Wednesday, November 8, 2023

It Breaks my Heart

It breaks my heart, that the Jewish immigrants, and their helpers, have turned Palestine's sacred land into "Israel's" destructive and bloody battleground since the 1940s. The disrespect of these sacred lands, and the utter heartlessness that has been killing and terrorizing and chasing away its inhabitants, is shocking, especially in people who claim to be connected to God/Love. I pray for the evil that guides them, and the pain filled anger that guides their Palestinian victims into striking back, to all be immediately stopped. I pray for freedom and peace and healing to quickly spread through the sacred land of Palestine.

I feel a connection to the old Palestine, which I cannot explain, except for in dreams I've had. Seeing such evil and violence happening there is very difficult for me. Its like a pain that permeates my soul. I think that perhaps I have been there in a past life, or perhaps just in my dreams. I wake crying and I pray for Palestine to be saved from the darkness that has been taking control of it and destroying it from the 1940s to now. I pray for all who have been involved in the violence to find their Hearts and find forgiveness. I pray for the Palestinian people to stop being hurt. I pray for Israel to find it's Heart - to find the Love and kindness and consideration and peace that comes with a real connection to the real God, who is Love.

Israel, please permanently cease fire now!
Please set Palestine free and let it heal in peace!

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