Saturday, January 6, 2024

Avi Shlaim - a Victim of Forced Assimilation in Israel

Avi Shlaim has such a sweet and gentle energy that I just want to hug him and thank him for showing me that real human decency truly does still exist in humanity.  He is an Arab Jew who grew up in Israel from the age of 5. And he is a political historian. It appears that the Arab Jews were literally forced to move to Israel where they were assimilated, in a similar way that was done to the Native Americans in Canada and the USA. His story is fascinating. Below is an interview where he also shares what he witnessed of Israel's apartheid occupation in West Bank...etc. Under the video is a link to his "Memoir of an Arab-Jew" book...

The forgotten history of Arab Jews | Avi Shlaim | The Big Picture S2EP5 

Three Worlds: Memoirs of an Arab-Jew 
by Avi Shlaim

Quote from the description; "As anti-Semitism surged in Iraq, the Zionist underground fanned the flames. Yet when Iraqi Jews fled to Israel, they faced an uncertain future, their history was rewritten to serve a Zionist narrative. This memoir breathes life into an almost forgotten world. Weaving together the personal and the political, Three Worlds offers a fresh perspective on Arab-Jews, caught in the crossfire of Zionism and nationalism."

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