Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Message for Israel

Dear Jewish immigrants in Palestine/"Israel," I understand that you wanted a peaceful place of your own, so that you could be safe from the wrongs that were done to you in Germany...etc. But, you cannot attain it through thieving and killing or through following other people's controlling ways. I hope you heal - I hope you let your tears wash away the pain that was inflicted upon you, so that you do not continue to inflict it upon others.
   I hope you, and all who set you up there, find your hearts and connect to the real God - the God that is Love - the God/Love that guides people into being compassionate - into being kind and considerate and peaceful and accepting of other people's differences and other people's rights to safety and freedom and peace in their own homes and on their own lands.
   In the 1940s you could have honored the real God/Love who wanted you to "Love thy neighbor," but you chose to hate them and get rid of them, and this has filled sacred lands with blood and agony and rage and it just has to stop. And please stop blaming your victims. The Palestinian people fighting back is not the root problem here - its what you did to drive them into seeking revenge. Please realize your own mistakes - your own "terroristic" behaviors and choose a better way.
   The Heart of humanity is begging you to choose the way of Love and peace. Can't you hear it calling out to you from the streets all around the world? "Free Palestine" also means 'Love Palestine, instead of continuing to control and destroy it.'

Israel, please cease fire now! Please set Palestine free and let it settle into a place of peace and healing, for those of you who have been hurt, and for the native Arab/Palestinian people. Please let Love into your hearts enough to embrace the native Arab people and let them freely live in their own homes and on their own lands. The time for this is long overdue. Please do it now. Please lay down your swards and pick up your Hearts. Please let Love/God in.

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