"Two State" or "One State" Solution?

"Two State" or "One State" Solution?

I have shared my thoughts on this before, but I've given it more thought since then. And I feel that the only way to deal with this would be a one state solution, perhaps with the first stage of it being a two state split, until things can be worked out and both sides calm down a bit. This is basically what I said before, but am explaining it better here...
   I think Israel does NOT legally own any of Palestine, in the eyes of morality and humanitarianism, and people who know right from wrong. Even if it does legally own some of it, through laws that were imposed, against the will of the native majority (the Arab Palestinians), it certainly does not deserve to keep it, due to the fact that it was not agreed upon, and due to their hateful and prejudice and thieving and murderous/terroristic behaviors, which have turned that sacred land into a bloody raging battlefield since the 1840s. Seriously.
   I think Israel needs to learn that it can not get what it wants through stealing and killing and displacing the Arab Palestinians and turning Palestine into their own personal Israel. And I think the world needs this precedent to be set, so that it does not ever happen again. Palestine should be restored to what it was before the British leaders and Jewish immigrants...etc., came in and started destroying it and it's native people.
   God help our world, if a group of people (or a religion), whose ancestors MAY have lived in a small part of Palestine over four thousand years ago, now has the right to just move in and kill off and get rid of the people who have been the vast majority there for over fifteen centuries. Think about it. Its just a matter of what is right and what is wrong. And we should all know right from wrong by now. And those who don't must be taught, in ways that are not violent. 

 As for details of how this transition, of turning Israel back into Palestine, would happen; it would have to be worked out with NEUTRAL and kind officials over-seeing it, and it would have to happen fast.
   It would be nice if (in Israel) the whole real truth came out about what Israel did to the Palestinian people and what Israel did to provoke the Hamas attacks...etc., and the majority of the people in Israel, could find the Heart to face their mistakes and embrace the Palestinians, so they can all heal together, and all live together in a Palestine that is run by a combination of the best officials on both sides, until the first elections...etc. All it would take is Love and compassion and a willingness to be kind and considerate.

But I would evict every official and every settler who has knowingly taken part in (or was in agreement with) killing or displacing or cruelly mistreating or intruding upon the Palestinian people or their lands. The inconvenience of these Israeli people having to make arrangements to move out, and their monetary losses, are nothing compared to what they did to the Palestinians who were terrorized into leaving...etc. I'd weed Israel out, until all that was left is the people who have the heart to throw the hate and prejudice out the window and replace it with genuine care for the Palestinian people, who will have far more healing to do than they do. (They will need compassion and understanding.) The Israeli vacant homes can replace some of the Palestinian homes, which had been destroyed. On top of this, all existing Palestinian homes, which had been stolen, must be returned to their rightful owners. And all of the newest settlements should also be vacated, in order to replace destroyed Palestinian homes. Its just what is right and fair.

Unfortunately its not up to me, but I hope this reaches people who have some authority over the situation, if anyone does. Many people have probably thought the same things, because its just common sense, but I felt a need to write it out anyway. Its helping me to feel like I am doing something to help the Palestinian people.

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