Friday, December 22, 2023

Poem About Todays UN Security Council Meeting

Condemning the Evil and Deceptions
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 12-22-2023

A permanent cease fire was needed
To stop the hell they continue to rage,
But they rudely manipulated the UN
That wants Palestine out of their cage.

Their heartless egos try to take the credit
For feeding the damages THEY have done!
Do they think they can fool us into thinking
They really care for Palestine or anyone?

Their obvious acts already told the truth.
Its what they've done, not what they say
That shows what lays beneath the masks,
In the evil games they still want to play.

Oh set a mirror before their twisted faces
And help them see and fully understand,
Its THEIR own terror we must condemn
And their aims to steal Palestinian land.

Lets give credit where credit is due
Lets not believe the growing lie
From those who still secretly smile
While their victims suffer and die.

Lets condemn their evil deceptions
And replace them with genuine heart.
And lets not let the violence continue
Tearing our precious world apart.

Lets shine a Light into the darkness,
That they have spread far and wide,
Until their deceptions are exposed
And have no safe place left to hide.

Lets do it for them and for us
And do it for all of humanity.
Lets do it for dear Palestine
And the world to be set free.

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