Thursday, November 30, 2023

Husam Zomlot - A Ray of Light for Palestinians

Husam Zomlot is truly a ray of Light for the Palestinian People. His honest, caring, intelligent common sense is just what they need. 

Husam Zomlot - You tube Playlist of Videos

Leveling the Scales

The world has been hearing, primarily only the Israel side of this situation for over 70 years. It is time for the Palestinian side to be heard and for the full truth to be revealed. And this is my focus here on this blog.

"The only way that you can begin to understand this conflict and this tragedy is by hearing the voices from every side." ~ TRIP Interviewer 

They Blame their Victims

The evil in our world attacks it's victims, and then exposes it's victim's negative reactions, in order to make them look like the bad guys. This is what Israel has been doing to Palestine. Its what I call the "blame the victim scenario." But Husam Zomlot put it much better when he said they focus on "the reaction instead of the action." The war did not start of Oct 7 - Oct 7th was a reaction to what Israel had already been doing.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Good Palestinian Leader

The reporter in this interview is so programmed with the Israeli propaganda that he seemed incapable of comprehending Hasam's common sense and clear explanations.
I feel better, now that I know the Palestinians have Husam Zomlot on their side. He made perfect sense to me and I have felt many of the same truths that he expresses. I too feel that we are at a huge and critical crossroad, and the wrong turn, or just a continuation on the current USA and Israeli path for Palestine, is going to be devastating for all of humanity. And I agree with him that this just must not happen. Its time for the right and just and good direction to be chosen, for freedom and peace for Palestine and all of humanity. Its time for Israel's evil to be stopped. And its best that it be done peacefully

Israel-Hamas at war: Palestine’s Ambassador to the UK

Example of a "Palestinian Prisoner"

I've seen many news reports, which state that the prisoners, which Hamas has wanted to have released, are all criminals and terrorists types of people. But most of them are actually children. Apparently Israel holds thousands of untried children in prison for years, for things as minor as posting the Palestinian flag on social media.
   And, as they are released, the Israeli officials either deliver threats to arrest them again or telling them and their families to not talk to the media and to not celebrate their release and not even tell relatives they are coming home. Below is just one video about this. Most of the Palestinian children, who have been set free, are too scared to talk to reporters.

'They Assaulted All The Girls' - Jailed For Posting a Palestinian Flag

Testimony of a Displaced Palestinian

Interview with Mohamed Hadid amid Israel's onslaught in Gaza

What Bothers me Most

Some people think its just the graphic news reports from Gaza that is bothering so many people. But that is not what has been most upsetting to me....

What Bothers Me Most

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Two Speeches by Hamas Official, Osama Hamdan

I've had a hard time finding speeches or interviews showing Hamas Officials. Web searches have only come up with a couple short ones that show the types of reporters who rudely accuse and do not allow the Hamas official to explain or finish answering questions. But I just found these through Al Jazeera. 

Notice that the interview below was FIVE YEARS AGO, which
shows part of the problems that existed BEFORE Oct 7th.

Notice how youtube has placed an age restriction on the video below, which would deter many people. I watched this and there is absolutely nothing on it that can justify the restriction. 

Senior Hamas official at a press conference in Beirut Today

A Touching Speach by UN Ambassador

Palestinian Ambassador calls for a permanent ceasefire at UNGA

The Real Thieves of Palestine?

It appears that this holocaustal crisis in Palestine, like many others in humanity's history, has deep roots in the Catholic/Christian aim for domination...

This Blog and I are Being Targeted

Please excuse the condition of this blog. The right column is no longer functioning on the home page, due to this blog being targeted by those who do not want this information to reach people. I have also been being targeted. Aside from being harassed and threatened and periodically blocked on youtube, I have experienced one severe life threatening microwave weapon attack, and one very painful laser weapon attack, microwave induced sleep deprivation, an unusual amount of dead animals appearing at the end of a driveway and on roads I frequent, periods of being blocked from the web, and problems with the functionality of my car and my computer...etc. Even the library I go to, for the use of safer PC computers, suddenly closed, forcing me to use a more infiltratable laptop with public wifi. Some of these things may be a coincidence, but certainly not all of them.
   I was being targeted before I started realizing the Palestinian plight. But my writing about it has definitely triggered the typical type of severe vamp ups that, not only interfere with my research and writings, but also try to torture and terrorize me into silence. It has been the same as what usually happens when I figure out and aim to expose the most important parts of the evil targeting of humanity, like the mind control and the weather wars, and the satellite surveillance and laser weapon systems being used on humanity ...etc.

