Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The "Antisemitic" card

Many Jewish people seem to think they can now do anything they want to hurt people, and then avoid taking responsibility for it, through calling their victims "antisemitic, or calling anyone who says anything about their behaviors, "antisemitic." Its utterly ridiculous how much this "antisemitic" card has been played by them and their supporters. But the good news is that... 

 Jewish people are just as responsible for their own behaviors as everyone else. And it is not wrong for anyone else to stand up and expose and stop their abusive or criminal behaviors. And the same goes for every other religion or human being in the world. 

 I actually find it amazing how the most hatefully prejudice people are the ones who habitually falsely claim that other people are prejudice against them. It is a very clear projection of their own prejudice. The Jewish people are certainly no exception to this disfunction. I hope they find their hearts and become more honest and functional. And God, help the Arabs until they do.

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