What Really Happened Oct 7th?

 It appears that the Palestinian Resistance (Hamas) performed a militant operation, to attack an Israeli military complex that was holding Gaza under siege, and to collect hostages for an exchange deal. It appears that this got out of hand when other groups also joined the fighting and the Israeli Military attacked both Hamas and the Israeli citizens.
The fact that the Israeli ground based police force was mysteriously absent on Oct 7th, is suspicious. Did Israel intentionally allow the attack to happen? It appears that reporters were there for it. And New York Times has reported that Israel knew the Hamas attack was going to happen...

New York Times; "Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago"

The Israeli military is known to kill their own people in a hostage situation, under the Hannibal Directive. And there appears to be proof of this happening on Oct 7th...

October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military
 ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles (posted Oct 30)
The rape and "beheaded babies" claim has not been proven, because it appears to have been a complete fabrication. And I've heard reports, which state that at least some of the burnt bodies were Palestinians and not Israeli citizens, and that this was done by Israeli military and not Hamas.

Haaretz article: Detailing unverified and inaccurate
 accounts of the 7 October Hamas attack

Over-all, it appears that much of the killings, that took place on Oct 7th, were done by the Israel military, and that many other things were also fabricated by Israeli officials, in order to make the Hamas attack look much worse than it was, and in order to justify yet another attack on Gaza...

What really happened in Israel on Oct. 7?
 w/Max Blumenthal | The Chris Hedges Report

The Hannibal Directive: What Really Happened On October 7th  https://youtu.be/pxGDRJJ9avw?si=zIjSmR4tW6dZiLPF

Playlist - What really Happened on Oct 7, 2023 
(Unfortunately some videos have been erased due to computer infiltration)

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