Update 12-5-2023; Aside from interference with the functionality of this blog, I also noticed that that they had swapped around the addresses of a few videos. They put a UN official video in a post about Hamas, and put a music video in the post about the UN official. I checked this against my back-up and am sure it was not my mistake. In past infiltrations they have altered my writings. I don't know if this si happening here too, but it may be. Please just be aware and do not blame me for what they do.

The Information War

This situation has fallen into an "information war" and I hope that all of humanity will soon realize that those who are pro-Israel are either unaware of the history of Palestine and are just blindly believing Israel and the controlled parts of the media, or are brainwashed puppets, or are part of the evil forces that lie and cheat and steal and kill people and fabricate things, and then blame their victims for it and pretend that they are the ones who are the victims.
   But I have learned that severely brainwashed - mind control victims are next to impossible to convince of the truth, unless it comes from an authority they know and trust. I hope more and more of the world keeps realizing the truths and standing up. I hope officials start taking actions to stop Israel and restore ALL of Palestine and save what is left of the Palestinian people.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Puzzling Facts and Questions

Real Jewish people say they are completely opposed to Israel and its theft of Palestine and its treatment of the Palestinian people and its existence. And they say that they have been being targeted in Israel. So, who or what are the "Jewish" people that "Israel" was created for, if they are not the real Jewish people?

Zionists say they are "Jewish", but they were initially the "Christian Restoration Movement" and the Christian, especially the Catholic leaders, have always disliked Jews because they denounce Jesus. So why do the Christians want the Jews in Palestine's holy lands, even though they have no positive connection to Jesus?

Do the Zionists control or brainwash the people in Israel, or are they free to think and feel and do what they want to? It appears that they are just puppets who are programmed to say they are "Jewish" and to harass or fight against the native Palestinians. Generally speaking.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Testimonies of a Real Jew

I found this video fascinating. It appears that the Jewish people, who are in the pro-Israel movement, are actually going completely against the beliefs of the real Jewish people. It appears that this new sect of Zionist lead "Jews" are not really Jews who follow the Jewish faith, yet they are now using the Jewish religion, and "antisemitic" claims, in order to justify getting rid of the Palestinian people and stealing the rest of Palestine.
   Literally, everything that Rabbi Dovid Weiss said about Israel, 11 YEARS AGO, is the complete opposite of what the Zionists and pro-Israel "Jewish" people say. And here is the kicker; they also call this Jewish rabbi and all his fellow real Jews, "antisemitic!" But listen to what he says about that....

Rabbi Dovid Weiss: Zionism has created 'rivers of blood'

The Roots of the Zionist Movement

It turns out that the Zionists were initially a Christian movement, that started in the early 1800s, and was called the Restoration Movement.
   It was about promoting Christianity and making sure that people did not sway away from Jesus. It became the "Zionist" movement just prior to the aim to bring the Jewish people to Palestine and turn it into the "Jewish state of Israel."

In 1904 Theodor Herzl, (also known as "the father of modern political Zionism") formed the modern political Zionists organization, which promoted Jewish immigration to Palestine, in order to form a "Jewish state."

God, help humanity to recover from the damage
that heartless religious leaders have inflicted.
FYI: God is Love. And Love does not support violent wars or any of the other bad things people do. God, doesn't do it - God is the Love that helps us through it.

Friday, November 24, 2023

A Day of Freedom for Some

Its good to see some of the captives from both sides being set free, and some aide being brought into Gaza. Thanks to Qatar and Hamas pushing for a deal from the start, and to all the civilian hearts who stood up for a cease fire and humanitarian aide. Now we must have all the rest of the captives from both sides set free, and all of Palestine and the Palestinian people set free....and permanent peace so that healing can take place.

The Worse Terror

From my vantage point Israel is FAR more "terroristic" than Hamas, and has fabricated or exaggerated a lot of things, just to use Hamas as an excuse to kill off masses of Palestinian Arabs and try to terrorize the rest into leaving. Israels rounds of this terror against the Palestinians has been going on for over 70 years, and started long before Hamas even existed. To see the full truth we must look at the bigger picture, instead of only at isolated events claimed by Israel, and this is what I do. BOTH sides have done wrong, but which side is the invader? Israel. And which side has inflicted the most terror? Israel, by far.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

The "Right to Exist"

Pro-Israel people have been repeatedly declaring that "Israel has a right to exist," yet through its recent birth it completely disregarded Palestine's right to exist, and the Palestinian people's right to exist.

