Friday, November 3, 2023

Israel's Decades long Invasion of Palestine

 In order to realize the real truths we must look at the bigger picture, instead of just at what is being said about current escalations, in this decades long conflict. When we do this, the truth is VERY evident. That truth is that Israel is the recent invader of Palestine, and the Palestinian people are the victims of this brutal invasion, which has been aiming to get rid of them. What is now being called a "war against terrorism" is really the aggressive invaders trying to kill off what is left of the native Palestinian people who have been fighting for their freedom and the return of their stolen homes and the return of their stolen lands. 

You may not believe this, after watching the one sided news reports, but I beg you to care to objectively look at the other side of this story, and the historical facts in the bigger picture... and do what you can to promote peace and safety and freedom for the Palestinian people and all other people who have been being targeted by deceptive evil forces. The following link has many professional and well done documentaries and news reports. 

Historical facts on the Palestinian Plight

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