Friday, December 22, 2023

The UN Security Council Meeting

Prior to the meeting, the USA official again refused to agree to the ceasefire and said they would veto the proposal if alterations were not made to it. This forced the Security Council to alter the proposal and agree to Israel/USA terms, which enables Israel's continued destruction of Gaza and the Palestinian people. Many members of the security council obviously reluctantly agreed, just to quickly get aid to Gaza. This is very sad. I wish the Council had forced the USA to either agree to the ceasefire or go ahead and be the vetoing member who becomes fully responsible.
    The Russian official called what the USA did, "blackmail" and its easy to see why it was viewed this way. 
It appears that the involved USA officials also set things up so that they and Israel are the ones who are in control of the delivery of aid into Gaza, which is extremely unethical and may even be dangerous, due to their obvious continued aims to destroy the Palestinians.
Clearly Israel can not be trusted when it comes to the health and survival of the Palestinian people. I am concerned about the safety of the water or food or medicines they will deliver. The UN is supposed to supervise the aid, but will they test the food for chemicals and parasites or prevent the brain and feeling numbing types of pharmaceuticals that are used for brainwashings/mind control? I pray for them to be brought only safe and healthy foods and

   Time will tell if the aid, that everyone agreed upon, ends up being enough to completely stop the hunger and supply enough medical attention and provide enough housing for the homeless families and fill all other needs. But like the last "pause" in the fighting, it seems almost cruel to feed them before continuing to kill them. The full cease fire, which the USA again blocked, is what was needed.

Below is the Video of the UN Security Council meeting. I watched most of it. I could not watch some of it, because I am just so sick of the dishonestly and pretenses expressed by the officials who are involved in the destruction of Palestine and its people.
 I now find it disgusting, literally. But I watched enough of the USA official to realize that she (like Bidden) was trying to take the credit for getting aid to Gaza, even though they and Israel are the ones who caused the damage. And she brought up the fact that the security council still did not agree to "condemn Hamas!!!" They still expect everyone to agree to their condemnation of the Palestinian people, which is exactly what "condemn Hamas" really means. And I am so glad that the UN Security Council has been wise enough to not agree to it. 

What everyone truly must condemn is Israel's evil behaviors and that of its supporters - the destruction and abuse of Palestine and the Palestinian people through the past 75+ years. When the Palestinian people are free to have common human rights, especially on their own lands, peace will prevail. This has always been the case and still is.

Israel must back out of its occupation of Palestinian lands and stop trying to destroy and displace the Palestinian people...not to mention stop using the "terrorist" label and other fabrications, in order to manipulate the rest of the world into supporting their evil aims. Thankfully, much of the world sees the truth. 

Perhaps the next Security Council Resolution will provide real security for Palestine and the Palestinian people... and ultimately the rest of the world. Perhaps the time for real freedom and real peace is just around the next bend in the road. We can hope.

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