BOTH Palestine and a "Jewish State" have a right to exist, but the Jewish state of Israel has no right to exist in Palestine, without the permission of the Palestinian people, especially since it has been destroying Palestine and the Palestinian people. 

Palestine must be set free and restored.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Another Great Truthful Speach

Palestine's UN Rep. Nada Abu Tarbush
 EXPOSES Israel's War Crimes in Gaza

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A Genuine and Passionate Stand

I have great respect for this kind of directness and honesty, that is delivered with a passion that clearly comes from genuine care. This is a magnificent speech. I hope it was heard as well as it was delivered.

Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett, "The world is responsible
for failing to call out the reality of the Israeli regime"

Israel IS Responsible...

Israel truly is responsible for what it has done to the Palestinian people since its invasion of Palestine around the 1940s. But it keeps trying to evade this and now places all the blame on Hamas - on "terrorism", even though Hamas did not even form until 1986, and is primarily just a militant group of freedom fighting Palestinians in the Gaza strip that Israel wants to steal or completely control.
   Someone tried getting me to face what Hamas has done through getting me to read a 2015 Amnesty International report, which was instigated by Israel. And here is a link to the article I wrote about this.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Poetry for Palestine

Its time for all to see our good -
For life here to be as it should.
All we ever wanted was peace
On our land here by the sea!
Our Palestine must be free.

The rest of this poem and more poetry is on

Sunday, November 19, 2023

A Sad and Brave Testimony from Israeli Woman

I was glad to see that there are some people in Israel who can look at the whole truth instead of joining the blood thirsty hate against the Palestinians. But it puts them in a very difficult position in Israel. I could feel the pain in this woman as she spoke...

Saturday, November 18, 2023

What Makes Masses of Jewish and Other pro-Israel People so Heartless?

It is very likely that they are victims of human enslavement, either through being brain damaged or through the pharmaceuticals that block their hearts and makes them easily brainwashable. If this is the case, those who lead and use them, are the ones who are responsible, not only for what has been being done to the Palestinian people through the past several decades (as well as now), but also for what has been done to masses of Jewish and other people, in order to turn them into heartless puppets who go along with it. Over and over again I have been stunned by their cruelty and the pain they seem to be gladly inflicting upon the Palestinian people. I have to keep reminding myself that at least some of them are most likely mind control victim.

Short Core Problem Paper

P.S. This core problem pdf was one of the first things I'd put on this blog. The page I put it on was taken down by whoever has infiltrated my blog or computer. To me, this is added proof that it is an important part of this situation - a part that the evil forces do not want people to know. Please help spread the word and pray for freedom and peace for Palestine and all other people who need it and should have it for other reasons.

Friday, November 17, 2023

I am being Targeted

They have been threatening me and infiltrating my computer, and interfering with the functions in this blog, and blocking me from the web, and nuking me and now they are disabling my car. I live in my car so this is very scary. Its all I have left. I will not survive without it. They appear to be doing this to try to force me to stop standing up for the Palestinians. It looks like I may not have a choice but to stop. Please help this info to reach other people.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

There is Now More Hope

Israel refused this UN proposal, because they did not say they "condemn Hamas"...etc. But the fact that it was not vetoed is a good sign.

The UN Security Council adopts a resolution
 for ‘humanitarian pauses’ in Gaza.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The Pro-Israel Protests In America

I found the pro-Israel protests in America frightening. It felt like we are losing America and all that it used to stand for. It felt like Israel's secret blood thirsty hate and prejudice was infiltrating America. As I watched the crowds fill the streets with Israel flags my fear turned to anger. I wondered how the Palestinian people in America must have felt. I'm sure it made them feel less safe here. It made me feel less safe here.

The Jewish planned pro-Israel protests inconsiderately turned a grave situation for Palestinians into a petty protest competition here in America. Some parts of it were cruel to the Palestinians; "No cease fire" some chanted as over ten thousand Palestinians get slaughtered in the little sliver of Palestine that Israel has not yet completely stolen.
   Beneath the videos of the news broadcasts of the Israel rallys and protests were hoards of comments that bragged about how superior and "civilized" and "peaceful" their own protests were, and how much larger they were, in comparison to that of the Palestinians whom they were falsely and negatively labeling.
   Of course the Palestinian protests were more emotional, because they were a painfilled stand for their the freedoms they lost decades ago, and for their thousands of suffering people who are now going through yet another round of being cruelly slaughtered yet another time...etc. Far too much pain and suffering has been inflicted upon the Palestinian people, through many decades now, and it just has to stop!


