My Initial Stand for Palestine

Before I realized that Israel was created and ruled by the Zionists, I had refered to them as the Jewish people. This is because it had been being proclaimed to be "the Jewish state." I have edited my initial posts to fix this mistake. But I've done it under difficult circumstances. So please excuse any mistakes which may remain. We all must be very careful to not misplace blame in this situation, because it is easy to do, under the confusion of Israel's manipulations and the masses of misinformation that have been being flung around, not to mention foolish or scared people like me who rush to stand up for freedom before fully realizing what is really happening and who is really doing it. 

   The truth appears to be that Israel is not "the Jewish state" and that it is the Zionist state, which was created in Palestine, agsint the wishes of the Palestinian people, and was used to gather masses of Jewish people into one place. I now believe that this was most likely done with ill ententions toward BOTH the Jewish and Arab people, which is the complete opposite of what has been being proclaimed by the Zionists, but I expect you to listen to your own instincts above all else. The REAL TRUTH is important. Hopefully we will soon all find it in this situation and in the multitude of other similar situations throughout humanity, because humanity's freedom and safety may depend on it.

The Zionists have boasted of Israel being the "Jewish state" and this has set people up to blame the "Jewish" for what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people. Then if we blame those "Jewish" people, it is called being "antisemitic," although its about their behaviors and has nothing to do with them actually being "Jewish." Before I realized the Zionist's leadership in Israel, and the fact that the Zionist/"Jewish" people are different from the other Jewish people and are mostly really Christian, I thought it was just the Jewish people who were targeting the Palestinians. It should go without saying that not ALL Jewish people are responsible for what the "Jewish state of Israel" has done to Palestine and the Palestinian people. But we do need to be careful to not fall into the set up to blame "the Jewish," like I did in the beginning, before I realized that its the Zionists who created and control Israel. They call Israel the "Jewish" state, but its really the Zionist state.

One thing I want to make clear; no matter how I've worded things, I have never been prejudice against any race, and I am sure not starting to be now. And I strongly feel that people should not use "prejudice" or "antisemitic" labels, in order to attack those of us who stand up against their abuse or crimes. People, no matter what race, are responsible for their behaviors. Just because a person or group is "Jewish" or "Black"...etc., does not mean that nobody else has a right to say or do anything about the wrongs they have done or are doing.

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I have backed my stand for Palestine on my website. Please print it out and help spread the word:
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Vamp up in targeting continues

It appears that I am again getting death threats in the form of dead animals being left. It appeared that I was hit with some sort of chemical the other day. It sort of smelled like a skunk and stung my nostrils. But these things can be done with microwaves effecting the senses too. Not sure what it was. And the general microwaving has again vamped up in the way of making me feel retarded, making it difficult to think straight and write. I have also had a hard time logging into my email and you tube has blocked me at least three times, for no good reason. I am also being harassed on you tube, no more than the usual though. And my computer has been infiltrated again. 

 Care for Palestine Website 

I'm not stopping my stand for the horrid injustice and terrors and crimes that have been happening to the Palestinian people for many decades now. 


Saturday, November 4, 2023

Attacked and Blocked on You tube.

   The night before last, I experienced a severe Microwave attack. I didn’t know if I’d survive it. But I did. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner, because I’d been standing up for the Palestinian people in foreign media as well as ours, for about ten days. I guess this is OK with them, because they are labeling pro-Palestinian people as “terrorists” and “antisemitic.” So it makes me look bad, even though I’m neither of these things. What appears to have brought on the attack is me starting to post things about the core problem – the mind control part, which I feel is why nobody has done anything to save the Palestinian people and make Israel back out of their decades long invasion and captivity of the resisting Palestinians, and make Israel stop killing them off under the guise of it being a war against “terrorism”…etc.
   Then, I could not log into my account without repeatedly typing in letters that were shown. Then after I got in and started again sharing the mind control stuff, You Tube completely blocked me from doing any comments at all.

As for the radio wave mind control, which is VERY effective on people who are taking the brain numbing and feeling blocking pharmaceuticals; I think that at least some of the Palestinian people (Arab people) have figured it out, and many are not taking the pharmaceuticals, and this is why they still resist the evil control. I’m sure their tunnels help protect them from the radio wave part as well. Smart people.
   But I think the mind control has been being used on high officials who could stop Israel and help prevent the Palestinian natives from continuing to be killed off and chased out of their own country. I feel it has to be mind control, because anyone, who looks at the history and both sides would clearly see that it is Israel who is the intrusive invader, and Israel who is anti-Arab, and Israel who wants to wipe out Palestine and the Palestinian people, and Israel who has been far more terroristic. Israel has projected all their evil stuff onto Hamas and has been convincing the world that Hamas – the resisting Palestinian people are the ones who are the bad guys…and it is just not true, no matter what wrongs a few Hamas individuals may have done in their fight for freedom on their own land...etc. In a fair look at the factual bigger picture, of violent terroristic types of acts, it is VERY easy to see that Israel has done FAR worse than Hamas from the very start of this situation...and that it is illegal for Israel to even be there in Palestine.

I started a new blog for the Palestinian people

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Videos on the Israel vs. Hamas Situation

Its been hard to get past Israeli news to the bigger picture and the real truths, but I have been getting there and I have been finding out that many other people also stand behind the Palestinian People... This is what I have found thus far... 

 Play List on the Palestinian Plight 

The Blame Game

On the Israel side the attacks appear to be more than just revenge. It appears that they provoke the Hamas attacks, and even fabricate things, in order to justify their own terroristic attacks against the Palestinian people. Then they kill off yet another mass of Palestinians and hope to scare the rest into leaving. Their goal, from the start, was to get rid of the Palestinian people, especially the Native Arab Palestinians who were the vast majority of the population in Palestine. And... 

Israel blames Hamas for their own killings of masses of Palestinian citizens, claiming that they "use their own citizens as shields." The truth is that, what Israel calls "Hamas" actually IS the Palestinian citizens. They are various resistance groups, including the Hamas one, who have no formal army and no military base, because they are too small and have not had the help that Israel has. All they have is tunnels they dug out beneath Gaza - beneath their own homes and businesses. And Gaza is so heavily polluted that there no other place for them to be. It appears that the citizens gather around them, because they are the citizens. Israel's "terrorists" are really citizens who are fighting for freedom from Israel's violence and Israel's illegal occupation of their own lands.

 More coming soon...

The Chain of Terror

It is a shame that the leaders of the Zionists and their new Jewish immigrants did not treat the Palestinian people with kindness and consideration. I have strived to understand the Israel side. And it appears to me that, at least some of the Jewish people may have been too severely wounded by the holocaust to not pass on the abuse. This is sad for them and even sadder for their victims - the Palestinian people.

