Israel is Responsible for it's Own Behaviors and their Consequences

Someone pointed out to me, one of the war crimes that Israel says Hamas did during Israel's 2014 (July/August) conflict with Gaza. My focus is on the bigger picture, but I checked the Amnesty International report they told me about. And I found the following statement in the beginning of that report....

"The Israeli authorities have refused, up to the time of finalizing this report, more than nine months after the hostilities ended, to allow Amnesty International and other researchers from international human rights organizations to enter the Gaza Strip through the Erez crossing with Israel, despite the organization’s repeated requests for entry since the beginning of the conflict. Neither have the Egyptian authorities granted Amnesty International permission to enter the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing with Egypt..."

They had to do their investigation remotely and Israel appeared to have been in charge of it. When Israel will not allow investigators, from a neutral source, to go get into Gaza, it is a sure sign that what they are doing is just yet another batch of fabrications or projections of their own cruel behaviors.
   However, there is not a doubt in my mind, that some Hamas members have done horrible things, just as some members of the Israel military and other militaries have, in these sorts of violent wars. I do not condone any of the violence, no matter who is doing it. But the fact that Hamas has fought violently against Israel's even more violent invasions into Palestine, and probably has also fought violently against individuals who have betrayed them through being informants for Israel in 2014, does not make their cause wrong and it does not make them "Terrorists" and it does not make Israel right. I still condemn the violence, but I still do not "condemn Hamas," because Hamas is on the side of the victims who are being invaded and stolen from and who have experienced far more terroristic violence from Israel than it has delivered in retaliation.
   If I were a high official, I'd hold Israel responsible for all the violence on both sides, because none of it would have ever happened if Israel had not invaded Palestine and started killing off masses of Palestinian people and tried terrorizing the rest into leaving. After over 70 years of Israel's rounds of killing and terrorizing the Palestinian people, they have been so severely wounded and emotionally traumatized that nobody can fairly blame them for hating the Jewish state of Israel, and nobody can fairly blame them for fighting back in ways that are just as violent as Israel has been doing.

Israel started this hell. Israel has continued it, instead of doing right by the Palestinian people. And Israel is responsible for ALL the damage that it's own cruel behaviors have caused inside the Palestinian people as well as outside of them. Period.

It is not fair to blame the victims, instead of stopping Israel and setting things right - setting Palestine and it's people free. It just isn't, no matter what some members of Hamas have done, and even if Hamas was far worse than what Israel claims. Period.
  My focus is going to remain on the bigger picture, because its the bigger picture that shows the whole truth. What really should be investigated here, is why Israel has been allowed to continue its cruel thieving, murderous invasion of Palestine for so long, and why anyone in their right mind would ever even think of supporting it...and why the lives, and the emotional and mental wellbeing, of the Palestinian (Arab) people has not mattered to those who could stop Israel and set Palestine free. What Israel has done, and the fact that it is STILL supported and allowed, is a disgrace to the human race.

Where is the heart of every nation that could easily stop Israel through not supporting it's cruel invasion, and could stop it through supporting Palestine - the victim of a cruel (over seven decades long) invasion, which includes a long, slow torturous genocide, that now operates under the guise of "a war against terrorism"????

There is no valid excuse for Israel's behaviors and Israel is responsible for all the problems that its behaviors have caused. Period. God help all of Hamas's wounded Palestinian members who fight for freedom from Israel's invasive control and bombardments. Its actually amazing that they are still not giving up, after over 70 years of most of the Palestinian people being killed off or displaced. These guys are heros, not "terrorists." The Palestinian people should have been allowed to freely and safely and peacefully live on their own lands, instead of being invaded and attacked and forced into fighting for their freedom. Period.

P.S. No matter what details, or fabrications, that Israel wants to distract people with, or displace blame with, it is still Israel who is responsible for it all, because Israel is the unwelcomed invader of Palestine. Period.
   I'm sorry I got so long winded, but this is all very upsetting to me. And what is so upsetting is not only what has been being done to hurt the Palestinian people, but also the fact that Israel's evil and manipulative behaviors, and its brutal invasion of Palestine, is still being allowed and even condoned by many countries. How can anyone have faith in the leadership in our countries with Israel's hell freely continuing for decades and only some of them standing up AFTER it has been more publicly exposed and may be too late? Something is terribly wrong and its not only in Israel.

Israel, please permanently cease fire now and set ALL of Palestine free.

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