Call to Boycott Israel

Violence does not solve the core problem in Palestine/"Israel" - It just exacerbates it on both sides. The past several decades have proven this. So, I beg BOTH sides to please stop all forms of violence. And I beg the rest of humanity to please let your hearts do every possible peaceful thing to stop Israel's continued occupation of Palestine and their decades long aims to get rid of the Palestinian people instead of setting things right and returning what they have stolen from them. I think we should...


A Powerful Palestinian Speech

It is very clear, in this speech, as well as many others, that the Palestinians are not going to take anymore abuse, that peace will not come until justice is served. In this case Irelands Palestinian Ambassador said, "Neither peace, nor security will prevail while the rights of the Palestinian people are denied." And nobody, who knows the history and what Israel has done to them, can fairly blame the Palestinians for taking this sort of stand. What can be fairly blamed is those who continue to hurt them and steal from them and kill them and displace them...etc., and expect them to just leave and not fight back.
   The ball has always been in the court of Israel and its supporters. And it still is. Will Irael stop the horrid lethal and dehumanizing abuse and theft... and undo the wrongs it has done to the Palestinians and their beloved Palestine? Time will tell. But
I pray that they are forced to and that the Palestinian people refrain from striking back, through stooping to Israel's level in attacking innocent civilians. Two wrongs never made a right. Surely there are other ways to see to it that justice is served, even though those other ways have failed in the past. Perhaps it is time for the laws, that were implemented to protect ALL of humanity's freedoms and rights and safety and homes and lands, to start working properly for the Palestinian people. I pray so. Better late than never.

Full Speech from the Palestinian Ambassador
to Ireland - Dr Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid

Computer Infiltrations

I have noticed that the word, Israel, was replaced with "Palestine" in my Nov. 9th article about the condemnation stuff. I do not know if it was my mistake or if it was due the computer infiltrations I have been experiencing. I fixed it on this blog and on my newest back-up for it on my website is now at

The previous back-up pdf is at And my initial stand was on Hopefully those writings and others on this blog have not been altered. I'm too overwhelmed to re-check them all right now.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

The Projections and Dehumanization

The Projections; One of the many things I've learned, through witnessing how evil forces operate, is that they tend to project their own behaviors onto their victims. In general; what they say their victims have done is often what they have done, and what they say their victims will do is often what they plan to do, and what they say their victims are, is often what they themselves are. They pit their victims against each other. They pretend to be the ones who are the victims, when their victims say anything about it. And they tend to heavily target people who have the deepest and most Loving hearts, as well as people who are less controllable than most - people who have creative minds and follow their own instincts rather than what they are told. It can be very hard for some people to realize the real truths, due to how manipulative they are. However, in some cases its easy to see.......

Continued in the link below;

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Dear President Biden,

I beg you to find your heart and gain freedom from whatever has your mind supporting Israel's evil, decades long, aims to get rid of the Palestinian people, under the guise of it being a war against "terrorism." If you cannot look at the other side of this situation and see how wrong you and Israel are, you really have a serious problem. And I am scared for America and our safety and the world's safety under your control. Please read this paper and get the help you need to either free your mind or find your heart, because it is VERY obvious that neither one is working well enough right now.

Nobody Can Fairly Blame Them

I condemn all violence and am still very anti-war, but in this (decades long) situation in Israel, nobody can fairly blame the Palestinian people for fighting for freedom in the only ways they felt they could, because nothing else was succeeding with saving them and their homes and their lands. They should never have been put into that position to begin with. And they should not have remained trapped in it for so long. They should have had more help long ago. And I hope they get it now, in ways that are peaceful, if that is possible. I hope the leaders of Israel and America find their Hearts.

My heart literally cries, "How can this massacre in Gaza be so freely continuing for over a month now, without being stopped?" And the answer surely is that the people who can take actions to stop them are definitely not in their right minds or in their Hearts. I hope they quickly find freedom from the darkness that has such a grip on them...

Friday, November 10, 2023

A VIP Message for Benjamin Netanyahu...etc.

This is also for all other officials, both inside and outside of Israel, who enabled Israel's creation and Israel's continuation with the destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people...

I understand that a solution seems complicated to many. But it is actually quite simple and obvious, although it will be inconvenient and costly for some people. Its just a matter of knowing right from wrong, and choosing the right way.

A general lesson for you; We should always strive to be kind to, and considerate of, our fellow human beings. We should not mistreat any people, especially not those who believe in seeking vengeance, if we want to live in peace and safety. When we have wronged people, we should find the HEART to undo our mistakes and set things right. And this should happen between countries as well as between neighbors and individuals in our communities...etc.

