Monday, April 22, 2024


It should be illegal to slyly instigate violent retaliations, in order to "declare war," and for the declaration of "war" to enable murders and the terrorizing of masses of people and the theft of people's homes and businesses and lands...etc., like what was done, in order to create Israel in Palestine and is still being doing now, in Palestine.  (Not to mention the other places that this scenario has been happening in.)   
   It is VERY obvious who is really the "terroristic" bully in the Palestine situation, and its shocking that Israel's hell freely continues and is still being supported by so much of humanity. I still feel that the pharmaceutical and radio wave mind control must be partly responsible for so many people supporting Israel's evil destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people. How else could so many people be so blind and so heartless and so complicit?

God, help the Palestinians to be completely free of the hate and greed and cruel manipulations and violent behaviors in ALL of the involved Israeli leaders and military and settlers....and for the rest of the world to also be free of such evil and manipulative behaviors.

Our world should be being set in peace, with absolutely no exceptions to the rights of freedom and justice and safety for ALL.

P.S. It appears that the latest Israeli instigation of "war" happened when high ranking Iranian officials were murdered in a bombing. This provoked Iran into a violent retaliation against Israel. Now Israel claims the right to "declare war" on Iran! When will the hell end? It should have ended by now.

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