Saturday, December 2, 2023

An Obvious Solution

It is VERY obvious that the first step in the solution has to address the root cause of the problem. The root cause of all the violence, on both sides, is Israel's decades long occupation of Palestinian lands, and this has to completely stop. Israel has to pull out of the lands it invaded, at least back to the UN established 1967 boarders.
   Below is a list of Quotes by Hasum Zomlot, which spell out this situation in a very clear and common sense way. The solutions are so obvious that they should not even have to be said, but here it is again for all those who have been brainwashed into thinking things are the opposite of what they truly are.
   Now that Israel has continued its destruction of Gaza and the slaughter and displacement of the Palestinian people in both Gaza and the West Bank, Husam's optimism here is sad. He and his people just want freedom in at least just PART of their own lands, and the evil forces in our world, do not want to let them have it. This is the bottom line.

Quotes by Husam Zomlot

"The crimes Israel has committed against my people over the last 75 years is recorded... What Israel experienced on Oct 7th is what Palestinians experience on a regular basis.... The source of the violence is [Israel's] military occupation. Everything else is a reaction [to that]... The root cause [of all the violence on both sides] is Israels military occupation."

"We reject, whole heartedly, completely, the targeting of citizens from ALL sides."

"This situation has nothing to do with Israels claim to irradicate Hamas...from day one the plan is very clear - the plan is to irradicate the Palestinian people, and by the way, not only in Gaza, follow what has happened in the West Bank in the last few weeks. See how many Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army and the illegal settler militias - illegal settler terrorist groups... maybe it is happening at a lower scale [in the West Bank], but it is happening there too... This does not belong to our age and time.... this is the dark ages... Israel, in the past six weeks has succeeded in normalizing horror... If we don't hold those who committed these atrocities to account, we are waiting for the next tragedy... Justice has to be served, or else they'll do it again..."

"We submitted a request to give the ICC full mandate. In that mandate we said, you come investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity, by anybody (including Hamas) in the land of the occupied state of Palestine. And the ICC came out and said, we have the full mandate now, but unfortunately the ICC has been dragging its feet...because countries like the US and the UK have been blocking the ICC from doing its duty... Why do countries like the US and the UK...deprive the Palestinian people from peaceful legal means?... Our international order was based on two premises. The first is, war should never be the first option... second, should war be an option, as a last resort, there are rules. Third, there has to be accountability when war is conducted. Israel has demolished all three, completely... Now we need to go back to our rules... There is only one solution. And that solution its there. Its been sitting there for a long time. It lacked international, political will."

"The state of Palestine needs to be dealt with by the international community.... We need to give people hope. We need to give people a sense of direction... We need to bring all this horrible negative energy and turn it into a positive moment. There is no time for small measures now... And I think its possible. The two state solution has an international consensus... So why not implement it.... The world wanted to implement it 30 years ago and they dragged their feet. Perhaps this is the time. Thirty years is long enough for not implementing your own policy... We have 83 UN security council resolutions...Implement them!...There are international standards that must be applied.... Stop making Israel an exception to all these rules. Stop."

"Stop killing me. Stop colonizing me on my land. Get the hell out of the land. And then we will discus if your security concerns are not met..." 

"Many people around the world think that the two state solution is a Palestinian demand. No its not. The two state solution is a Palestinian concession.... we accepted the two state solution, not as our demand, but as our compromise. We can not accept less than the 1967 borders.... they will not accept less than what was offered by UN security council and they can never give more... This is the line... Lets go for that line. Lets level the field.... and let us have two states, equal - equal among nations..."

"This is a time when we really tell Israel, OK, you want to be a member of this family of nations, you have got to behave like the rest of the nations... Perhaps this is an opportunity to tell the world and tell Netanyahu---- Stop there... you can not bypass the Palestinian issue... you can not kill thousands of women and children like this, you can not bombard our own UN system.... "

"Who has the right to defend themselves? Is it the occupier or the occupied? Think with me. The world has adopted terminology and words... that have flipped things upside down, for decades. Its we who have the right to defend itself, not the occupier." [Israel is the occupier]

"There is no other solution but to uproot the cause... the [Israeli] occupation has to leave. leave and everything else will fall into place; democracy, security, prosperity."

Israel-Hamas at war: Palestine’s Ambassador to the UK

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