Since you so severely wronged the Palestinian people, from the start of the creation of Israel, you must undo your mistakes and set things right, in order to have peace and a clean conscience. This is just common sense and common human decency. Please set your egos aside and use your HEARTS. Everyone makes mistakes. Its that we can CARE to correct them and learn from them that matters most.
   Continuing with the same disastrous mistake is not good for you or anyone else. Hamas (or the "Terrorist" claim) is not a valid excuse for what you were doing to the Palestinian people long before Hamas even formed to fight back. There is no valid excuse for what you have done to Palestine and it's people. Its just wrong. Please find the Heart to set things right, not partially, but completely. Please undo the wrongs you have done, and repair the damage you have done, because its the right thing to do.
   Please realize that you should have created your "Jewish State" in a place where you had permission to do so, and realize that you could not gain safety and peace through stealing from and murdering and displacing and abusing the rights of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people matter just as much as you do. I fact, on their own lands, they matter more than you and the new immigrants do. Please return all of Palestine to its Palestinian people.
   Perhaps most of "Israel's" residents will be willing to live peacefully with Palestinians in a restored Palestine. Hopefully a lot of healing will take place on both sides as they unite. But all who do not have the HEART to be kind and accepting of the Palestinian people, should leave Palestine. Perhaps they can create their own "Zionist" or "Jewish" or "Christian Zionist" (or what ever they want) state in a place where they have permission to do so. And hopefully, this time, they will do it in a better way. Hopefully, they will have learned from their mistakes in Palestine. Hopefully, they will have learned to be considerate and kind - hopefully, they will heal their HEARTS.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

This Man is a True Hero

 United Nation Official Quits his Job so he Could Stand up for Palestinians.

The Push for the Public to "Condemn Hamas" and Choose a "Two state solution."

The push for people to either "Condemn Hamas" or be labeled as a "terrorist," has grown into a push to either choose a "two state Solution" for Palestine and Israel, or agree with what Hamas wants and be labeled as "a terrorist" or "antisemitic." Does anyone else see what is wrong with this picture? We must be brave and follow our Hearts and do what we feel is right... 

I condemn the horrid violence on BOTH sides; I do not see what Hamas did on Oct 7, as being any worse than what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people for decades now, even if the initial news reports are accurate. The truth is that Israel's "terroristic" behaviors had been FAR worse than Hamas's, even BEFORE the 7th.

I do NOT condemn Hamas, because I feel that if the Israel officials had enough compassion and consideration for the Palestinian's feelings and wishes and needs and rights, from the start, Hamas would not have even existed or been defending themselves or fighting back at all. I condemn Israel's rude and controlling and inconsiderate and hateful and violent and thieving behaviors, because that is what forced Hamas into existence and into fighting back.
   I can understand the Palestinian people needing a group, like Hamas, to defend their lives and homes and rights and freedom, while Israel was killing them and displacing them and stealing from them and imprisoning them...etc., but I do not condone the vengeful types of violence, even though Israel did it first. However, it is easy to understand why they resorted to that when nothing else was working, because they believe in being warriors/martyrs who will fight to their death, in order to avenge the wrongs done to them and their families. This does not make vengeance right, in my eyes, but I can respect the fact that its their way and their belief. There is a lesson in this for all of us. And the lesson is; people, from all walks of life, sometimes react violently when they have been too hurt and too wronged for too long. Its just human nature. And the remedy is to not treat them badly, and to find the Heart to be sorry and set things right when we have. (This is a HUGE hint to Israel and America and Britian and anyone else who may have helped Israel steal Palestine and aim to kill off and displace its native people.)

As for the "two state" vs. "one state" solution; I have already shared my opinion on this blog and beyond. But I'll add a bit more. I came to my conclusion after objectively looking at the history, and the bigger picture of this whole situation. 

I strongly feel that the Palestinian people should get ALL of Palestine back. Its what feels right to me, both legally and morally. I feel this way, because I have a heart and because I know right from wrong. So if you call me a "terrorist" or "antisemitic" you will be wrong.

Since Israel took over, it has turned a sacred land into a bloody, raging battlefield, and even though they now blame Hamas for this, they were already doing it before Hamas even existed and they are still doing it now, far more than what Hamas has done. Israel has been a disgrace to humanity, from the moment of its creation, due to its behaviors toward the Palestinian people, whom they have been trying to wipe out, literally, from the very start, displacing hundreds of thousands of them and using every excuse in the book to do a slow and inconspicuous genocide of the ones who refused to leave their own homes and country.

