Tuesday, November 28, 2023

This Blog and I are Being Targeted

Please excuse the condition of this blog. The right column is no longer functioning on the home page, due to this blog being targeted by those who do not want this information to reach people. I have also been being targeted. Aside from being harassed and threatened and periodically blocked on youtube, I have experienced one severe life threatening microwave weapon attack, and one very painful laser weapon attack, microwave induced sleep deprivation, an unusual amount of dead animals appearing at the end of a driveway and on roads I frequent, periods of being blocked from the web, and problems with the functionality of my car and my computer...etc. Even the library I go to, for the use of safer PC computers, suddenly closed, forcing me to use a more infiltratable laptop with public wifi. Some of these things may be a coincidence, but certainly not all of them.
   I was being targeted before I started realizing the Palestinian plight. But my writing about it has definitely triggered the typical type of severe vamp ups that, not only interfere with my research and writings, but also try to torture and terrorize me into silence. It has been the same as what usually happens when I figure out and aim to expose the most important parts of the evil targeting of humanity, like the mind control and the weather wars, and the satellite surveillance and laser weapon systems being used on humanity ...etc.

Update 12-5-2023; Aside from interference with the functionality of this blog, I also noticed that that they had swapped around the addresses of a few videos. They put a UN official video in a post about Hamas, and put a music video in the post about the UN official. I checked this against my back-up and am sure it was not my mistake. In past infiltrations they have altered my writings. I don't know if this si happening here too, but it may be. Please just be aware and do not blame me for what they do.

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