The Rumors and Judgements

It is not fair to pass judgments that are based on rumors Israel has started.

Someone told me that 58% of the Palestinians support HAMAS, as if this makes 58% of the Palestinian people bad people. I do not know if that percentage is true. But I think those who support Hamas want freedom and feel that they have to fight for it, because nothing else has worked since the immigrants started killing them off and chasing them out of their homes and out of Palestine in the 1940s. Although I do not condone the Hamas violence, I can understand their predicament and why they have resorted to it after being hurt so badly for so long. 
   As for the remaining 42%; of Palestinians; Israel has probably convinced them that Israel's killing masses of Palestinian's is all Hamas's fault, although it is Israel who is doing it now, and Israel who was doing it long before Hamas even appeared on the scene. The truth is that Israel is the only one who is responsible for what Israel does, especially since Israel is the aggressive invader and Hamas is the defender who fights back in this situation. It appears that Israel is trying to pit the Palestinians against each other. And its sad that it probably has indeed worked to some degree, just because of the level of suffering that Israel has inflicted upon all of them.

Someone also told me that Hamas has said that it wants the destruction of Israel and all Jews; I feel that this is not true, regardless of any hateful outbursts, that any of the Palestinian people (Hamas included) may have uttered through the past several decades, while their lives and homes and lands and people were being destroyed by the Jewish settlers and their leaders.
    It is my understanding that Hamas just wants to restore Palestine, which would remove the new "Israel" name from it...and that Israel is making it sound like this is an act of violence, just to manipulate people against Hamas and onto their side. And the same goes for the Jewish people; it is my understanding that Hamas wants the murderous and thieving and intrusive individuals off of their lands and out of their lives...and Israel is making it sound like Hamas wants to murder all Jews. It appears that Israel is also doing this, in order to justify the slow genocide that it has been performing for many decades now. Israel has been blaming It's victims, especially those who react violently to Israel's violence, and this is not right.
  I have no doubt that some of the Hamas fighters, especially those who have seen their loved ones hurt or killed by the Jewish settlers, do indeed hate all Jewish settlers for it. I'm sure some hate America for helping with that process too. (But who can look honestly at the history, and the bigger picture, and rightly blame them for being human, instead of like Gods who can remain in a place of Love no matter how much they are hurt?) I'm sure that, in time, at least most of the angry Hamas fighters will calm down and heal, if Israel stops killing and displacing their people and things are set right, which is all they really want, and is what they should have had long before now. (Look at the history; What Israel did to the Palestinian people in the 1960s happened BEFORE Hamas was formed and I'm sure Hamas was formed because of it.)
    It looks to me like, Hamas (and its angry outbursts)  are just Israel's excuse to continue killing off masses of Palestinian's and try to terrorize the rest into leaving, so it can finish taking over Palestine, and get support from the whole world in this horrid criminal holocaustal process. It's evil manipulations, literally. And I am so glad Israel is not succeeding with them anymore. The truth is coming out, even in parts of the USA mainstream media, at this point. 

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