The Day After

 "There is no other solution but to uproot the cause... the [Israeli] occupation has to leave. leave and everything else will fall into place; democracy, security, prosperity." ~ Dr. Husam Zomlot

If I were the Palestinian people, and Israel was really backing out of its occupation of Palestine, at least to the UN established 1967 boundaries; I would not want Israel, the USA or any other pro-Israel nation, to be involved in the politics of reconstruction. I'd want the PLO and Palestine's kind and genuine supporters to be the ones to figure out the details of reconstruction.
   Judging by what I've seen, the Palestinian PLO is very capable. In fact, Husam Zomlot seems far more functional and capable than all of the Israel and all of the current USA officials put together. I wish we had a man like him running for President in the USA.
   The only reason that the Palestinian government has not been able to hold their own is due to Israel's (and its supporter's) political manipulations and interference, and invasions, which actually created the whole Hamas problem to begin with. The way that they should help is through ending Israel's occupation and destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people, since they have good relations with Israel. ALL of the supporters of Israel's evil occupation and invasions should stop interfering and let Palestine have its independence and rebuild itself politically as well as economically. Husam Zomlot addressed this situation in the video I share below. Here is a quote from this video....

"There is only one solution. And that solution is there. Its been sitting there for a long time. It lacked international, political will... There is already a state of Palestine. Its recognized in 141 states. There is a Palestinian government. And we need to make sure that, that government can provide for its people in Gaza, in Jerusalem, in the West Bank.... There has to be a comprehensive solution. And of course matters need to be discussed. But the state of Palestine needs to be dealt with by the international community.... We all go to the UN and the US and the UK need to remove their veto from us becoming a full member state in the United Nation system. We sit as a mature community of nations and we sort all this out. Palestinians have an address, Palestinians have a government, Palestinians have a flag and Palestinians... are united by their goal.... The PLO as a government has full legitimacy. The PLO as a state will be providing for its people in the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalum. We'll convene elections in all these areas and let people decide. Let OUR people decide. And let the world accept whatever our people decide... We need to give [our]people hope. We need to give [our] people a sense of direction... We need to bring all this horrible negative energy and turn it into a positive moment." ~ Dr. Husam Zomlot 

"There is no other solution but to uproot the cause... the [Israeli] occupation has to leave. leave and everything else will fall into place; democracy, security, prosperity." ~ Dr. Husam Zomlot

As for Israel's "what if" fears; grow up and take responsibility for what you have done. Stop giving Palestinian and Arab militant groups a reason to fight back - stop invading and killing and manipulating and controlling and lying. Its simple. Learn how to be a good neighbor.

Israel should not be allowed to use the USA, or any other place, in order to continue manipulating and controlling Palestine. Its not OK to kill and terrorize people and then zoom in to take advantage of their state of trauma...etc. It just isn't. Let them have genuine support and good considerate help. And the evil forces should not use the pharmaceutical and radio wave type of manipulative control against the Palestinians and their leaders either. Palestine should be fully set free, and so should the rest of humanity.

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