Sunday, November 26, 2023

Puzzling Facts and Questions

Real Jewish people say they are completely opposed to Israel and its theft of Palestine and its treatment of the Palestinian people and its existence. And they say that they have been being targeted in Israel. So, who or what are the "Jewish" people that "Israel" was created for, if they are not the real Jewish people?

Zionists say they are "Jewish", but they were initially the "Christian Restoration Movement" and the Christian, especially the Catholic leaders, have always disliked Jews because they denounce Jesus. So why do the Christians want the Jews in Palestine's holy lands, even though they have no positive connection to Jesus?

Do the Zionists control or brainwash the people in Israel, or are they free to think and feel and do what they want to? It appears that they are just puppets who are programmed to say they are "Jewish" and to harass or fight against the native Palestinians. Generally speaking.

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