Thursday, January 11, 2024

No More Violence Please

I beg ALL people to please stop the violence. 

No matter what happens in the ICJ, I beg ALL people to please stop the violence. Arabs, please look at the past patterns; every time you violently struck back, they just used it as an excuse to kill and traumatize and hurt and wrongly label even more of you. Please stop seeking vengeance and focus on standing up and telling the truth and healing and rebuilding, for your own sakes. Freedom will come, without the violence. Please let it. ❤

I am not suggesting that the Palestinian people let Israel, and its supporters, steal and kill and get away with it. Of course defense is needed in many situations. BUT in situations where vengefully fighting back, merely brings on even more loss of homes and more deaths of loved ones, and possibly the extinction of the Palestinian or Arab people, a positive shift must take place. At this point in this situation I strongly feel that it is through, stopping the vengeful attacks and doing more to bring about public awareness, that freedom will be gained. A ball is already rolling in this court. Please let it reach the Light.

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