The Real Thieves of Palestine?

 The Catholic, and other Christian religions under them, have hated the Jewish and indigenous people who refuse to join their religion. Hence the German Holocaust and isolated native reservations and the extremely abusive Catholic/Christian "Indian Residential Schools"...etc.

It appears that it is actually the Christian Restoration Movement that has been stealing Palestine and its holy lands; it appears that they initially invented the "Jewish Zionist," religion so that they could lure the Jewish people into Palestine, with the hope that the resisting native Arabs would kill off the real Jewish people, and then the masses of fake "Jewish"/Zionist settlers could be used to get rid of the Palestinian people. So, the initial invasion of Palestine appears to have been for the Catholics/Christians to gain complete control of the holy lands, while pitting two of their enemies against each other, in an aim to get rid of masses of both of them.
   It appears that many of the real Jewish people did not go to Palestine/"Israel," because they do not believe in what the leaders of Israel do - they do not believe in stealing and killing and fighting in the military. And they do not even have a religious connection to Jesus. However, in this process of hijacking the "Jewish" label and creating a false "Jewish"/Zionist religion, which includes the acceptance of Jesus, the Christian "Jews" have monopolized the web and media and the holy lands and the rest of the world, while the real Jewish people fade into the background. This is yet another way for the Catholics/Christians to over-power the Jews; by promoting Christianity through a "Jewish" religion. I can see why the real Jewish people are very upset about this.

So it appears that, most of these Israel leaders and their settlers, who have been harassing and attacking and imprisoning and killing the Palestinian people, are not the real Jewish people, and all those heartless pro-Israel people who have been attacking and threatening pro-Palestine people on the web are not real Jewish people, and all of the pro-Israel people who have been prancing up and down our USA streets (with the Israel flag), while cruelly yelling, "NO cease fire!" at the suffering Palestinian protesters, (while thousands of Palestinians get slaughtered in Gaza) are not real Jewish people, and that most of those who scream "antisemitic!" at the Palestinians who beg for freedom, and anyone else who stands up for Palestine are not really Jewish people... and they are all just the Christian Resurrectionist's (Zionist's) puppets, who pretend to be "Jewish." Its scary that there are so many of them, both in Israel as well as in America. Most of them are probably mind control victims who do not even know they are enslaved and are being used by evil forces. This is why I call them puppets. I owe the real Jewish people an apology, because, as I realized what was happening in Palestine, I thought they were both the Zionists and their puppets. For a while, I was fooled by the deceptions, because I was so upset. But the real truth is...

It appears that this holocaustal crisis in Palestine, like many others in humanity's history, has deep roots in the Catholic/Christian aim for domination.

God, help the real truths to be known by all of humanity, no matter how many things have been done or said to cover them up. We cannot allow evil to continue deceiving and manipulating humanity and traumatizing people, and killing people, and enslaving and using people, and pretending that someone else or "God" is doing it...etc. We just can't, for all our sakes.

My Spiritual belief; the real "God" is the purest of Love that does no harm and has compassionate acceptance of all people's rights and beliefs. We do not have to join a religion, in order to have a connection to God, because it is naturally in the HEART of all of humanity. All we have to do is keep our Hearts open. EVERYONE whose HEART is open enough to be genuinely kind and caring and compassionate and considerate is connected to Love/God.
   There are things that Evil forces use to block humanity from God/Love, which includes inflicting severe trauma and many types of pharmaceuticals. And I believe it is only the evil forces that deceive and do harm and instigate violent wars...etc. God does not do it - God is the LOVE that helps us through it. And God's hands work through our Hearts, so we must do our part.

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