Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Israel's War Crimes and Targeting of Human Rights Organizations

In this video Omar Shakir talks about how Israel has been banning the entry of human rights organizations and has been targeting them. He also talks about Israel's many years of criminal treatment of the Palestinian people in West Bank and Gaza. About the current escalation in Israel's aims to finish taking over Palestine and get rid of the resisting Palestinians, he said, "Ultimately, we're in a situation today, where the very basic principals of international law are being flagrantly disregarded. And if the world allows this to continue without consequences, this will effect far more than the civilians who live in Israel Palestine. It'll undermine the protection of civilians everywhere around the world. We have a critical test. Humanity has failed, but its not over. We still have millions of Palestinians whose lives hang in the balance. We must do more. All of us must do more to end it."

Documenting Israel’s War Crimes | Centre Stage

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