The Projection of Evil
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 11-2-2023

They were invaded and crushed
As the Zionist's puppets rushed
In to steal their land and homes.
But none of them stood alone.
Resistance spread far and wide.
But, evil blamed its victim's side.
Now thousands die in the storm.
This is wrong. It’s not the norm.
But it's declared to all of humanity,
"Animals must be killed and not be free."
And so it’s happened one more time -
The horrid holocaust - the crime.
God help what's left of Palestine.

The Israel vs. Palestinian Battle on YouTube

On YouTube I have run into a lot of kind people who are sharing their hearts and their grief over what has been and still is happening to the Palestinian people. This has actually helped me to regain a bit of my faith in humanity. But I have also run into many who have been literally pushing people into joining the hate against the Palestinian side of this battle, and who have been trying to make me think I am wrong in my view of the situation...etc. 

One example of this is when one of them asked, "SharonPoet aren’t you thinking? What if your nation attack by Hamas? Will you feel the same to what you are saying? Don’t be fooled by devil words"

And my response was, "My nation was attacked, by what was believed to be a terrorist, on September 11, 2001. And even then, I found the heart to not join in on the hate campaigns and to not leap to judgements against whomever other people were blaming...etc. In the Palestinian/Israel situation there are two sides to the story and a bigger picture that encompasses far more than what has been told by the media, and this is what I look at.
   And I assure you that I am not being "fooled by the devil words," and I have heard them, just not on the same side you think they are on. I strive to listen to my heart - my intuition and instincts above all else. I felt the truth, before I heard it, and this is why I recognized it. And if Hamas came and attacked my home, the first thing I would ask is, why - What happened to instigate or provoke such horrific violence....was it something I did or is there anything I could have done to prevent it. And I'd dig until I found the truth, rather than blindly believing what the media has been told. If only all the citizens of Israel and the rest of the world would do this."

Other Israel puppets have tried to make people think I am a "terrorist" or a "robot," through making false statements under my comments. It’s sad that those who express their condolences to the Palestinians are being harassed and accused of doing wrong or being antiemetic...etc.

My YouTube Stroll
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 11-2-2023

I found many hearts and many tears
Where compassion soothed away fears.
But others pushed for us to hate
And I just can't even relate.
Their comments were too rude -
The usual negative attitude,
That aimed to defame mine.
How dare I feel for Palestine?

Relating to the Plight of Palestinian People

I have been asking myself why I feel so connected to the Palestinian plight, aside from the normal empathy for people that are suffering, and my disdain for wars. And I've realized that it’s because their plight touches my own wells of pain.
   I know what it’s like to be targeted by evil forces who convince people that I am the one who is "evil" and "insane" and "dangerous." Due to this targeting, I know what its like to have my homes invaded. I know what its like to have my home taken from me against my will. I know what its like to watch my next home go up in flames. I know what its like to have my next neighborhood wiped out and neighbors killed. I know what its like to be held trapped in a public prison and not allowed to succeed with my own business.
   I know what its like to be targeted by a force that is far too powerful for me to do anything but strive to survive the poverty and hell they shoved me into and held me trapped in after invading and destroying my life - the way I'd lived it. I know what its like to be totally at the mercy of those who target me and to feel desperate for freedom that seems to have no chance of ever returning to my life. I know what its like to suffer through decades of painful attacks against me and people whom I love.
   My situation is very different from that of the Palestinian people. Theirs is much worse in many ways, and far bigger, and far more overt. But the general scenarios are the same, and this is because the same type of evil is behind it all in both of our situations. In my situation it has been mostly covert targeting and the violent attacks have been mostly with microwave and laser weapons.

A People Deemed Worthless

I have been mostly flying by the seat of my instincts with this situation. But I am now finding some good reports and have been being validated over and over again, to the point of being shocked that this really has been and still is happening. Below are three videos. More will be coming soon.

Their Invaders Call Them "Animals"

In the bigger picture... from the start of this whole Arab/Palestinian situation, the Palestinian people have been being treated like worthless "animals." This started only about one century ago and is still happening today.
   In the beginning Christian and Zionist writers, like Theodore Herz, described Palestine as "a land without a people." One also said something like, "Palestine is a land without a people and the Jewish are a people without a land." This was their way of saying that the Palestinian people were nothing but worthless "animals," and that Palestine and its people should be wiped out and replaced with the Jewish people and called Israel. Then they attacked the Palestinian people, shoved most of them out of their own country, stole their homes and businesses, and later enslaved the survivors who resisted the invasion.
   Today, these resisters are still fight for their freedom. They have formed groups whom they call "the Resistance." One of these groups is well known as, Hamas. The Israel side calls them "terrorists" but they are mostly, if not completely, just angry and desperate Palestinians who are fighting for their freedom and the return of their homes and lands. They are a small informal militant group, who are fighting for freedom and the return of what was stolen from them. No matter how badly some individuals in the "Resistance" may have behaved, in isolated incidents, they deserve our compassion and understanding.

Under extremely abusive oppression, any human being can become capable of extreme violence. And the way to stop the violence is to stop the oppression and the abuse and undo the wrongs that were done to them, if possible.

But Israel keeps vamping up their own terror, instead of stopping. Every time the Resistance strikes back, Israel seeks revenge and strikes with far more terroristic force than the Resistance delivered. For example; Hamas is provoked and attacks and kills a couple people on a street. Then Israel starts dropping bombs on Gaza and kills hundreds of Palestinian citizens and dozens of their homes and businesses and schools and hospitals...etc. There has been round after round after round of this happening for decades now.

The fact that the small groups of Palestinian resistance survivors still refuse to give up or leave, after decades of being held captive in an "open air prison" and repeatedly attacked and degraded by the most powerful forces in the world, is quite remarkable. This may actually be the longest and bravest and most resilient stand for freedom that has ever happened in Humanity. Israel has most of the world convinced that they are nothing but worthless terrorists that must all be killed, and has literally said this in October 2023. But when the world looks at the bigger picture and sees the truth, the Palestinian Resistance (Hamas) may become heroes, especially to military minded and freedom fighter types of people.
    And the rest of us should understand that most human beings are capable of violence in these types of situations. People who are treated extremely badly naturally end up feeling hurt and angry and can react in negative ways, including violent ways. And this is exactly what has been happening in this situation, especially in the organized groups of Palestinian people who are resisting the cruel Zionist invasion that has had no consideration for them and has been far more violent to them. If only the Zionists would look in the mirror, at their own behaviors and how they created this volatile situation, with their own "terroristic" and heartless and thieving and controlling behaviors.

The Palestinian, or Arab, people are just as valuable as all other human beings. They deserve to be treated with kindness and consideration. They deserve the same human rights that everyone else has. They deserve to be free and safe in their own homes and country.

