Sunday, January 14, 2024

On the Israeli Side...

As for the masses of obviously hateful and racist Israeli citizens; There is no doubt that some, like the leaders and the new settlers in the West Bank, are the hateful racist Zionists. But it appears that many of the other citizens have been terrorized, by the Zionists, into hating the Palestinians. It appears that they have been being brainwashed into thinking that the Palestinians are just "squatters" who do not belong there, and are all dangerous terrorists who want to kill all the Jews...etc. Its not true, but they do not seem to realize this or the fact that Israel is the one who is the violent invader since 1948, and that the Palestinians are the victims, and that some have just recently been fighting back in the same violent ways that Israel has done to them for many decades.
   This situation is sad for the innocent Israeli citizens too. Imagine being deceived and forced to live with that kind of fear. If only they all knew the truth, for their own sakes as well as that of the Palestinians. Most would surely not go along with evil Zionist behaviors, if they still have functioning hearts. A few have proven to have both the heart and the awareness, and they have been standing up for the Palestinians. But, unfortunately its very few at this point. These are all that I've found thus far...

Playlist of Israeli Voices for Truth

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