Sunday, April 14, 2024

Call for Sanctions Against Israel, in order to End the Violent Wars in the Middle East

The bottom line is that Iran and Hamas would not be striking back at Israel if Israel were not violently provoking them and if Israel were not engaged in an illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. Israel's violence must be stopped and I hope it is stopped without more murderous violence. I hope the UN stops going in circles with talks and quickly imposes severe sanctions on Israel, until it sets Palestine free and completely stops its violence against the Palestinians and other Arabs, which has been going on for over 75 years now - since the Zionists started stealing Palestine. Enough is enough! The one who keeps throwing the first punch is the one who must be restrained. This way the others have no reason to strike back. Israels illegal occupation and violence must be stopped! And the people who support Israel's manipulative thieving violence should find their hearts and support FREEDOM AND PEACE FOR ALL. 

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