And they cannot be blamed for fighting for freedom under the inhumane and horrific conditions they have been and still are faced with. None of these things should have ever been done to them. Those who deserve the blame are the invaders, and all who helped them to attack and get rid of the Palestinian people. The behaviors of Israel's leaders, has been so barbaric and criminal that it is difficult to believe it started so recently and is still happening today. It’s like something out of medieval history books.

Al-Nakba: The Palestinian catastrophe - Episode 1 | Featured Documentary Al-Nakba: 

The Palestinian catastrophe - Episode 2 | Featured Documentary

Al Jazeera World Documentary

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

A Suggestion for the Israel vs. Palestine Conflict

I was asked what I thought the solution would be. So I wrote this...

A Suggestion for the Israel vs. Palestine Conflict

To be fair we must look at BOTH sides of the bigger picture and the true history, instead of what just one side says. The current violence, and the ways its been reported, has distracted people from realizing the core problem - the land dispute, which has always needed to be permanently resolved, in ways that are fair to BOTH sides, in order to prevent the violence. This is just common sense and these suggestions are just well known human rights. Why they were not allowed deserves serious consideration and investigation.


To be fair and considerate and humane, the following things must happen...

1. The Gaza strip and West Bank, and AT LEAST the land between these two bodies, should be immediately returned to the Palestinian people and immediately declared the independent state of Palestine. These lands, and their airspace, must be controlled by the Palestinian people, so they can uphold the law on their own lands and prevent further illegal encroachment...etc.

2. Out of fairness and consideration to the families of the existing invaders and their unaware "settlers," they should be given at least about three months to move back out of these lands, before trespassing laws are enforced.

3. The Palestinian people must also have free and safe passages leading to neighboring countries and out into the open sea.

4. The Palestinian people must be allowed to conduct their own businesses and rebuild their own economy without interference.

5. In the historical facts, it is VERY clear that the Arab Palestinians are the people who were the vast majority in Palestine for many hundreds of years, and that the vast majority of the Jewish people are the immigrants who were brought to Palestine  by the invading Zionists who forcefully stole the Arab country and stole Arab homes and stole Arab businesses from the Arab Palestinian people. Due to this happening so recently, it truly would be fair for ALL the Israel lands to be returned to the Palestinian people and declared their independent state of Palestine. If this happened it would be nice if the Palestinians found the heart to let some of the Jewish immigrants stay there, at least the ones who are peaceful and not prejudice against the Arab people.

If the leaders of the Jewish Immigrants cannot immediately find the heart to do the above things, they should be forced to. If the UN cannot enforce this, then at least parts of the rest of the world should unite and demand it through setting dire consequences if it is not done within three months. These consequences should NOT be violent, but should make things so difficult for them that they do right by the Palestinian people, for their own sakes. Is there any high authority or collective authority that can over-see this? I do not know enough about politics or laws or those types of manipulations to venture into details. Someone else will have to do that part. But it is clear to me that, anyone who has the heart to be kind and fair and considerate - decent human beings, would surely agree that the Palestinian people should have at least most of their land and homes returned to them and be allowed to be an independent nation that has a right to protect what is left of their people.


1. There must be an immediate and permanent cease fire on BOTH sides.

2. Hamas must return all the hostages, that have not been killed by Israel's careless bombing. And Israel must return all the Palestinian people that they have held captive.

3. Part one must quickly and fully happen so that the Palestinian people, including Hamas, do not feel like they have to continue fighting for their freedom or their lands or their lives or their human rights.

4. Israel must stop provoking Hamas attacks, or using Hamas attacks, as an excuse to do their own and murder large masses of Palestinian people and terrorize the rest into leaving the country. Too much of this has already been done and it just has to stop. BOTH sides must make a pact to not use any future violent incidents, as excuses to attack back. The vengeance and violence must stop.

5. BOTH sides must work on healing their hearts at least until they can be kind enough and considerate enough and compassionate enough to let go of the hate and refrain from seeking vengeance. Both sides should make a pact to not pass the hate and vengeful attitudes down to their children. Both sides should do all they can, to promote a safe and peaceful and comfortable environment for themselves and each other. 

Finishing notes; I feel that, if the heart and mind of humanity were free the recent violent wars would probably not be happening, even if the leaders of the Israel are still naturally as selfish and inconsiderate and unkind as they have been from the start of their invasion of Palestine, because the hearts of enough other nations would have rallied around the Palestinian people, instead of around Israel - the aggressive intruder.
We must look at the global problem of mass distribution of brain numbing and feeling blocking pharmaceuticals, which have been blocking the heart of humanity - the ability to feel Love and compassion and intuition, and makes people like numb sheep who just blindly follow... whatever. And we also must look at how various frequencies of radio waves can effect people's minds. I feel that these things are part of this and many other problems since around the 1950s.

EVERY HUMAN BEING IN HUMANITY SHOULD MAKE A PACT TO BEHAVE IN WAYS THAT ARE KIND AND CONSIDERATE TO FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS, ESPECIALLY TO THOSE WHO CAN NOT BE FAIRLY BLAMED, IN THIS SITUATION AND OTHERS. No matter what terminology some of us have used; the problem is not all of "the Catholics" or all of "the British" or all of "the Jewish" or all of "America" or all of "Israel"...etc. It is just the decisions of a few of the people in these places that have caused the problems in this situation as well as others. And there are probably times when some of them made those decisions before being aware of all the honest details and/or while being negatively influenced by other people. Some of them, especially in the beginning of this mess, clearly just lacked the heart to see the value in the Arab people. This would be more sad for them, if such horrific destruction had not come from their handicapped decisions.

I understand if the Jewish people want to own their own country, but it should not be through theft and the destruction of its existing people, like was done in Palestine. Perhaps another country would give them some land? Perhaps the British would be willing to help them again, but do it fairly this time? No matter where they go, they should not be allowed to steal land and homes and try get rid of its existing people. This lesson must be learned now. And the learning should start with Israel not getting away with what it has done to the Arab Palestine.

Those who think the Arabs are worthless "animals," really should find their hearts and open their minds. In the lowest forms of humanity are those who feel such hate and prejudice, and even they are not worthless - they are just people who need to find and heal their hearts.

The laws that apply to people's homes should also apply to countries - people must not have the right to just move in and take control and either kick the owners out or kill them. Its just common human decency. By now, humanity should have learned this lesson through past mistakes with indigenous people, at least enough to not be repeating them. Seriously. I'm shocked that what happened to the Palestine part of the Arab territories was even allowed within the past century. We can't fix all past mistakes, but we can learn from them and stop repeating them. We ALL must use our hearts and be kind and considerate to other people, even when they are different from us. Look with your Hearts and you will see. Although I've probably made some typing mistakes, and have not described it all perfectly, and have not fully spelled out every possible little detail, you can surely understand the gist of what I'm saying here. Its up to other people to take it further and fill in the gaps.
I have actually not chosen sides in the Israel vs Palestine battle, although it may look to some like I have. I am actually on the side of what is right and fair and kind and considerate and peacefulAnd I hope the rest of the world joins this side very quickly...and agrees that hate and prejudice and inhumane acts and dishonesty and justifications for evil intentions...etc., are what must be "condemned" throughout the world. Enough is enough.

