Tuesday, November 14, 2023

A Powerful Palestinian Speech

It is very clear, in this speech, as well as many others, that the Palestinians are not going to take anymore abuse, that peace will not come until justice is served. In this case Irelands Palestinian Ambassador said, "Neither peace, nor security will prevail while the rights of the Palestinian people are denied." And nobody, who knows the history and what Israel has done to them, can fairly blame the Palestinians for taking this sort of stand. What can be fairly blamed is those who continue to hurt them and steal from them and kill them and displace them...etc., and expect them to just leave and not fight back.
   The ball has always been in the court of Israel and its supporters. And it still is. Will Irael stop the horrid lethal and dehumanizing abuse and theft... and undo the wrongs it has done to the Palestinians and their beloved Palestine? Time will tell. But
I pray that they are forced to and that the Palestinian people refrain from striking back, through stooping to Israel's level in attacking innocent civilians. Two wrongs never made a right. Surely there are other ways to see to it that justice is served, even though those other ways have failed in the past. Perhaps it is time for the laws, that were implemented to protect ALL of humanity's freedoms and rights and safety and homes and lands, to start working properly for the Palestinian people. I pray so. Better late than never.

Full Speech from the Palestinian Ambassador
to Ireland - Dr Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid

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