Saturday, November 11, 2023

Nobody Can Fairly Blame Them

I condemn all violence and am still very anti-war, but in this (decades long) situation in Israel, nobody can fairly blame the Palestinian people for fighting for freedom in the only ways they felt they could, because nothing else was succeeding with saving them and their homes and their lands. They should never have been put into that position to begin with. And they should not have remained trapped in it for so long. They should have had more help long ago. And I hope they get it now, in ways that are peaceful, if that is possible. I hope the leaders of Israel and America find their Hearts.

My heart literally cries, "How can this massacre in Gaza be so freely continuing for over a month now, without being stopped?" And the answer surely is that the people who can take actions to stop them are definitely not in their right minds or in their Hearts. I hope they quickly find freedom from the darkness that has such a grip on them...

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