What Bothers me Most

Some people think that its just the graphic news reports from Gaza that is bothering so many people. But that is not what has been most upsetting to me, and my guess is that it also isn't for most other people, because much of humanity has been desensitized, when it comes to graphic displays of violence, due to the levels of it we have been subjected to in moves and even children's games. What is most disturbing to me, in the Gaza situation, is multiple things....

Its the horrid injustice; the injustice of millions of people being left to suffer, for over 70 years, due to Israel's violent invasion of Palestine, the injustice of the victims who strike back, being blamed for everything the evil invader (Israel) does - the injustice of the media and officials and masses of puppets pretending it all just started on Oct 7 and is all Hamas's - the Palestinian people's fault, the injustice of masses of people pretending that the Palestinian resistance to the destructive and evil Israeli invasion is just "terrorist" attacks, the injustice of Israel's lies and fabrications being repeated and believed, instead of investigations finding the truth. the injustice of these injustices freely continuing for over 70 years. (There is something horribly wrong in our world!)

Its the way that evil so freely continues, no matter how many people stand up against it, due to America's officials supporting it; its the fact that Israel's evil, thieving and murderous invasion has been being portrayed as a good and positive thing that has "a right to protect itself" against its resisting victims, as it slaughters yet another batch of them and tries to terrorize the rest into leaving their own homes and country. Its the fact that this has been freely going on for over 70 years with the support of the supposedly greatest nation in the world.

Its the joy I saw in President Biden as the Palestinian people got slaughtered and terrorized and left homeless and helpless and suffering too terribly; President Biden seemed to suddenly become more functional and happier than I'd ever seen him. He seemed proud of his support of Israel's evil slaughter. Is he Israel's puppet or is he one of the evil Catholic Zionist? Either way, it just feels horrible to me. Due to his behaviors, and the masses of pro-Israel puppets filling our streets in a heartless competition with scared Palestinian protesters... I no longer feel safe in America. 

Its the horrid prejudice against the Arab people; its the fact that most of the world has supported Israel's evil, violent, thieving invasion of Palestine and it's Arab natives, as well as the targeting of the Arab people in neighboring countries for over 70 years now. And its how those who hate the Arabs pretend that its the Arabs who are prejudice against them. Its an evil twisted mess that hurts the Arabs and confuses the rest of humanity.

Its the damage that has been being done to ALL of the Palestinian people, in ways that effect their hearts and souls and inner health; In the West Bank, a whole generation of Palestinian Arabs have now been raised in such oppressive captivity that the survival of their spirit depends on resisting and fighting back...and this may be all most of them know. (I pray for them to learn what it feels like to be free and to have neighbors that are kind and considerate.)

Its that there is so much evil in the world, which has had free reign for too long; And, in the Palestine crisis, there has been nothing big enough and caring enough and good enough to take action and stop Israel's evil invasion. Its that, what should be stopping it is actually supporting it. Even though the bombing of Gaza has stopped, the evil has not been stopped and it will just continue in other ways, unless it is finally removed and Israel, and its supporters, are held accountable for over 70 years of crimes against the Arab people. Israel should be taken out of Palestine and put in jail.
   Israel has no right to even exist in Palestine. It never has and it never will. It has turned sacred land into a bloody battlefield and this should never ever be excused, let alone being allowed to continue. Its all wrong. Its all just too horribly wrong. But who, who has the power, and can care enough to stop Israel's evil decades long invasion? America should have stopped it, but it joined it instead, and I find this devastating. "Liberty and Justice for all" now just feels like meaningless, empty words to me. I am facing a painful reality here in America as well as in Palestine. It is scary and it hurts.

I keep feeling that humanity should be too evolved at this point, to engage in evil, barbaric, destructive, violent wars that hurt people far more on the inside than they do on the outside. But it obviously isn't. The heart of humanity has been being destroyed by evil forces that also use pharmaceuticals to enslave or brainwash people...and I have been standing up and telling the world this for decades now and either my voice has been being too drowned out or nobody has cared to listen or do anything about it. I feel too powerless. I want the hell to end. I want peace and healing. I want to make things better, but I am just another one of the "worthless" waifs that is being held captive by the evil forces. Its not been allowed.

Sometimes I feel angry and sometimes I just want to cry and cry and cry. And in between these times I now feel a sense of loss that I can not even properly explain. Some of it is empathy for the Palestinian people, but some of it is my own grief. I feel, in the depths of my heart and soul, that life here on Earth should be better than this by now... better for the Arabs and better for me - better for all the people who have been being targeted by evil forces. But it clearly isn't. Its just all too wrong.

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