Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Good Palestinian Leader

The reporter in this interview is so programmed with the Israeli propaganda that he seemed incapable of comprehending Hasam's common sense and clear explanations.
I feel better, now that I know the Palestinians have Husam Zomlot on their side. He made perfect sense to me and I have felt many of the same truths that he expresses. I too feel that we are at a huge and critical crossroad, and the wrong turn, or just a continuation on the current USA and Israeli path for Palestine, is going to be devastating for all of humanity. And I agree with him that this just must not happen. Its time for the right and just and good direction to be chosen, for freedom and peace for Palestine and all of humanity. Its time for Israel's evil to be stopped. And its best that it be done peacefully

Israel-Hamas at war: Palestine’s Ambassador to the UK

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