Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Message for Palestinian People

Dear Palestinian and Arab people, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I was told that you were "terrorists" - just cruel people who kill for the sake of killing, with no reason for it. I didn't know that you had been so deeply hurt, and so cruelly wronged, and so trapped for so long, that you started seeking vengeance. I did not even check into it until recently. But I finally did and now I know. Although my voice appears to be just yet another little "worthless" one, in the parts of our world that have not yet seen our value, I hope it helps you.
   My heart is with you and is praying for you to have the safety and freedom and peace you long for and should have been allowed to retain in Palestine. I'm so sorry that this horrid violence is still happening to you. I hope the Heart of humanity quickly helps you to restore your Palestine into the place where you are safe and free, so that you no longer have to fight for it to be.
   After this round of violent fighting is over, I hope you let your tears cry out the pain and anger so that you heal and do not continue seeking vengeance. I hope you lay down your swards and settle into a place of peace and Love within yourselves, for your own sakes.

I hope Love and peace and freedom wins,
for you and your precious Palestine,
because it is what is right and fair.

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