My View of the Overview

This does not get into many details, because its thinking about becoming a children's book. And its not finished but...

My View of the Overview
copyrighted by Sharon Rose Poet

Prior to the 1940s the vast majority of the population of Palestine was Arabs/Muslims, but there were also a few Jewish and Christian and other religions scattered throughout it. They all lived peacefully together. They farmed and traded and prospered. All was fine until the Zionists moved in to take control of everything.
   The Zionists were really the Christian Restoration Movement, which was on a mission to assimilate the Jewish people into Christianity. Like history shows, the Jewish were hard to convince. So the Restorationists became Zionists who claimed to exist in order to help the Jewish people to create a safe homeland for themselves. (This is a classic example of the perpetrator zooming in to help the scared and unaware victim.) Gathering all the Jews into one place would make assimilation into Christianity much easier, especially with the use of new radio wave technologies and pharmaceuticals that started being used for brainwashing in the early 1900's.
   The Zionists ended up deciding that Palestine would be a good place to gather the Jews, because they wanted to own the holy lands, and because they hated the Muslim Arab people as much as they hated the Jewish people. They planned to use them against each other. So, masses of Jewish people were immigrated into Palestine, mostly through the 1930s and 1940s.
   As the Zionists stole Palestine, fighting broke out. But the Zionists got what they wanted because they had the British armies, a new Jewish army and even the international law makers on their side. The Palestinians didn't stand a chance.
   In 1948 masses of the Muslim Arab Palestinians were either murdered or terrorized into leaving their own homes and farms, which were being given to the new Jewish immigrants. This is when the Zionists started calling Palestine "Israel." They passed laws and drew up documents to make it all look like it was legal, but it wasn't. It was cruel and thieving and murderous and illegal, because it was all done against the will of the rightful owners of Palestine - the Arabs/Muslims who were the vast majority of the population there for over fifteen centuries.
   Most of these Palestinians ended up in refugee camps in Jordon and other countries, but some stayed in Gaza and the West Bank, which had been designated to them by the United Nations. Needless to say, the Palestinian people were not happy. They wanted their homes and farms back and they wanted to preserve their precious holy land of Palestine. But the Zionists, and their many ally's, were too cruel and too many to win a battle against.
   The Zionists continued to want all of Palestine for themselves. They wanted to finish getting rid of what was left of the Palestinians, but the Palestinians dug in their heals, refused to leave, and were trying to turn Gaza and the West bank into an independent state, so they could get out from under the Zionist's control.
   But the Zionists manipulated things and prevented the Palestinian people from gaining independence. In 1967 Israel attacked the surrounding Arab countries who supported the Palestinians, and violently stole even more land in this process. The Palestinians became more and more upset and by the 1990s they were angrily fighting back in every way they could. But every time the Palestinians violently struck back, Israel used it as an excuse to kill off even more of them and to try to traumatize the rest into leaving through dropping bombs in their communities. Then officials in "Israel" and its supporting countries, convinced most of the world that the resisting Palestinians, and other Arab groups, were all just terrorists who must be killed before they kill the Jews. The Zionists didn't really care about how many Jews were killed. They just wanted to finish stealing Palestine and merely used the Jews in this process from the start of the whole charade. The Zionists were severely lacking in the heart department, but they were brilliant when it came to deviously plotted out manipulative schemes. Such is the way of evil.
   The Zionists started building new settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. And the new Zionist/"Jewish" settlers were often mean and violent toward the Palestinians. Some of the Palestinians violently fought back, but "Israel" now had big armies and still had the support of other Zionist lead countries. The Palestinians didn't stand a chance, but they kept fighting for freedom from their little caged in plots of land that the Zionist people now had completely surrounded and controlled, where they were not already infiltrated.
   The Zionist people were rewriting history and fabricating stories, in order to justify their presence on the lands they had stolen. Some even claimed that Palestine never existed and that Israel is what that land had always been. And they started projecting their own evil and violent behaviors onto the Palestinians, making it look like they were the bad guys - " the evil ones," "the squatters," "the terrorists." Sadly, every time the Palestinians violently fought back, it made them look bad, especially since the Zionist/"Jewish" leaders and settlers fabricated things and made it sound a lot worse than it was. It looked like the Zionists were going to win.
   But witnesses had started standing up, and the young Palestinians, who had learned how to speak English were telling people what was happening in social media forums. And human rights organizations were investigating. And some Western medias were doing honest reportings. The truth was coming out.
   On Oct 7, 2023 Israel let a Palestinian Resistance group break through a wall to attack Israel, so that it could use this as an excuse to finally finish getting rid of the Palestinians and steal the rest of Palestine - Gaza and the West Bank. Israels leader declared war against the Palestinians, which they now called the "Hamas terrorist group," in order to gain public support for genocide and yet another theft. Israel started bombing and destroying Gaza, making it uninhabitable, so that any surviving Palestinian people would have to leave. West Bank was also being attacked but on a smaller scale, because Israel already had it heavily infiltrated with Zionist/"Jewish" settlers.
   Although Israel would not allow independent reporters in to see what was happening, videos and reports reached the outside world. And people all over the world started filling the city streets, carrying the Palestinian flag and crying out, "FREE PALESINE." And this is where we are today.
   The Zionist's evil war against the Palestinian people is still raging on, but Israel now faces charges of Genocide in the Internation Court of Justice. And whether the truth wins in that court or not, Israel's evil will not win.
   The Zionist's did not succeed with manipulating all the Jewish people into moving to Palestine - they did not succeed with converting all the Jewish people into their new Christianized "Jewish" religion. They did not succeeded with wiping Palestine out of all our history books and maps. They did not succeed with killing off all the Palestinian and Arab people. And they did not succeed with deceiving the whole world into believing that the Zionist/"Jewish" people are "God's chosen people" and that Israel is nothing but pure and holy and has a spiritual obligation to wipe out and replace Palestine and the Palestinian people. And the Zionists did not succeed with discrediting every truth teller with their false "antisemitic" or "terrorist" labels. Many people, all over the world, now know the real truth and this knowledge is rapidly growing every day. Soon the whole world will know. So, there is a Light shining at the end of this dark tunnel; "From the river to the sea Palestine will be free" and so will the rest of humanity. Just you stand and see...all the world at peace. 

 copyrighted by Sharon Rose Poet, with all rights reserved.

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