Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Does Israel Have a Right to Exist?

I actually do not believe that Israel ever had any right to exist in Palestine, and that it should not be there. This feels VERY true and right to me on spiritual levels as well as moral and legal levels. I feel that the officials, who control Israel and violently target the Palestinians, should be forced to leave, at least some of them imprisoned for war crimes. And I think the rest of the citizens of "Israel" should be fully informed of the TRUTHS and given the option to either move out or peacefully stay in Palestine with the Palestinians who are all returning to their own homes and lands. I gave this a LOT of thought and kept coming to the conclusion that this is the only resolution that feels right to me. However, no need for anyone to worry, because the choice is not mine. 

If what is left of Palestine, survives Israel's current violent attack, and the Palestinians agree to the two state solution, Israel should consider itself VERY lucky, because it truly does not deserve it and truly does not have any right to exist there.

P.S. As for a "Jewish state" for the protection of the real Jewish people. I strongly feel that it was never needed and still is not needed, and that it's creation had ulterior motives and was filled with sly Zionist manipulations. The Jewish people, like all other people, should learn to live with the rest of humanity, instead of isolating itself.

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