The wrongs, that have been done to the Palestinian people should be set right, so that peace can settle in. And the public has no right to decide how it is done. Those who should be making this decision are the Palestinian people and the officials who have authority over the nations. The authority that the British leaders used to get a mandate, in order to make the theft of Palestine look legal, should undo their mistake, because it was against the will of, and far too inconsiderate of, the vast majority of the Palestinian people, and some of the take-overs, since then, have even been against international law.

I hope for safety and peace and freedom for the Palestinian people, in their own independent state of Palestine, as it was before Britian and the Jewish immigrants started destroying it and them.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Finally, Some Countries Standing Up

I do not understand why other countries did not stand up decades ago, after Israel's 1967 hell. Perhaps they did and I just do not know about it. Better late than never. But this situation has needed more than standing up - it has needed actions that stopped Israel and saved what was left of the Palestinian people, especially now. Every day hundreds of lives and homes and businesses are being lost. Why has Israel's prejudice and hate and murdering and displacement of the Palestinian people not been stopped?

Spain’s Ione Belarra: Israel must end ‘genocide’ of Palestinians in Gaza

Top News: Belgium Wants Sanctions Against Israel...

Message for Palestinian People

Dear Palestinian and Arab people, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I was told that you were "terrorists" - just cruel people who kill for the sake of killing, with no reason for it. I didn't know that you had been so deeply hurt, and so cruelly wronged, and so trapped for so long, that you started seeking vengeance. I did not even check into it until recently. But I finally did and now I know. Although my voice appears to be just yet another little "worthless" one, in the parts of our world that have not yet seen our value, I hope it helps you.
   My heart is with you and is praying for you to have the safety and freedom and peace you long for and should have been allowed to retain in Palestine. I'm so sorry that this horrid violence is still happening to you. I hope the Heart of humanity quickly helps you to restore your Palestine into the place where you are safe and free, so that you no longer have to fight for it to be.
   After this round of violent fighting is over, I hope you let your tears cry out the pain and anger so that you heal and do not continue seeking vengeance. I hope you lay down your swards and settle into a place of peace and Love within yourselves, for your own sakes.

I hope Love and peace and freedom wins,
for you and your precious Palestine,
because it is what is right and fair.

Message for Israel

Dear Jewish immigrants in Palestine/"Israel," I understand that you wanted a peaceful place of your own, so that you could be safe from the wrongs that were done to you in Germany...etc. But, you cannot attain it through thieving and killing or through following other people's controlling ways. I hope you heal - I hope you let your tears wash away the pain that was inflicted upon you, so that you do not continue to inflict it upon others.
   I hope you, and all who set you up there, find your hearts and connect to the real God - the God that is Love - the God/Love that guides people into being compassionate - into being kind and considerate and peaceful and accepting of other people's differences and other people's rights to safety and freedom and peace in their own homes and on their own lands.
   In the 1940s you could have honored the real God/Love who wanted you to "Love thy neighbor," but you chose to hate them and get rid of them, and this has filled sacred lands with blood and agony and rage and it just has to stop. And please stop blaming your victims. The Palestinian people fighting back is not the root problem here - its what you did to drive them into seeking revenge. Please realize your own mistakes - your own "terroristic" behaviors and choose a better way.
   The Heart of humanity is begging you to choose the way of Love and peace. Can't you hear it calling out to you from the streets all around the world? "Free Palestine" also means 'Love Palestine, instead of continuing to control and destroy it.'

Israel, please cease fire now! Please set Palestine free and let it settle into a place of peace and healing, for those of you who have been hurt, and for the native Arab/Palestinian people. Please let Love into your hearts enough to embrace the native Arab people and let them freely live in their own homes and on their own lands. The time for this is long overdue. Please do it now. Please lay down your swards and pick up your Hearts. Please let Love/God in.

It Breaks my Heart

It breaks my heart, that the Jewish immigrants, and their helpers, have turned Palestine's sacred land into "Israel's" destructive and bloody battleground since the 1940s. The disrespect of these sacred lands, and the utter heartlessness that has been killing and terrorizing and chasing away its inhabitants, is shocking, especially in people who claim to be connected to God/Love. I pray for the evil that guides them, and the pain filled anger that guides their Palestinian victims into striking back, to all be immediately stopped. I pray for freedom and peace and healing to quickly spread through the sacred land of Palestine.

