Projections and Dehumanization

The Projections; One of the many things I've learned, through witnessing how evil forces operate, is that they tend to project their own behaviors onto their victims. In general; what they say their victims have done is often what they have done, and what they say their victims will do is often what they plan to do, and what they say their victims are, is often what they themselves are. They pit their victims against each other. They pretend to be the ones who are the victims, when their victims say anything about it. And they tend to heavily target people who have the deepest and most Loving hearts, as well as people who are less controllable than most - people who have creative minds and follow their own instincts rather than what they are told. It can be very hard for some people to realize the real truths, due to how manipulative they are. However, in some cases its easy to see.

In this situation, the historical facts clearly show that Israel is truly the one who is the aggressive invader who wants to wipe out Palestine and get rid of the Palestinian people, and that the Palestinian people are truly the real victims who have been forced to resist the invasion and defend themselves and fight for their lives and their homes and their lands.

I feel that Israel has fabricated and orchestrated and intentionally provoked many things, in order to make themselves look like the victims and make the Palestinians (Hamas) look like the bad guys. It is sad when the real victims strike back, like Hamas has, because this helps to make the lies seem true, in the eyes of unaware people. Its like biting the hook. Israel has obviously been using Hamas attacks as an excuse to kill off masses of Palestinian people for many decades now. Israel claims that Hamas started it, but the Hamas attacks have been responses to Israel's invasions and violent attacks and other cruel behaviors against the Palestinian people.

The "dehumanization." The obvious dehumanization of the Palestinian people is very similar to that which has been being done to "Targeted Individuals."
   In the dehumanization of the Palestinian people (Hamas); the world has been being convinced that they are worthless "animals" and "terrorists" and "evil" and "dangerous" and are "lying" when they tell people what Israel is doing to them...etc. But they are really victims of horrid crimes, even though some of them have fought back - meeting violence with violence.
   And with Targeted Individuals; the world has been being convinced that we are all just "mentally ill" and "dangerous" and "crazy tin foil hat people," and that what we say about being tortured with laser and microwave weapons is "not true"...etc. But we are really victims of horrid crimes, even though some of us have been driven to the point of fighting back - meeting violence with violence.
   The difference between these two "dehumanization" examples is that, in the Palestinian situation, the evil targeting is at least mostly overt; they are very obviously being targeted in ways that clearly aim to make them suffer and it is obviously to kill off masses of them and terrorize the rest into leaving Palestine so that Israel can finish stealing Palestine...etc. And in the Targeted Individual situation, the targeting is covert and includes inconspicuous harassment and microwave and laser weapon tortures, and parasite inflictions, and the sly sabotaging of businesses and relationships...etc., which makes it much more difficult to prove.
   It would not surprise me if the Palestinian people also experience some parts of the microwave and parasite targeting. There is also a pharmaceutical part of the general targeting of humanity, which I feel certain that the Palestinian people are also victims of. Brain and feeling numbing pharmaceuticals, greatly aid various types of brainwashings, including that which is done with radio waves (microwaves). If my intuition is right, some of the Palestinians do not take the pharmaceuticals and their underground tunnels are protecting them from the air-born radio waves. And this would be upsetting to those who want to control them.

The real truth is that, it is what targets the Palestinian people, and us "Targeted Individuals," that is dangerous and evil and dishonest, and is not only a danger to us, but is a very serious danger to all of humanity. The projections and dehumanization manipulations, and the overtly lethal or covertly torturous targetings, must be fully realized and stopped. What is behind these targetings is truly pure evil and it appears to want to destroy the good in humanity - the Heart of humanity. We must not let it continue.

God, help the Palestinian people, and all other targeted people, and all of humanity to be free, not only from the horrid violence, but also from the covert and pharmaceutical and radio wave targeting. All of humanity must be free, in order for things to be as they should be.

P.S. When you find out that what they said was "bad" is really good; forgive yourself for not knowing, because you were probably a victim too - your mind and feelings and instincts were probably too numbed by the pharmaceuticals, for you to be able to sense or see the truth. FYI; such pharmaceuticals have been being found in public and bottled drinking water, and filtering the water through untreated charcoal takes out the pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. And at least three feet of Earth is said to protect people from at least some of the radio wave part of the targeting.
   What must quickly take place is all types of the evil targetings and manipulations being fully exposed and stopped, especially since many of the people (puppets) who go along with the evil targeting programs, are people who have been drugged and brainwashed. After it is stopped, healing can take place, on BOTH sides, and the Heart of humanity will be restored. Lets do it! Please let Love win. God's hands work through our Hearts and we must do our part. Please help spread the word and help stop the hell from continuing, so that ALL of humanity can be free to live in peace and

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