the pieces and rebuild their precious Palestine. God help all of humanity to be free and at peace, forever.

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