Initially, it is a shame that the leaders of the Zionists did not treat the Palestinian people with the type of kindness and consideration that would have enabled the Palestinians and the Jewish immigrants to all peacefully live there together in an independent state of Palestine.

I am an America citizen (since birth) who is part Native American and part French and English. I have no affiliation with the Palestinian people or the Jewish/Israel people. I do not even know any of them. I am a real person. My Name is Sharon Rose Poet. I matter too, and so does my opinion. Please consider it.

Monday, October 30, 2023

The Original Sin - The Catholic Judgement of Palestinian People

I just found out that the problems in Palestine actually first started with a Catholic or Christian judgement that said, "Palestine is without a people," which meant that the Palestinians were worthless people. This does not surprise me at all. Below is a great documentary about the origins of the problem in Palestine. It feels VERY accurate and true to me. Pull out a hanky. The truth hurts. But we MUST face it.

Palestine 1920: The Other Side of the Palestinian Story | Al Jazeera World Documentary

A Fair Depiction of Hamas

Yesterday I was wondering if I was wrong about Hamas. So I started looking up interviews with them. I found very few. And the ones I found were merely reporters angrily accusing and not even caring to listen to Hamas's side of the story. It was impossible to see their side through the videos I found, especially since most of the comments were puppets following the hate filled "Condemn Hamas" orders. But, Last night I had a dream about Hamas and the current situation. (I'm still processing it.)

But over-all, it appears that, for decades now, Hamas has been severely misunderstood, due to people not objectively listening to their side, and due to a lack of understanding of their culture, and due to language barriers, and due to Israel fabricating things so they can blame Hamas for what Israel itself has done and so they can make the world hate Hamas. Over-all, it appears that Hamas truly is just a small Palestinian militant group that is fighting for freedom - fighting the occupation of their lands and the ongoing destruction of their own people. Its not about religion at all.
   It is VERY unjust that the world has been being pushed to "condemn Hamas," no matter what wrongs some individual members may have done, especially since Israel has done far more civilian killings...etc. People have not been looking at the bigger picture, or at the Palestinian plight, and we ALL should do so now.
   As for the semantics of isolated recent incidents that people have been programmed to keep their focus on, instead of looking at the bigger picture and what has been happening to the Palestinian people for decades; I do not think there is a military group in the whole world that has not had members who stepped over the lines and did wrong things. Most have just been able to hide it better than the closely watched and scrutinized Hamas. Military people, everywhere, are mostly rough and tough men who have been trained to put compassion aside and attack and kill the enemy and do every possible thing they can to win. And Hamas is no different from them. Israel is their invading enemy, throughout all of Palestine, for many decades now.
   Some of the Hamas war tactics may be different from that of more formal and more educated militaries, but this does not make them "terrorists" who kill just for the sake of killing. The fabrications and unfair judgments should be stopped. Hamas reminds me of the Native American resistance. Everyone blamed only them too, but who could now and still claim to have a heart? Native Americans were just desperate people who were fighting for their lives and their freedom and their right to live on their own land, and they were fighting in the only ways that they knew how to. Hamas is no different. Did humanity learn nothing from the horrid injustices that were done to the Native people of the USA and Canada and other places?

As I woke this morning my intuition remembered a song I wrote in the late 1980s, which fits the Hamas/Palestinian Resistance people's situation...

copyright 1980s Sharon Rose Poet

Misunderstood is my middle name
I played and I lost YOUR game.
Now what am I supposed to do?
I'm sick of defending myself to you.

It is very possible that Israel has been, and still is, justifying murdering masses of Palestinian children, every time Hamas fights back or individual members step out of line. And this may be for the sake of population control in Gaza. How horribly sad it is that so much destruction has been done and so little has been done to stop it and save what is left of the Palestinian people, including Hamas - the braves who fight for the humane rights of their own people. People call Hamas "evil," but it looks to me like it is the Israel side that is too filled with, or controlled by, real pure evil. I hope they find their hearts.

We all have a right to our opinions. But we all have an obligation to be objective, and face the truths, and do what is right and just and fair to our fellow human beings.

The Palestinian people, including the Hamas part of them, are our fellow human beings. They have been suffering horribly, for many decades now. They deserve our compassion. They should be set free and helped and comforted, instead of being judged and condemned.

Just because some cultures are different from ours it does not
mean they are wrong or bad or should have no human rights.

PS. After writing this I found these videos about Hamas...

What Hamas is and what it stands for | Explainer

My Stand for the Palestinian People

Contrary to accusations, I do not stand up for the Palestinian people due to being "antisemitic" or "Palestinian" or because I "condone terrorism", or because I "support Hamas" or any other accusation that has been being directed at me and others, in order to discredit those of us who sense and tell the truth. I am none of these things. I actually do not even know anyone who is Palestinian. I do not know Hamas. I am the opposite of "antisemitic." And I am strongly against all types of violence and hate. I am an American (a mix of Native English and French).
   In the beginning of my realizations; I sensed something horribly wrong, due to the dream I'd had a few months ago. When I noticed part of this dream really happening I investigated and intuitively felt that things were the opposite of what was being portrayed in the initial reports I watched on the Israel war. So I looked deeper, and as I read historical reports and watched other news reports, I was validated, over and over and over again.
   My heart has ached terribly, because I recognized that pure evil was as involved in the Israel side of this war as it has been in the covert targeting situation I experience. Since these realizations I have been standing up for what is right in the Palestinian situation, partly because too many have been doing the opposite and I just cannot be silent - I cannot condone it.

I feel for the innocent Israeli victims too, but its the Palestinians who have been hurt the most, by far. And they have not had enough people standing up for them and helping them, due to the evil manipulations that have been happening around their demiseThe truth is that the Palestinians are the victims who have been being invaded and destroyed, through the past few decades as well as now, even though Israel claims that they are. And this evil 'blame the victims' scenario just has to stop in this situation as well as mine and others.
   I know there are probably all sorts of political aspects, or other details, in and around Israel's invasive war situation, that I am not aware of. But no matter what they are, the humanitarian considerations and the truth should have precedence over them. They should have through the past and they should now. I am also standing up for all other victims of manipulative and violent and harmful controlling forces. I am one of these victims myself, and this enables me to empathize very easily with the Palestinian plight. And I can't help but wonder if the Jewish people, and those who support Israel are mind control victims who are not acting of their own free will. Surely some are. Most people could not be so cruel of their own free will, unless their own hearts had been completely blocked by something they experienced and have not healed from.

