Saturday, November 18, 2023

What Makes Masses of Jewish and Other pro-Israel People so Heartless?

It is very likely that they are victims of human enslavement, either through being brain damaged or through the pharmaceuticals that block their hearts and makes them easily brainwashable. If this is the case, those who lead and use them, are the ones who are responsible, not only for what has been being done to the Palestinian people through the past several decades (as well as now), but also for what has been done to masses of Jewish and other people, in order to turn them into heartless puppets who go along with it. Over and over again I have been stunned by their cruelty and the pain they seem to be gladly inflicting upon the Palestinian people. I have to keep reminding myself that at least some of them are most likely mind control victim.

Short Core Problem Paper

P.S. This core problem pdf was one of the first things I'd put on this blog. The page I put it on was taken down by whoever has infiltrated my blog or computer. To me, this is added proof that it is an important part of this situation - a part that the evil forces do not want people to know. Please help spread the word and pray for freedom and peace for Palestine and all other people who need it and should have it for other reasons.

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