I feel a connection to the old Palestine, which I cannot explain, except for in dreams I've had. Seeing such evil and violence happening there is very difficult for me. Its like a pain that permeates my soul. I think that perhaps I have been there in a past life, or perhaps just in my dreams. I wake crying and I pray for Palestine to be saved from the darkness that has been taking control of it and destroying it from the 1940s to now. I pray for all who have been involved in the violence to find their Hearts and find forgiveness. I pray for the Palestinian people to stop being hurt. I pray for Israel to find it's Heart - to find the Love and kindness and consideration and peace that comes with a real connection to the real God, who is Love.

Israel, please permanently cease fire now!
Please set Palestine free and let it heal in peace!

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

An Optimistic Song

Several times now, I have seen extreme optimism in the Palestinian people in Gaza. And it feels sad to me, because, although it comes from a strong faith, it is probably also fed by the type of denial that people have at times like this - when the pain is just too excruciating to face and feel. I know what it feels like - to feel so scared and trapped and in so much pain, that I just flip into imagining a world where I am free and everything is OK. I've done this many times in the past several years. During those times I've even designed my organic gardens and the home I want to build...etc. It helps me to survive. And I'm sure this sort of optimism helps the Palestinian people to survive right now, when everything is just too horrible to even start the grieving process. I felt the sadness in this song, even though it is not sung in English...

Maher Zain - Alhubbu Yasood | ماهر زين - الحب يسود (Loving Palestine 🇵🇸)

There is more on this link;

The "Antisemitic" card

Many Jewish people seem to think they can now do anything they want to hurt people, and then avoid taking responsibility for it, through calling their victims "antisemitic, or calling anyone who says anything about their behaviors, "antisemitic." Its utterly ridiculous how much this "antisemitic" card has been played by them and their supporters. But the good news is that... 

 Jewish people are just as responsible for their own behaviors as everyone else. And it is not wrong for anyone else to stand up and expose and stop their abusive or criminal behaviors. And the same goes for every other religion or human being in the world. 

 I actually find it amazing how the most hatefully prejudice people are the ones who habitually falsely claim that other people are prejudice against them. It is a very clear projection of their own prejudice. The Jewish people are certainly no exception to this disfunction. I hope they find their hearts and become more honest and functional. And God, help the Arabs until they do.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Hold Onto Your Hearts


Protests for the Palestinian People

The demonstrations in the USA are huge and appear to be mostly very peaceful. I hope they remain peaceful. I'm glad to see so many people's hearts standing up for justice and freedom for the Palestinian people. The video below shows a lot of interviews with the protesters and a lot of good messages from them. The best message was calling for Palestinian people to hold onto their hearts - their Love, so that the evil will not win...

Voices from Largest Pro-Palestinian Protest in U.S. History:
Stop the Siege on Gaza Now!



A Fair Suspicion

 I strongly suspect that officials in Israel knew the October 7th Hamas attack was going to happen, and did not stop it, so they could use it as an excuse to finish getting rid of the Palestinian people. I even suspect that they intentionally provoked it. Getting rid of the Palestinian people has been their aim from the start of their invasion. And the world just cannot let this continue! FREE PALESTINE!

Sunday, November 5, 2023

What Instigated it?

Someone asked me what I would do if Hamas attacked me. And my answer was the same one that any conscientious human being would do... I'd ask, why did they do this horrific thing? Was it something I did or said? Was there something I could have done, or not done, in order to prevent it?  

If only Israel and the rest of the world wound ask these questions and face the honest answers. Obviously many people must learn that violence often begets violence. Who was the first to be so cruel? Who shot the hand that pulled the trigger? Who should have chosen peace to begin with? In this situation, the answer is in the historical facts

Message for Israel

Please permanently cease fire immediately, and return what you have stolen from the Palestinian people, and restore Palestine to the peaceful place it was before you invaded and stole it. 

Continuing to abuse the Arabs, for reacting to your abuse, is just too wrong. 
I want to say to both sides... Two wrongs do not make a right! But you are the one who started it.

In the beginning of this decades long conflict; if you had treated the Palestinian people with kindness and consideration, none of the violence would have ever happened. The world will know the truth - that the Palestinians are the ones who have been forced to "defend" themselves...and you are the cruel invading force that should not even be there and must be stopped from continuing to provoke Hamas or fabricate excuses to kill off masses of Palestinians and terrorize the rest into leaving their own country.