I choose no side in the war.
I choose peace for all and freedom and
independence for the Palestinian people.

P.S. It is very possible that there are mind control victims on both sides of the Israel war against the Palestinians, and in many witnesses.

How Israel's War Could Affect Our 2024 Elections?

I believe that officials here in America have been being brainwashed into supporting Israel’s war.* This appears to have exacerbated this situation here in America as well as in Palestine. Hopefully the current course will change into a positive direction.
   One outcome of this is that it could effect the 2024 elections. One of the effects of officials (like RFK Jr. and President Biden), publicly supporting Israel's invasive war, and people not realizing that they may have been brainwashed into it; these officials may lose votes, especially RFK Jr. who had been declaring that he was against the wars. It appears that, if things remain the way they are; RFK Jr. will be blamed for going against his word and choosing war over peace... and President Biden will be blamed for the discord here in America as well as for aiding the brutal massacre of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The result of this, if it happens, would probably be Donald trump becoming our next president. I feel certain that RFK Jr.'s support of Israel's war was due to mind control being performed on him. And I feel certain that the White house is not totally free of the pharmaceutical and radio wave mind control either. Please think about this and help spread the word.

This post explains why I believe this;

Update on Israel's War Against the Palestinian People

This is a recent situation where the Zionists moved into Palestine and then took complete control of it and started killing off and both displacing and confining masses of Arab Palestinians.

Israel's invasive war against the Palestinian people has been being recently hidden under the guise of "a war against terrorism. “Israel has also been projecting their own wrong and criminal behaviors onto Hamas or the Palestinian people. They are pretending that they are the victims who are fighting for their existence. But the truths is that Israel has done far more terrorizing violence and vengeful murders, and they are the invaders who have been trying to get rid of the Palestine People. Whether children and adults are mutilated by knives or by guns or by hundreds of bombs dropped in residential neighborhoods or by military vehicles, its all the same to the innocent victims of it and its all barbaric and wrong.
   In this last escalation of Israel's long standing war against the Palestinian people, they have been pretending that Hamas had just started this war on October 7th. Many news reports reflect this. But this is not true. Its been happening for decades. As you'll see in the next two videos; a UN official exposed some of this truth, and called for Israel to "cease fire," and then Israel leaders sought revenge through asking for him to be fired and through telling him that he can no longer get a visa in Israel...etc.
   Israel leaders have a very overpowering, 'support and obey me or else I'll hurt you' type of attitude, even with officials in the UN, which says a lot about what they are really like and that they are not just the poor victims who need to defend themselves, that they have been portraying to the world. The manipulations, and misplaced blame, have surely made this a confusing situation for many people.

Un Secretary General's Cease Fire speech

Israel and many of their supporters, have been harassing, or trying to discredit, or have been seeking vengeance against people who tell the truth and express concern about the Palestinian people. I have both experienced and witnessed this on the web. The best example of this is what they did to the UN chief for saying in the above video, "this did not happen in a vacuum" - meaning the war did not start with Hamas's attack on October 7th or without provocation.

Report on Israel's Seeking Vengeance on the UN Chief

My tears flowed when I watched the following video, because I was so glad to see another high official standing up for what is right. Much more of this is needed in this situation as well as in others.

Palestinian ambassador to the UN addresses General Assembly

UN chief says ‘clear violations of international humanitarian law’ in Gaza

After the Un called for a cease fire, and as a growing international outcry for the Palestinian people spread across the internet, Israel put out all communications in Gaza and drastically vamped up their attack. They obviously do not want anyone knowing what they are doing there. This is like a holocaust. Its horribly distressing to realize that these sorts of things can still freely happen and even be supported in our world today. It makes the whole world feel unsafe to me.

People are being pushed to "condemn Hamas" and I refuse to. I condemn their violence, just as I condemn Israel's violence. But I cannot condemn the Hamas group, because I keep sensing that there has not been enough honesty on this subject. Instead of accepting and believing the "terrorists" label, we must look at what provoked their attacks. I think Hamas is not just the heartless criminal "terrorists" that Israel has portrayed them as, in order to justify their own invasions and killings of masses of Palestinian people. We should be asking questions, like... why did Hamas needed hostages to bargain with? Was it a desperate act that came AFTER a serious threat to their survival? Probably. It’s not fair to judge people based on the claims of only one side of a situation like this. Its actually best to listen to our own hearts and instincts above all else. I think Hamas is probably mostly a group of Palestinian freedom fighters who have been enraged about what Israel has been doing to hurt and kill or get rid of their loved ones and people.
   After decades of Israel killing and hurting and enslaving and depriving and displacing tens of thousands of Palestinian people...etc., it’s no wonder why groups of them are so hurt and angry that they have been periodically seeking vengeance. It is not fair to condemn people who have been fighting for their freedom, due to being invaded and killed and enslaved and deprived or forced out of their homes and lands. Surely if they have been treated with nothing but kindness and consideration they would not have had the violent reactions to it. In my eyes, those who mistreated the Palestinian people, and intentionally provoked the Hamas attacks are partly responsible for them.

I feel sad for all of the Palestinian people, including those who are in the Hamas group. I hope they regain their freedom and heal from the overwhelming pain and destruction they have repeatedly experienced through the past 75+ years. I hope they find peace within themselves as well as in their homeland.

Please help pray for freedom and safety and healing and peace to reach what now remains of the Palestinian people.

Why Has Peace Failed Between Israel and Palestine


According to historical facts; The Palestinians, and small minority groups of Jewish and Christian people lived in Palestine peacefully. But then the British took control of Palestine and the Zionists brought masses of Jewish people there, creating new settlements which took away more and more of the Palestinian land. The Palestinians were understandably against the Zionists taking over their territory.
   In order to avoid battles; all the Zionists had to do is be kind and considerate and respectful of the rights of the Palestinian people on their own Palestinian lands. But they weren't - they aimed to take over all of Palestine and get rid of the Palestinians, stealing their homes and businesses and lands. So, fighting began ad has continued, because Israels violent occupation has continued and the Palestinian people have been resisting the invasion/"occupation" and have been striking back against Israel's violence.

