Thursday, November 9, 2023

The Push for the Public to "Condemn Hamas" and Choose a "Two state solution."

The push for people to either "Condemn Hamas" or be labeled as a "terrorist," has grown into a push to either choose a "two state Solution" for Palestine and Israel, or agree with what Hamas wants and be labeled as "a terrorist" or "antisemitic." Does anyone else see what is wrong with this picture? We must be brave and follow our Hearts and do what we feel is right... 

I condemn the horrid violence on BOTH sides; I do not see what Hamas did on Oct 7, as being any worse than what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people for decades now, even if the initial news reports are accurate. The truth is that Israel's "terroristic" behaviors had been FAR worse than Hamas's, even BEFORE the 7th.

I do NOT condemn Hamas, because I feel that if the Israel officials had enough compassion and consideration for the Palestinian's feelings and wishes and needs and rights, from the start, Hamas would not have even existed or been defending themselves or fighting back at all. I condemn Israel's rude and controlling and inconsiderate and hateful and violent and thieving behaviors, because that is what forced Hamas into existence and into fighting back.
   I can understand the Palestinian people needing a group, like Hamas, to defend their lives and homes and rights and freedom, while Israel was killing them and displacing them and stealing from them and imprisoning them...etc., but I do not condone the vengeful types of violence, even though Israel did it first. However, it is easy to understand why they resorted to that when nothing else was working, because they believe in being warriors/martyrs who will fight to their death, in order to avenge the wrongs done to them and their families. This does not make vengeance right, in my eyes, but I can respect the fact that its their way and their belief. There is a lesson in this for all of us. And the lesson is; people, from all walks of life, sometimes react violently when they have been too hurt and too wronged for too long. Its just human nature. And the remedy is to not treat them badly, and to find the Heart to be sorry and set things right when we have. (This is a HUGE hint to Israel and America and Britian and anyone else who may have helped Israel steal Palestine and aim to kill off and displace its native people.)

As for the "two state" vs. "one state" solution; I have already shared my opinion on this blog and beyond. But I'll add a bit more. I came to my conclusion after objectively looking at the history, and the bigger picture of this whole situation. 

I strongly feel that the Palestinian people should get ALL of Palestine back. Its what feels right to me, both legally and morally. I feel this way, because I have a heart and because I know right from wrong. So if you call me a "terrorist" or "antisemitic" you will be wrong.

Since Israel took over, it has turned a sacred land into a bloody, raging battlefield, and even though they now blame Hamas for this, they were already doing it before Hamas even existed and they are still doing it now, far more than what Hamas has done. Israel has been a disgrace to humanity, from the moment of its creation, due to its behaviors toward the Palestinian people, whom they have been trying to wipe out, literally, from the very start, displacing hundreds of thousands of them and using every excuse in the book to do a slow and inconspicuous genocide of the ones who refused to leave their own homes and country.

The wrongs, that have been done to the Palestinian people should be set right, so that peace can settle in. And the public has no right to decide how it is done. Those who should be making this decision are the Palestinian people and the officials who have authority over the nations. The authority that the British leaders used to get a mandate, in order to make the theft of Palestine look legal, should undo their mistake, because it was against the will of, and far too inconsiderate of, the vast majority of the Palestinian people, and some of the take-overs, since then, have even been against international law.

I hope for safety and peace and freedom for the Palestinian people, in their own independent state of Palestine, as it was before Britian and the Jewish immigrants started destroying it and them.

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