Sunday, November 5, 2023

Message for Israel

Please permanently cease fire immediately, and return what you have stolen from the Palestinian people, and restore Palestine to the peaceful place it was before you invaded and stole it. 

Continuing to abuse the Arabs, for reacting to your abuse, is just too wrong. 
I want to say to both sides... Two wrongs do not make a right! But you are the one who started it.

In the beginning of this decades long conflict; if you had treated the Palestinian people with kindness and consideration, none of the violence would have ever happened. The world will know the truth - that the Palestinians are the ones who have been forced to "defend" themselves...and you are the cruel invading force that should not even be there and must be stopped from continuing to provoke Hamas or fabricate excuses to kill off masses of Palestinians and terrorize the rest into leaving their own country.

I hope you find your heart.

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