Sunday, January 14, 2024

Live Free or Die...

Our New Hampshire license plate wisely says, "Live Free or Die," but I have never seen this belief put into practice, until I took a close look at the plight of the Palestinians, who have chose to do exactly that. I was sent a little letter from a Palestinian who grew up in the West Bank. It speaks for Itself...

"Sharon Poet, Thank you for your beautiful and wonderful words. How beautiful the world would be with people like you, but I would like you to know that someone who has not experienced our suffering and pain and the persecution, violations and intimidation we have been exposed to since childhood cannot judge us according to his opinion. His own point of view that he lives. I am a Palestinian who lived my childhood in the West Bank. Which is governed by the coordinated Palestinian Authority. Recognized by the Israeli occupation. I faced abuse and intimidation in this neighborhood. How I hated that period during school hours. Our school was on the road leading to a checkpoint with Israeli soldiers. The soldiers always spilled what was in my bag on the floor and took the food my mother had prepared for me. They would stand me on one leg while I raised my hands up. I even lied to my mother that I was sick so I couldn't pass through that checkpoint. I remember one night their soldiers broke into our house in the middle of the night and took my father. We did not know why he was taken until two days later. Do you know what his crime was? I am sure you did not imagine how foolish these Zionists are. His crime was that he gave an interview to a television channel.
   We have endured what you cannot endure. We have lived through the separation of friends who were killed by these Zionists, such as Muhammad al-Durra and others. They demolished our neighbor's house and took him out of his house. How can we live with these Zionists in peace? This steadfastness and faith that you see in Gaza, despite what Israel is doing of comprehensive destruction and systematic killing that does not differentiate between a child and a woman. This violence and violations committed by Israel is what led to the establishment of Hamas. Yesterday's children who lived through the tragedies of Zionist Israel are today's Hamas soldiers, and the more Israel's violations increase, the more heroes will be born from under the rubble to defeat the injustice we live in. The unjust world has failed us. We have been let down by the United Nations, which always persecutes us, supports Israel on our behalf, and turns a blind eye to the massacres of our people and the killing of our children. There is no peace with the Nazis. Either Palestine from the sea to the river, or we will die proud and not surrender to Masonic Zionism."

Alana Hadid Speech at DC rally Jan, 13, 2023

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