   In Palestine there was understandably a growing hatred toward Israel, due to the loss of their land and the displacement of masses of their people and the mass murders of their families, including large amounts of children, and more recently, the horrid conditions they had been entrapped in on the little Gaza strip of land surrounded by tall walls and Israel controlled borders. The Palestinians are literally fighting for their lives and their freedom from an inhumane and horribly unjust situation that has been happening for over 75 years. Even anti-war and peace loving people like myself can understand why the Palestinians have resort to acts of violence against their violent controlling oppressors - Israel. Most human beings can only take so much abuse before striking back. 
   All Israel had to do, in order to prevent the "Hamas attacks," phase of this battle, is set the Palestinian people free from the hell they had them trapped in, and be kind and considerate and fair and honest... and let them have a fair share of their own land back and let them gain independence on their own land. But Israel didn't and its supporters didn't. 
   Israel's initial proposals, for the UN's "two state solution" plan, were not fair to the Palestinian people. And the revised ones were never signed because hell broke loose each time they were about to be signed. This has happened at least two times. I suspect that Israel intentionally provoked, or orchestrated, "Hamas attacks" each time they and the Palestinian leaders, were about to sign the peace agreements. It appears that Israel has wanted to remain in complete control, and not give ang of Palestine back to the Palestinian people, and has not wanted them to form their own independent state. And Hamas and the Palestinian people had nothing to gain by not signing the peace agreements and everything to lose. But Israel blames Hamas for the peace agreements not being signed.

The problem that exists today started with past mistakes by the British and Zionists leaders who had far too little consideration for the Palestinian people. Them taking over Palestine and turning it into Israel, and Israel's continued brutal violence against the Palestinian people in their aim to gain and retain complete control of all of the Palestinian land was just too wrong. Israeli leaders and their supporters have brutally murdering and injured and displaced and intentionally deprived masses of Palestinian people through the past few decades. Hamas has sought vengeance through small periodic attacks, but the results have been VERY small compared to what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians. The saddest part is that Israel is still doing it today, and they are blaming Hamas for it, even though they were doing it long before Hamas existed.
   In an AP news report, a Hamas leader said that the peace talk and two state solution approach “got more settlements, more violations, more killing. So I think that it is now logical that the use of the resistance is legal against the occupation. And there is no space now to talk about peace with Israel or about a two-state solution or to talk about coexistence.” The Palestinians want their country back and for the Zionists to completely relinquish control. Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas whom they want the whole world to think are nothing but terrorists who should all be killed and it looks like they will not stop the violent massacres of the Palestinian people. In the past couple weeks, Israel has killed about eight thousand Palestinian people, almost half of them children, as they invade and bomb the Gaza strip.

Israel has the world thinking that Hamas is just a horrid terrorist group that kills for no reason. "Condemn Hamas," they demand, but what they are really demanding is that we all join their side and agree with them retaining complete control of Palestine and what is left of the suffering and wounded Palestinian people whom they treat like animals in the Gaza "prison camp."
   The Palestinians have never stood much of a chance, in their desperate fight to keep their land and regain their freedom, because Israel is the one who has had the most help from the rest of the world, and Israel is the only one who has had the freedom to grow and thrive and build huge armies and defense systems...etc. What is wrong with this picture? 


Unfortunately its not in the leaders of Israel and they are still manipulating things, and fabricating things, in order to prevent help from coming from other places, while they terrorize and massacre yet another bunch of Palestinian people.

The Palestinian/Arab people should matter just as much as the Jewish and Zionist people, especially in their own lands. They should have in the 1940s. They should have since then. And they should now.

There is no valid excuse for what Israel has done to the Palestinian people. Its VERY wrong and it should be immediately stopped. The Palestinian people are not the worthless "animals" that Israel views them as and treats them like! They are valuable human beings with human rights that should be respected, no matter how wounded or ill-behaved some may have become after being treated so horribly for too long.

EVERY human being should be allowed to have safety and freedom and all other basic human rights. And humanity should find the heart to provide the peace and compassion and consideration that enables this for the Palestinians and everyone else who does not have it.

I hope Israel's leaders are immediately forced to do right by the Palestinian people and find their hearts. I hope everyone, on both sides here in America, strive to keep the peace and understand that, on the Israeli side, most Jewish and other Israeli citizens are just innocent bystanders who deserve compassion...and that on the Palestinian side, most Palestinian people are not "Hamas terrorists" and are even more in need of compassion and comfort, at this time. 

Remember our statue of Liberty, that holds up a strong Light, to guide foreigners into the safe harbor. This is what America has always stood for to me; not just the flag or the patriotic songs, but a free and safe place. Let’s make it free and safe, and do the same for Palestine.

Some current maps on the web no longer show Palestine, because it and its people have been being slowly wiped out. It’s hard to believe that such a thing could be happening in today’s day and age, but it has been and it must be stopped.

A Brief Part of the Recent History of Palestine

Friday, October 27, 2023

Dream of Current Events

I am very concerned because a dream I had, on 7-29-2023, showed a chain of events that mimic what is now happening here in America. In short, the dream showed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. walking into the light, and then a beam of energy being shot down from the sky in the area he lives in, and then Robert's place suddenly flipping into a different direction from the one it had been in - no longer right side up, and then the American military picking up people, in our residential neighborhoods, to use them to fight in a war.

I had a hard time understanding the dream when I had it, because I was distressed and overwhelmed and the microwave targeting vamped up on me as I tried to share it on my blog. However, this recent chain of events appear to be that dream coming true.... It appears that RFK Jr. did the "flip" when he recently publicly supported Israel's war against the Palestinian people, after repeatedly proclaiming that he was against the wars. I feel certain that his "flip" was due to radio wave mind control, because of my dream showing the "beam" of energy being shot down where he lived. (I wonder if Biden is a mind control victim as well. Did he make that choice of his own free will? Was he free to consider the possible consequences?) Israel's violent war against the Arabs snowballing into a war in America, appears to be the war part of my dream.  I hope this does not happen.

I have no doubt that pharmaceutical and radio wave mind control is being used to fuel anger and discord in many places right now. There are many evil manipulations happening, and I beg officials, and everyone else, to not let that darkness get what it wants. It wants chaos and war. But the world needs freedom and peace.

Please pray for freedom and peace for everyone everywhere, and do what you can to make it happen. 


P.S. I feel that, if things continue the way they are going, without people realizing what is really happening and without it being stopped, the results could be catastrophic for America and the rest of the world. The evil manipulations and wars must be honestly exposed and completely stopped as quickly as possible! They just must.

Poem for the Palestinian People

   My heart is aching for the Palestinian people, because I can relate to their general situation, that has existed through the past fifty years and more. When its evil that is in control, long term Targeted Individuals and larger groups of targeted people go through similar things; homes and lives being invaded by controlling forces that are too powerful for us alone to stop... loved ones being killed just to make us suffer and isolate us... being wrongly and negatively labeled, in order to cover the crimes that have been, and still are, being committed against us... feeling completely trapped while those, who invaded our lives, torture or hurt us and our loved ones in many ways... not knowing when the next severe attack will come and if we will survive it... being misunderstood and feeling like we do not matter to people who could help and save us... being forced to loose our homes... Our businesses being sabotaged or destroyed... the brutal targeting freely continuing until it is too late for us to recover our homes - our land, our bank accounts, our lives - the way we'd lived them... having no safe or healthy or peaceful place to live... losing too much and gaining too little...etc. This morning my tears wrote this poem for the Palestinian people...