I hope you find your heart.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Objective Opinion of Hamas

In Israel's war against the Palestinian people, many things are not the way they have been portrayed by the leaders of Israel. And it is VERY important for the rest of the world to realize the truth. So, I am asking you to also look at the other side, and then follow your own heart and instincts. If you look at the bigger picture, with your heart, you will see the truth.

The Middle East Eye Website

People have asked me to "condemn Hamas." But I won't. I condemn the violence on BOTH sides, but not Hamas, because Hamas - the Palestinian resistance is the side that has been forced to defend itself, and Israel is the intruding attacker. And historical records prove that this is the way it has been from the very start of Israel's invasion and occupation of Palestine. (This is another good example of the dishonesty on the Israel side - they try to make it all look like it is the opposite of what it really is.)

The Truth About Hamas

The name, HAMAS, comes from "Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya" - the Islamic Resistance Movement.

Hamas formally formed in 1987, but it has roots that go back to 1939. One branch of it is a group of Palestinian militant people who gathered to fight "for the liberation of Palestine" - for freedom and safety and common human rights for the Palestinian people, as Israel's immigrant leaders (the Zionist Jewish people) continued to encroach on what little is left of the Palestinian lands. Hamas is also fighting for the return of their own lands and homes, which were recently (within the past century) stolen by the Zionist - Jewish immigrants who recently wiped out Palestine and turned it into Israel and is still trying to force Palestinian people out of their own country.

HAMAS is not a "terrorist" group, but they have fought violently and sometimes vengefully, just like other military groups around the world. I am a serious anti-war person, and even I can understand why they fight with violence. Its because nothing else has worked and the Palestinian people have continued to be treated very cruelly - they have continued to be harassed, murdered, terrorized, imprisoned, chased out of their own homes and out of their own country...etc. They are hurt and angry and some want vengeance. They are just like most other human beings would be under the same conditions.

One example of how Israel fabricates things is evident in the news reports, which say that Hamas wants to "destroy Israel," with the implication that they will do it with violence. But this is not true. Israel is what the Zionist Jewish immigrants named Palestine, AFTER they stole it without permission. Hamas merely wants all of the Palestinian land to be returned to its rightful people and to restore its original name - Palestine. 

You can see what Hamas really stands for in their 2017 Charter;
(In this charter they call the Zionist Jewish people "anti-human," which surly means, inhumane.)

Over all, it is very clear that Hamas merely wants fair justice in the land dispute, and peace and freedom and safety for the Palestinian people. And they have been fighting like hell to get it.

Military types of people would probably see them as brave and extremely resilient heroes, who stood their ground, without giving up, even while the most powerful forces in the world aimed to wipe them off the face of the Earth. They are willing to die for freedom and liberty for themselves and the rest of humanity. To many people this is honorable, even though some of their attacks do not kill in the same way that larger more formal militaries do. They are a small militant group of Palestinian people who are trapped and deprived and surrounded and watched and abused and have been being killed off for decades, and they fight for freedom in every way they can.

Its what invaded their country and homes and made them feel like they had to fight for their survival and freedom and independence that is mostly (if not completely)  to blame for all the violence on both sides. And what drove them to it was Israel's invasion and ongoing intrusions and thefts and killings and other abuses.


Friday, November 3, 2023

Israel's Decades long Invasion of Palestine

 In order to realize the real truths we must look at the bigger picture, instead of just at what is being said about current escalations, in this decades long conflict. When we do this, the truth is VERY evident. That truth is that Israel is the recent invader of Palestine, and the Palestinian people are the victims of this brutal invasion, which has been aiming to get rid of them. What is now being called a "war against terrorism" is really the aggressive invaders trying to kill off what is left of the native Palestinian people who have been fighting for their freedom and the return of their stolen homes and the return of their stolen lands. 

You may not believe this, after watching the one sided news reports, but I beg you to care to objectively look at the other side of this story, and the historical facts in the bigger picture... and do what you can to promote peace and safety and freedom for the Palestinian people and all other people who have been being targeted by deceptive evil forces. The following link has many professional and well done documentaries and news reports. 

Historical facts on the Palestinian Plight

The Core Problem

Perhaps, if anything good can come from Israel's hell, it will be the world finally realizing that something is horribly wrong - something that has blocked the hearts of masses of people and effects their minds in ways that make them blindly believe, or go along with, or ignore things they normally wouldn't. This may be hard for these people to believe, but our core problem truly is pharmaceutical and radio wave mind control. If this problem did not exist, the Palestinian people would have gotten the safety and justice they should have had decades ago. And Israel would not have the support it does.

Short Core Problem Paper