Monday, December 25, 2023

Hamas Explains Oct 7th and the Israeli Occupation

Updated 12-29-2023

This is the best interview of a Hamas official, that I've seen thus far. What he says makes perfect sense to me. Among other things, he explained that Oct 7th was a military reaction to Israel vamping up violence against the Palestinian people in West Bank...etc., and was aimed at the Israeli military, and was not the way Israel claimed it to be. He explains that they decided it was best to not silently let Israel finish getting rid of Palestine and the Palestinian people and that fighting back opened a door to let the world know that there is a serious problem with Israel's decades long illegal and violent occupation in Palestine.
   He stated that Israel's occupation must end, that Israel's violence against the Palestinian people must end, and there must be independence for Palestine and security and safety for the Palestinian people, in order for there to be peace. This makes perfect sense and is a VERY reasonable request.
   In the end of the interview he stated that the future governance of the Palestinian people should be the choice of the Palestinian people and not that of Israel or the USA. To most of us, this should go without even having to be said, but Israel and USA officials obviously need to learn this type of real democracy.
   It is clear that what both Hamas and the PLO want is just common human rights and freedom and safety and peace for Palestine and the Palestinian people. And they should have had it all along, without having to fight the evil invading Israeli forces for over 75 years now. There is something horribly wrong in our world, that did not stop Israel's violence against, and displacement of, the Palestinian people in its ongoing illegal occupation/invasion of Palestine, long before this year of 2023. What the Palestinians have been through, for over 75 years now, is utterly inhumane and should not have been happening at all. Where were the minds and hearts in those who could have helped Palestine to break free of the violent and evil Israeli invasions? Were they free or safe? I think not.
   In this situation, I think justice has been being prevented by the evil invading forces utilization of things like pharmaceutical and radio wave mind control, and various types of threats and coercions, on top of the "terrorist" label and other fabrications fed to the main stream media and other officials.

Why did Hamas attack Israel on October 7?

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