Husam Zomlot - A Ray of Light

Ambassador Zomlot on CNN: Israel warned
 the situation was going to deteriorate
2022; Ambassador Husam Zomlot
Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

August 2023; Husam Zomlot | Israel, the media and the
future of Palestinian resistance | The Big Picture S2EP1

Palestinian Ambassador Speaks to Novara | Husam Zomlot Interview

Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot speaks to TRT World</span>

Iain Dale debates Husam Zomlot over the UK's response to Gaza crisis | LBC

Husam Zomlot addresses demonstrators in March for
Palestine London: "This is an historic moment..."

Dr Husam Zomlot speaks about the Israel-Hamas
 conflict and the need for a permanent ceasefire

‘It’s time you report the truth’: Husam Zomlot
lambasts western media coverage of Palestine

Dr Husam Zomlot talks about achieving peace
 between Palestine & Israel and relations with Egypt

The View from Gaza | Palestinian
Ambassador to the UK - Husam Zomlot

Husam Zomlot Interviews with Israeli Puppets

These videos expose reporters who are so brainwashed by the Israeli propaganda and narratives that they have a hard time registering logical common sense and often evade or cut off the most important honest facts. And some of these types of reporters also conduct one sided interrogations, trying to make Hasam agree to the Israeli narrative, instead of listening to his explanations. And they completely ignore the core problem, which is the Israel invasion/occupation of Palestine, which is what the Palestinian fighters are reacting to. They just want to make Palestine or Hamas appear wrong. And they have been getting away with these sorts of manipulations against the Palestinians for over 70 years.
   Hasam handles himself well with these puppets. He remains calm and honest and clearly explains things, even though he is often cut off and is obviously often not believed. Much of what he says is a matter of historic fact, and not just opinions. And nobody, who is humane and has a heart and a conscience would blame Husam if he got upset and just cut loose and blasted them, after going through so much of this, but this appears to be what some are trying to get him to do, in order to discredit him. Such is the way with the evil in our world - attack or provoke the victim and then expose the victim's reaction in order to make them look like the bad guy. This is what Israel has been doing to Palestine.

Diplomat: 'For Israelis, every Palestinian
 is a terrorist' | Israel Hamas war

Husam Zomlot, Palestinian ambassador to the U.K,
 says U.S. needs to be "honest mediator"

Diplomat: 'For Israelis, every Palestinian is a terrorist' | Israel Hamas war

Ambassador Zomlot on BBC HARDtalk [16/10/2023]

Ambassador Zomlot says the world should
 stop obsessing about condemnations

Prior to Oct 7 2023

January 2023; Palestinian ambassador calls out Israeli propaganda...

2021; Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot wants
‘clear commitment from UK to fix the mess created here'

2020; Husam Zomlot, Head of Palestinian Mission to UK - BBC HARDtalk

Israel-Hamas at war: Palestine’s Ambassador to the UK

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