Poetry About Palestine

Palestine Christmas 2023
copyright 12-11-2023 Sharon Rose Poet

Light a candle for the safety
That must find the Arab race,
And a candle for the martyrs
Who are now in a better place.
Light a candle for the survivors
Whose relatives passed away,
And a candle for the Love
Their tears can help to stay -
Light a candle for the healing
Of every angry, broken heart,
And a candle for dear Allah
Who will Light another star.
Light a candle for freedom
To finally meet each day,
And a candle for peace
To never again stray.

Twisted Minds
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 11-20-2023

Twisted minds see good as bad.
Nothing is left of homes we had
As evil's unleashed bombs swirl
In this sacred part of our world.
Every time they came to attack
We leapt up to fight them back.
So who's to know the real truth
Through our tortured broken youth
Who cried, "Allah, take me Home.
Everything we had here is gone,"
Before each final vengeful act?
Angels cried, yet honored the pact.
But a better way is now being born;
As, from hate, the twisted are torn.
They will now learn how to be kind,
And stop being so totally blind.
We were never the "terrorists."
It's evil that put us on this list.
Its time for all to see our good -
For life here to be as it should.
All we ever wanted was peace
On our land here by the sea!
Our Palestine must be free.

In an Arab Life
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 11-20-2023

As I face their writhing strife
I feel I was Arab in a past life. 
My soul deeply feels their pain. 
And my tears want to fall like rain, 
Until we're all safe and free again.

The Projection of Evil 
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 11-2-2023

They were invaded and crushed 
As the unhealed "Jewish" rushed 
 In to steal their land and homes. 
But none of them stood alone. 
Resistance spread far and wide. 
But, evil blamed its victim's side. 
Now thousands die in the storm. 
This is wrong. Its not the norm. 
But it's declared to all of humanity, 
 "Animals must be killed and not be free." 
And so its happened one more time - 
The horrid holocaust - the crime. 
God help what's left of Palestine.

"From the River to the Sea" 
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 10-27-2023

The Jewish people should know better
Because of what happened to them.
But they invaded and kill and control
Again and again and again.
My heart cries for their victims
Who did not matter enough to save,
Who have been forced out of homes
And into dusty camps and caves.
The leaders find ways to justify
While their victims fight and die,
Or are chased out of their land.
And who is there to understand?
Yes, some victims fight too hard,
But shouldn't have to fight at all
They should be free and left alone.
Can't you hear the desperate call?
"From the river to the sea
Palestine will be free,"
While it still gets blown to hell
In a disguised evil spell
That plans to last for many years
Regardless of lost children and tears.
The cry that says, "We matter too!"
Has not been heard nearly enough.
Somehow it must finally get through
The Judgment's - the "terrorist" stuff.
Beneath the terror on BOTH sides
Palestinians just want to be free
"From the river to the sea."
For decades now - not just this year,
Suffering in poverty and living in fear.
Oh please, bring them Loving relief.
Set them all in permanent peace.

My YouTube Stroll 
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 11-2-2023

I found many hearts and many tears 
Where compassion soothed away fears. 
 But others pushed for us to hate 
And I just can't even relate. 
Their comments were too rude - 
The usual negative attitude, 
That aimed to defame mine. 
How dare I feel for Palestine?

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