Friday, November 10, 2023

A VIP Message for Benjamin Netanyahu...etc.

This is also for all other officials, both inside and outside of Israel, who enabled Israel's creation and Israel's continuation with the destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people...

I understand that a solution seems complicated to many. But it is actually quite simple and obvious, although it will be inconvenient and costly for some people. Its just a matter of knowing right from wrong, and choosing the right way.

A general lesson for you; We should always strive to be kind to, and considerate of, our fellow human beings. We should not mistreat any people, especially not those who believe in seeking vengeance, if we want to live in peace and safety. When we have wronged people, we should find the HEART to undo our mistakes and set things right. And this should happen between countries as well as between neighbors and individuals in our communities...etc.

Since you so severely wronged the Palestinian people, from the start of the creation of Israel, you must undo your mistakes and set things right, in order to have peace and a clean conscience. This is just common sense and common human decency. Please set your egos aside and use your HEARTS. Everyone makes mistakes. Its that we can CARE to correct them and learn from them that matters most.
   Continuing with the same disastrous mistake is not good for you or anyone else. Hamas (or the "Terrorist" claim) is not a valid excuse for what you were doing to the Palestinian people long before Hamas even formed to fight back. There is no valid excuse for what you have done to Palestine and it's people. Its just wrong. Please find the Heart to set things right, not partially, but completely. Please undo the wrongs you have done, and repair the damage you have done, because its the right thing to do.
   Please realize that you should have created your "Jewish State" in a place where you had permission to do so, and realize that you could not gain safety and peace through stealing from and murdering and displacing and abusing the rights of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people matter just as much as you do. I fact, on their own lands, they matter more than you and the new immigrants do. Please return all of Palestine to its Palestinian people.
   Perhaps most of "Israel's" residents will be willing to live peacefully with Palestinians in a restored Palestine. Hopefully a lot of healing will take place on both sides as they unite. But all who do not have the HEART to be kind and accepting of the Palestinian people, should leave Palestine. Perhaps they can create their own "Zionist" or "Jewish" or "Christian Zionist" (or what ever they want) state in a place where they have permission to do so. And hopefully, this time, they will do it in a better way. Hopefully, they will have learned from their mistakes in Palestine. Hopefully, they will have learned to be considerate and kind - hopefully, they will heal their HEARTS.

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