Monday, December 11, 2023

Israel's Deception

I find it shocking that the people of Israel actually think they are "God's chosen people" in the holy lands. What my heart and soul sees is the complete opposite of this. And I trust what I sense because it is validated by the behaviors of Israel's creators and leaders, and also by its new settlers who have been planted in the Palestinian territories.
   Their evil is evident in the manipulative and thieving and violent ways they've behaved toward the Palestinian people, from the start of the aim to turn Palestine into "the Jewish state of Israel." And their obviously cruel aims to terrorize and get rid of the Palestinian people, who resist the invasion, has been going on for over 75 years now. So its not just Netanyahu and his supporters.
There is absolutely nothing Godly about Israel and its supporters. People who have a genuine connection to God/Love have hearts that treat people with kindness and compassion and consideration for their needs and rights and feelings - the complete opposite of what Israel has been doing to the Arab and Palestinian people for over 70 years now.
   I completely agree with the real Jewish people who call for the peaceful dismantling of Israel and freedom for all of Palestine. The evil forces cannot win, for the sake of what is left of the Palestinians, as well as for the rest of humanity.

Just because Israel has now backed off from the current round of obviously genocidal bombings, in order to save face after "genocide" was being publicized, does not mean this is not what it has been going. Israel has repeatedly, deceitfully tried to hide its evil behaviors, and blames its victims for them, instead of taking responsibility. Its been doing this through the past 75 years, while using the "Jewish" people as a shield. It has repeatedly projected its own evil behaviors onto the Palestinians and anyone who supports the Palestinians - the "evil" the hateful prejudice, the terroristic violence...etc. And its up to us to not accept Israel's projected deceptions and fabrications any longer. Truly Godly people do not do what Israel does. Period.

The Palestinian Resistance - the "Hamas" fighters only exist and fight because of Israels evil manipulations and ongoing terrorizing killings, and ongoing thefts, and intentional displacement of, and unjust imprisonment of Palestinian people. The real "evil terrorists" are Israel's aware leaders and supporters. This is the truth. Its not fair for us to blame Israel's victims - the Palestinian Resistance (Hamas), who were forced to resort to fighting back, due to being too horribly hurt for too long and not having enough help from the rest of humanity.
EVERY human being is capable of violence, under extremely abusive, life threatening circumstances. And the way to prevent this is to stop the abuse and life threatening circumstance, instead of killing the victims who fight back against it. (This is just common sense.) In this situation the way to prevent the violence is to stop Israel's abusive and thieving and violent and deceptive occupation in Palestine...and let a free Palestine heal back into the peace that existed before Israel's intrusion.

The truth in this situation is very obvious to anyone who has a heart and a bit of common sense, and everyone who is not deceived or controlled/brainwashed by the evil that sustains Israel's violent existence in Palestine. ALL of humanity should be made aware and should be free to see and sense the truth.

We must set Palestine and humanity free,
 so that we can all heal into peace.

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