"From the River to the Sea"
copyright Sharon Rose Poet 10-27-2023

My heart cries for the poor victims
Who did not matter enough to save,
Who have been forced out of homes 
And into dusty camps and caves. 
Israel finds ways to justify 
While it's victims fight and die, 
Or are chased out of their land. 
And who is there to understand? 
Yes, some victims fight too hard, 
But shouldn't have to fight at all 
They should be free and left alone. 
Can't you hear the desperate call? 
"From the river to the sea 
 Palestine will be free," 
While it still gets blown to hell 
In a disguised evil spell 
That plans to last for many years 
Regardless of lost children and tears. 
The cry that says, "We matter too!" 
 Has not been heard nearly enough. 
Somehow it must finally get through 
The Judgment's - the "terrorist" stuff. 
Beneath the terror on BOTH sides 
Palestinians just want to be free 
"From the river to the sea." 
For decades now - not just this year, 
Suffering in poverty and living in fear. 
Oh please, bring them Loving relief. 
Free them all into permanent peace.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

For President Biden

President Biden, please stand up for freedom and peace, instead of supporting Israel's long-standing war against the native Palestinian people.

A Call for Peace in Palestine

It’s a horribly sad situation when the victims of brutality are painted out to be the bad guys, so that the brutes can continue hurting or controlling them and others. Unfortunately there is a lot of this sort of deception happening in our world, and it is very effective when the victims react negatively to the abuse. It appears that this is what Israel is doing in it's war against the Palestinian people.

Many media reports have been stating that this war started with Hamas attacking Israel on October 7th, but this is not true. Israel's leaders have been at war against the Palestinian people for many decades and has, through brute force, been gaining complete control of the Palestinian lands for many decades.
   Israel and some news reports claim that Hamas is a "terrorist" group, but it appears that this is also not true. According to many reports from other nations; Hamas is a military group that has been fighting for freedom for the Palestinian people to be able to live in what remains of their own homeland without it being taken over or controlled by Israel. I do not condone violence. I am actually very anti-war, anti-hate, anti-violence...etc. But I am looking at the bigger picture - at what provokes the hate and violence on the Palestinian side. And I hope you do to.
   The anger/pain in the Palestinian people is VERY understandable to anyone who looks at the historical facts and has a heart. Some of their ways of fighting for freedom have been cruel, for sure. But, to be fair, we must step back and look at what forced the Palestinians into this fight...

According to historical reports; the current Israelian people are the Zionists and masses of new Jewish immigrants who moved to Palestine around the second world war. My heart deeply feels for the Jewish people, and I'm glad the survivors of that holocaust found a place to move to that was safe from Hitler's hell. But it was not right for them to forcefully take over the lands and homes of the Palestinian people.
   I can understand that the Jewish people must have needed a sense of security - a sense of having control over their own lives and homes and land, after what Hitler and his supporters did to them, but it should NOT have been gained at the expense of Palestinian lives, and Palestinian freedoms and the theft of Palestinian homes and businesses and land.

    Israel is blaming Hamas for things that Israel instigates, in order to justify its lethal attacks on the Palestinian people and its theft of Palestinian lands. Right now Israel is trying to excuse its own violent behavior by saying that it is all because of Hamas and its "terrorism", but Israel was attacking and controlling and stealing from the Palestinian people long before Hamas became their military leader. In fact, Hamas was recently put there to protect what little was left of the Palestinian people and their lands.
   As far as Hamas's violence is concerned; throughout history many human beings, from all walks of life, have resorted to violent vengeance after their loved ones have been murdered and their homes and lands have been stolen and after they have been too wounded for their hearts to douse the rage. And none of them have been called terrorists, except for the Palestinians, that I know of. Its easy for the initial abusers to point fingers at and blame their victims. But the truth is that such acts of vengeance (like the October 7th attack on Israel) are partly the responsibility of the brutes who provoke them, because they would not have happened if there had been kindness and considerate instead of violence and brute force. Violence often provokes violence. This situation is a prime example of this. But we must remember that the intruding aggressors are Israel. And the victims, who are fighting for their freedom, are the native Palestinian people

Since Israel was created in Palestine, the Palestinian people have been being repeatedly attacked - many thousands of them murdered and many thousands of them displaced from their own homeland and not allowed to return. And many thousands of them have been suffering immensely. Many reports, and the UN say that what is left of the Palestinian people, in that area, have been living in what is like a "prison camp" under the control of Israel. (A UN official, who knows more than the rest of us do, has just said that the past 56 years have been hell for the Palestinian people, under the control of Israel.) No matter how its looked at, it is not fair or right. Who can blame the Palestinians for fighting for freedom under such conditions? Nobody who has a heart and believes in freedom. My heart aches for the innocent victims of this war, on both sides.
Just a few decades ago, the cruel injustice that the Israelian leaders were doing to the native Palestinian people was so obvious that, in1977 President Carter stood up for them to have part of their own homeland back. Due to his negotiations, the West Bank and the Gaza strip were returned to them. But Israel remained in control of the boarders and the air space and even its government. And Israel did not allow many thousands of displaced Palestinian people to return to their own homes.
   Then Israel lost some control, when the Palestinian people elected Hamas, and battles have escalated since then, the worse being in 2014 and now. Israel very obviously wants to get rid of Hamas, and Hamas, and other Palestinian resistant groups, are fighting for the freedom of the Palestinian people and the survival of its own members.
   In this current escalation of bloodshed, as well as in previous ones, Israel has demonstrated inhumane brute force that has no regard for the lives and wellbeing of civilian Palestinians and even seems to be intentionally killing and displacing masses of the women and children, with bombings of residential areas. It appears to be for population control, among other ill intentions. Israel blamed Hamas for setting up bases in civilian areas, but Israel surely could use other methods to get to Hamas, rather than bombing and killing masses of women and children and other innocent people. In fact it could choose to just leave them alone and let them have their own land.
   According to a news report; in the past week, Israel told Palestinian civilians to congregate in a designated safe place - South of Gaza, and then they bombed that place! No matter what excuse they give for this, it is just too horribly wrong!
   Due to their history and tactics I wonder if Israel did something to instigate Hamas's October 7th attack, and/or portrayed it as being far worse than it was, just so they could justify attacking Hamas and gaining complete control of what little is left of Palestine since their invasion of it - since they turned it into Israel.
   I'm glad to see that the UN, and leaders of some other countries, realize that what Israel is doing is wrong. The UN has called for a cease fire and peace, thank God. But the wise and objective speech that the UN official gave was attacked by Israel who is now seeking vengeance on the UN by not allowing them to have visas in Israel. This alone makes it clear what sort of mentality Israel has.
It does not look like Israel is going to back down this time, especially since they have the backing of President Biden - the USA armed forces. 

I hope President Biden changes his mind and pushes for peace instead of continuing to support Israel's war against the native Palestinian people and their beloved homeland. I hope a cease fire is forced.

If only the Zionist people had appreciated and respected Palestine's sanctuary, without wanting to brutally steal it all for themselves and turn it into Israel. Understandably, in some minds, its all still Palestine, but because Israel is so well established, at this point, these two groups of people will have to find a way to either peacefully unite or fairly divide the land and respect each other's boundaries and human rights. Hopefully soon, they will both agree on what is good for ALL of them.

I imagine a Palestine where the natives, and the Jewish immigrants, live in peace and help each other, instead of fighting each other. This is the way it should be. Its the way it should have been from the start. Its the way it will be when both sides heal their broken hearts and are free of the dark controlling force.

The United Nation's Great Stand for Peace;

An update on Israel's current aim to destroy Hamas and kill or displace what little is left of the native Palestinian people;

Britannica's History of Palestine;

It may look like I have chosen sides in this war, but I haven't. I do not choose sides in wars, because I do not believe in wars. But I feel for the victims of it. I am an American who stands on the side of peace and fairness and kindness and freedom. I am part Native American and part English and part French. And my spiritual beliefs are not totally in line with any religion, but include parts of many religions. I believe that every human being should have the freedom to live their own lives the way they want to, as long as it is not hurting or intruding upon anyone else.
   My heart goes out to all the innocent victims who have been being hurt on both sides of Israel's war against the Palestinian people. It mostly goes out to the Palestinian people, only because they have been hurt the most in this situation and because they have been being treated unfairly for a very long time and have lost so much. What has been done to them, and is still being done to them, is cruel and inhumane. It reminds me of what happened, long ago, to some of my native ancestors in North America. And its shocking that barbaric things like this are still happening in our world - bullies cruelly attacking and then calling their victims "terrorists" or "savages," without realizing that this is a projection of their own behaviors. Who was there first and who were the cruel invading thieves who moved in to steal it all for themselves? The historical facts speak for themselves in both situations. Its time to stop fighting and start learning how to live together in peace, like what should have happened from the start.
I wish for the Palestinian people to be free and safe in their own homeland, and for them to heal from what has been done to them, at least enough to stop seeking vengeance...and to settle into a place of forgiveness and peace. And I wish for the Israelian people to be safe and free and find their hearts enough to not be trying to gain control over other people's homes and lands, especially not through theft and murderous brute force. I hope both sides quickly settle into a place of peace and forgiveness.

Monday, October 23, 2023

The Israel vs. Hamas War

 Judging by the historical reports I've read; The abusive disputes between Israel and Gaza have been going on for many decades. And I see cruel wrongs being done on BOTH sides, but Israel has been far worse and is the instigator.

I, and many others, feel for the Palestinian people. Their country has been reduced to a poverty stricken prison camp, because its borders and air space, and how much food or water or electricity they are deprived of, is all controlled by Israel. And it appears that Israel has been like an abusive bully who intentionally deprives and hurts them in many ways, aside from the violent bombings. What Israel has done to the Palestinian people, is utterly cruel and inhumane, no matter what reasons it was for. Of course Hamas and the Palestinian people are feeling hurt and angry and are fighting. Anyone would under those conditions.




My View of God

 Since experiences I had in the 1980s, I strongly feel that we do not have to believe in "God" or be be baptized or belong to any religion, in order to be connected to God - I strongly feel that we are all born with a natural connection to God, because God is the Love that naturally works through all of our hearts when our hearts are open enough to let it in. This is why I have been so against the pharmaceuticals...etc., that block people's hearts - people's feelings/emotions.

The blocking of the heart of humanity is the same thing as depriving humanity of Love/God. This has already been done far too much (in many different ways) and is VERY evident in the parts of our world where hate and vengeance and greed have been replacing compassion and consideration for fellow human beings, especially in recent decades.

A Few of the Things That Block Our Hearts are;

Pharmaceuticals; the types that interfere with brain function and natural feelings/emotions - the types that have been being prescribed to a massive degree for many different physical illnesses and emotional difficulties. We should avoid these as much as possible.

Marijuana and other street drugs; marijuana is NOT good for humanity, except for rare medicinal use. We should avoid all types of drugs or chemicals that interfere with natural feelings and brain function.

The suppression of natural feelings of sadness. We should let ourselves cry whenever we feel a need to. Its OK to cry. Crying keeps our hearts open, through releasing emotional pain. Crying is like giving the heart a shower to wash away accumulated dirt. It keeps our hearts open.

Inflictions of trauma or fear; too much emotional distress blocks our hearts. We should avoid these situations.

Radio waves; that interfere with emotions and other natural brain functions. Our environments should be completely free of the types of radio waves that are tuned to the same frequency as the human brain. FYI; this is a very low frequency that some detectors and blockers may not register. We should avoid all of the above things, and everything else that interferes with natural brain function and natural feelings/emotions, and work at healing our hearts through releasing the suppressed emotional pain that blocks all of our hearts to some degree.
In the 1990s, I wrote the first edition of the following book to help people do this. It was lost in a fire in my home, but I recently resurrected it into the following two books...

My Embracing Feelings and Healing book

My Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom book contains the above book and many other things to help us through these troubled times in our world;

I also strongly feel that God does NOT do any of the bad things that happen in our world, like many religions have told us. These teachings actually turn people away from God, because it makes people think God is mean and vengeful and responsible for bad things. It also controls people through inducing fear, which appears to be the primary aim of the demand for people to be "God fearing."
  A brow beating minister walked up to me a few years ago and barked out, "Are you God fearing?" I stared him down and firmly said, "No. I'm God loving." He didn't know what to do with that answer or my confidence in it. He shuddered and stammered and then changed the subject.
   The truth is that bad events are either accidental or criminal or evil doings. Like I had said in my other blogs, "God doesn't do it - God is the Love that helps us through it." And I know I am not wrong about this. I know it with every fiber of my heart and soul that God is Love - God's hands work through our Hearts and we must keep our Hearts open, in order to feel and share that Love. And we can keep our hearts open by not blocking them with anything that suppresses or interferes with natural feelings/emotions.

God's Hands Work Through our Hearts
We Must Do Our Part

There are many people who have been taught the opposite of what I share here. So I ask you to please listen closely to the heart of your own instincts and what feels right to you. And please realize that there are evil forces that have been trying to block the Heart of humanity, and take complete control of humanity, which must be stopped. Unfortunately they have used religion, to a massive degree, in this process. However, there are many good people in our religions - people who are genuinely trying to help other people, and people who are just searching for something good and pure to believe in, during these troubled times. I hope my realizations help them and others to find God/Love in their own hearts.

Everything will be better when the heart of humanity
is free to share Love and compassion.

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